Create a slideshow of your pet with Fotor

Here we are, back in action during this busy week before school starts. We are excited to introduce a new service that you all might enjoy!

We have a long standing relationship with Fotor, our favorite photo editing site. We prefer this site over others because it offers interactive and intuitive photo editing tools and it is free to use. Fotor offers a wide range of services to address pretty much any photo editing need you may have.


The kind people at Fotor usually ask me to share new developments on their site and today I am very excited to share their slideshow feature. I knew something was in the works but didn’t realize exactly what it was.

What is Slideshow exactly? Fotor is always clear cut and simple so Slideshow is just what you think it is :-)

Slideshow Is:


1. Easy to use. You can make your own slideshow in even less than a minute. You can upload photos from your computer or other social media sites like Facebook. You can choose a pre-made album on Facebook for example and have a slideshow made in just a few clicks.

2. Powerful. Edit photos with one simple touch and pump them up with some music.


3. Convenient to share. Once you have made your own slideshow, you can save it and share it with friends via email or social media with just one click.


I made a slideshow of my piggy using some Facebook pictures I have added. It was so easy and quick to use and those are the two most important factors to me. It looks pretty great too.

I am proud to share this exciting FREE service by Fotor since we all value pictures of our loved ones (hairy and furry alike). Check it out and if you have any thoughts or questions please let me know!

Learn more about Fotor:

Fotor photo editing website

Fotor slideshow maker: check it out HERE

~ Katie and Coccolino, star of the slideshow

This post is sponsored by Fotor and I received compensation to cover my time. I will only agree to reviews that I believe are relevant to this blog and our lifestyle, and most importantly, the readers of this blog. My review was not influenced by the compensation.


Two weeks of mini pig cuddles

So sorry this break has been longer than anticipated – we have missed all of our pals!

The past 2.5 weeks have been filled with kid activities and mini pig cuddles.






I’ve never known another animal to get comfortable in so many different and interesting positions. I hope to put together a mini pig cuddle compilation soon including pictures over the past two years of all his cuddly positions!

We will be getting back into the swing of things this week so will finally be around to catch up with you. Hope we haven’t missed too much!

~ Katie and cuddly Coccolino


Coccolino mini pig on Animal Planet

Coccolino made mini pigs proud on Animal Planet last Saturday night! His segment was a hit (what a relief!) and he shined in all his mini pig mischievous glory.

Some screen grabs:







I have emailed the producer to see if it would be possible to have his segment on DVD and if so I will post it.

Because the summer is tough for us to be around the computer and the kiddos (all three of them) are always outside, we will be taking a little break. It won’t be long, maybe just this week, so we will see you all soon!

Thanks for your support :o)

~ Katie and Coccolino


Mini pig on Animal Planet airing – eek!

Remember way back when we were filming for Animal Planet’s “Bad Dog!” show? Well – squeeeeee – it’s finally airing this Saturday night at 8pm.


I am very nervous as to how that day of filming will play out. It will only be a few minutes of us on the hour long episode and hopefully they won’t omit any of my words or leave out any further explanations. The interview itself was over an hour!

They asked in the interview if I would recommend pet pigs, if I’d want another one, etc. I was perfectly honest that pet pigs are not for everyone (including my husband much of the time!).

However it comes out, I hope it conveys just how much I love my piggy even though he is constant mischief.


If you watch, you can see him in all his snorting glory :@)

I will be cringing the whole time!

~ Katie

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Remember me? The mini pig returns.

Oh hi, this is Coccolino.


Remember me? The subject of My Mini Pet Pig and apparently the forgotten one? It seems I might have been reduced to a faint memory in this latest wave of cat catering and cooing.

Just so you can all get back to focusing on me, Lacci the attention stealing sick cat is finally doing better and eating more with his daily pill. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. He gets a pill dunked in gooey butter shoved down his throat every morning. I’d choke on that once a day with no problem.

He will also be getting an injection once a week for a month and then once every two weeks for life to help regulate him (still getting details, not that I am particularly interested). I wouldn’t do so well with that, you can imagine.

In all this latest drama, I’ve been thrown outside in my pen every nice day we’ve had to eat as much grass as I can. Here I am. Discarded. And yet doing them a favor by mowing their lawn. Come on now.


Off to fill my tummy.

~ Coccolino the forgotten mini pig


Pet Psychic Reading : Finding a forever home for a friendly pet pig

It’s that time of month again : our Pet Psychic Column! This month, we are trying to spread the word about a friendly pet pig in need of a loving forever home.


Nancy, an experienced pet psychic, is on the mission to help us find a forever home for a pig named Rudy.

Nancy’s experience with astrology and pet psychic readings is put to use to help us locate the best possible home for this piggy.


This month, we are working with Forgotten Angels Rescue and Education Center. This rescue helps to not only rescue and place pets but also to educate the public.

Lana, the president of the rescue’s board of directors, has many years of experience with pet pigs and works tirelessly to help find homes for all pets in need.

For this column, she has chosen Rudy, the black pig pictured, to be the spotlight of Nancy’s focus.

Rudy pig

Some quick thoughts on Rudy:

* Rudy was born in February 2014

* Rudy started out his life on a low note

* Rudy was malnourished in his early life but always remained upbeat

* Rudy is currently being fostered in Johnson City, TN

Nancy’s Reading

Based on this information, Rudy’s picture and his approximate birth date, Nancy was able to piece together his background and future.

Please note that all details provided in this post come directly from Nancy.

Rudy’s Past

Rudy, now almost six months old, was treated badly by a male, approximately 30 years old. There were three other pigs around him at his birth but two of them died when Rudy was young.

Despite this loss and a lack of a proper diet for some time, Rudy remained positive that there would be a better life for him down the line. Now with his new life in foster care, he is doing much better.

Rudy’s Future

Rudy needs to find a home where he stays for good. He is looking for someone that wants to take him under their wing and just adore him, love him and nourish him. The deaths of the other two pigs around him when he was little deeply affected Rudy and he needs a forever home and loyal family.

Rudy is skeptical of male figures because of what he experienced when he was very young. Nancy feels that a female caregiver is important for Rudy’s wellbeing. She envisions Rudy growing to truly love a female mother figure and that he will give back to her what she has given to him in the form of companionship, love and a lot of laughs.

Reading the Signs

Since Rudy was born in the middle of February, Nancy feels that he has some Aquarius in
him as well as some Pisces.

Because he has Aquarius in him, he loves the color blue. Nancy also feels that according to his Libra traits, he is in for a good second half of his first year.

rudy pig2

Summing UP

Nancy is convinced that Rudy is in many ways a fun loving piggy and is very joyful inside. She gets the vision of a blonde female in his future who will love him totally and unconditionally.

Nancy’s exact words: “Adoption will take place shortly for Rudy because he is adorable!”

* * *

Contact Information

Pet Psychic Information: satisfaction-seal

Have you ever thought about a psychic reading or an astrology compatibility reading? There are many affordable options available and the below links will help you discover what is best for you.

Nancy: Pet psychic and astrology reader. Contact Nancy to find out more about a psychic reading

Psychic Source: Find out more about a pet reading in general

Forgotten Angels Rescue and Education Center:

Please contact Lana with any questions about Rudy via their webpage.

* * *

There is nothing better than connecting a family with a loving pet in need of a good home. The goal of this monthly column is to help foster this connection.

Thank you so much to Psychic Source for allowing this monthly column to exist and to all you readers that truly understand how important it is for a pet to be in a loving home.

~ Katie

This post is sponsored by Psychic Source. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Psychic Source and their services, but My Mini Pet Pig only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.

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Our sick kitty with pancreatitis refuses to eat

It has been one whirlwind week of vet visits and bile cleanups. So sorry we have been out of touch!

Lacci suddenly became very lethargic about a week and a half ago, on a Sunday. I took him to the emergency care (as I posted about) and we were informed that he had an infection and early stage kidney disease. They gave him antibiotics and something to settle his stomach.

He started to feel a little better when we returned home that evening and even ate a few bites of food.


However, as each day passed, he became progressively worse. He would eat maybe a bite a day (literally one small bite) or nothing at all and refused to drink altogether.

Lacci still wouldn’t eat by the middle of last week and the vet said it was time to come in. After more blood tests and a test for pancreatitis, it turned out that his infection was completely cleared up and his levels were normal. His pancreatitis test was abnormal, however. More antibiotics and some anti nausea pills and we were on our way.


He ate just a small amount over the weekend, even with his Cerenia (anti nausea pill). I knew I had to bring him back to the vet on Monday because he had no energy and seemed very dehydrated, which he was. He was also frequently throwing up bile. They gave him SubQ fluids and ordered an ultrasound for this Thursday.

That’s where we are now. He is not eating, not drinking and I will most likely bring him back for more SubQ fluids at some point today to help him through. It is horrible to watch him this way.

Our sweet friend Nylablue suffers from pancreatitis and we respect her and her mom’s willpower and determination now more than ever. Having never had a pet refuse to eat before, I could not imagine the struggle to watch your pet try to resume normal activity but not having the energy to do so.

One of Lacci’s quirks is that he loves to lie with his body encircling my head on the pillow and he licks my ear whenever he can. He hasn’t done this since he has been sick and he just moves from under the clothes in my closet to my bed.


I am devastated to watch him this way and I am so anxious to find out what is causing his refusal to eat. While his pancreatitis test was abnormal, the vet still believes there is something else going on with him other than the pancreatitis and the kidney disease. The ultrasound should clear this up and give us an indication and hopefully a way forward.

I will update on Facebook on Lacci’s condition after the ultrasound on Thursday.

~ Katie