Thoughtless Thursday Birthday Boy!

I am linking up with Ruckus the Eskie and Owned by a Husky for today’s Thoughtless Thursday!


Today is a very special day. My sweet baby boy (my human sweet baby boy) is THREE today! I cannot believe that three years have passed.

I am so in love with this little guy and I am sure I will cry a mix of happy and nostalgic tears today. As you can see, I have a hard time not smooshing that sweet face close to mine!



A week from today is my birthday and so today and next Thursday might be a little spotty when I come visit all you Thoughtless Thursday friends but I’ll be by at some point!

~ Katie, a very proud and sentimental Mamma

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Carrot peels here and there

We were running late the other day, as usual lately with rounding up the kids and getting them in the car, and as soon as we were ready to leave they decided they really wanted “carrot swords” for their after practice snack.

After an exasperated sigh, I caved because begging for carrot swords is actually music to my ears.

I ran back inside to peel the carrots and here is where having a pet pig is very handy.


Just peel right into his room and let him collect the scraps as I run back to the car.



Gotta love a pig that can be counted on to clean up the mess! And, because our comments will frustratingly not appear on our good friend Bacon’s blog for whatever reason, Cocco agreed to share some scraps with his best pal.

~ Katie


Pizza for Pizzico and Piggy

Everyone here loves pizza. Especially our Italian cats who grew up eating bites of our Roman pizzas on almost a daily basis.


Coccolino thinks he’s entitled to some pizza too, of course. So Pizzico was wise to jump on the window sill to escape the pizza popping piggy and try to maintain some decency about his pizza cravings.


Cocco, on the other hand, has no concerns about decency. More, please!


~ Katie and the pizza loving crew


Spring Cleaning with BISSELL Powerglide Deluxe Pet Vacuum

There is no denying that Coccolino is one messy mini pig. Not in the way that the kids are messy, since he usually helps to clean up their messes (sometimes consuming a plastic doll in the process), but in a way that requires a daily cleaning of the floors if I want my house to look presentable.

Combine the kids’ crumbs and crafts, the pig’s knack for spilling open garbage bags and the cats’ shedding, and I have my hands full of soggy garbage contents and my feet wet and sticky from Cocco licking up the leftovers. Several times a day.

So, I was ecstatic to say the least when BISSELL offered me the opportunity to review a BISSELL Powerglide Deluxe Pet Vacuum. It arrived just two days later, right in time to brighten up our tedious household spring cleaning.


Before I get into the nitty gritty, here are a few considerations about me:

~ I am only five feet tall (well, with heels. I am actually only 4’11″.).

~ My weight is pretty proportionate to my height so you probably wouldn’t ask me for moving help.

~ I almost always use a dust buster, not a vacuum, because vacuums are too bulky and heavy for me.

~ I love a clean house; I don’t love to clean.

With those considerations in mind (essentially that I am a small, not too strong, easy-way-out cleaner), I will go on to the review.


My first thought after trying this vacuum was that this vacuum should be marketed for households with young kids and/or pets. The mess my kids make with their food, their paper clippings and their art projects far outweighs the amount of cat fur and Cocco messes I encounter, even though those accumulate and occur on a daily basis. The kids just tend to make a mess (and lucky for me, leave it) everywhere they go. They are working on cleaning up after themselves though that may take years to really happen.

So, for a vacuum that caters to heavy duty pet cleanup, picking up construction paper pieces, sticker backings and cereal crumbs is a breeze for this vacuum and a plus for me since I have the pets’ and the kids’ messes to contend with.

Here is a little video of me showing how easy this is to use on a bunch of crushed up cereal and how to use the “lift off” technology:

The number one feature about the BISSELL PowerGlide Deluxe Pet Vacuum is the “lift off” technology it offers. This refers to the option to use the vacuum as a whole or just lift off the mid section of the vacuum to easily clean the stairs without dragging the whole vacuum with you.

The reason I often used the dust buster instead of the vacuum is because our other vacuum did not have this possibility, and that would mean dragging a very heavy vacuum on the stairs with little old me. I cannot tell you the number of times it has fallen down, creating a loud and dangerous thunk on the landing. So, after this happened a few times, I decided to only use the vacuum if necessary, resulting in stairs a bit dustier and furrier than they should be.

Things are different now! With the BISSELL lift off option, I honestly cannot wait to clean the stairs. I have been cleaning them every day, pretty much because I can physically do it and because I secretly (not so secretly anymore) find it fascinating to watch the vacuum suck up anything remotely close to the suction.

Here is a picture of me demonstrating how to use the attachment on the carpeted stairs:


A spring cleaning here means taking the time to clean places we don’t clean on a regular basis, including hard to reach spots. Having the extra long attachment allows me to clean places that must be dustier than an old cupboard since I haven’t cleaned them for almost a year when we first moved in (lower my head in embarrassment):


Since it is as easy as just attaching one piece to another, I won’t be waiting until next year’s spring cleaning to de-dust the windows.

Another plus: Stefano loves the vacuum as much as I do. He is a very efficient cleaner, unlike my “good enough” cleaning mantra.


With our old vacuum, I couldn’t figure out how to change the bag; this bag-less vacuum empties so easily that all it takes is the press of a button:


I cannot express enough how incredibly powerful and easy to maneuver this vacuum is. I had gotten so stuck in my ways of using the dust buster every day and the vacuum only when absolutely necessary because it was such a hassle. Apparently, we really needed this BISSELL pet vacuum.

If you are in the market for a lightweight, heavy duty, easy to use pet OR kid vacuum, I’d highly encourage you to check this out. More details can be found here on the BISSELL PowerGlide Deluxe Pet Vacuum with Lift-Off Technology.

Coccolino gives this a snout’s up:


Thank you for reading!

~ Katie, the mom to kids, cats and a pig that make no mess the BISSELL cannot suck up

* I received the BISSELL PowerGlide Deluxe Pet Vacuum at no charge to me in exchange for an honest and fair review. I will only accept and review items that I believe are relevant to this blog and our lifestyle, and most importantly, the readers of this blog.


This pig is STINKY

I usually ask for a dog but I know I’m lucky to have a pet pig. None of my friends have pet pigs and they all like to hear Coccolino’s noises.

I’m usually very nice to him and always let him cuddle with me when I’m sitting down reading or watching a show, even though he’s so itchy. That’s because he has hair, not fur.

Today, though, Coccolino stole my bowl of broccoli (I kind of helped him steal it). And so he smelled SO badly, I didn’t even want to sit with him anymore!



Mini pigs are fun pets but they can be very smelly if they eat too much broccoli.


~ The wise five year old Girl


Thoughtless Thursday Mini Pig Grooming

We are joining Ruckus the Eskie and Owned by a Husky for Thoughtless Thursday!


Coccolino was a very patient client for a five year old’s budding hair grooming industry.






He even got to take a look at the finished product though he was more focusing on soaking up the sun rays the mirror reflections.


Next stop, pedicure palace!

Have a happy Thoughtless Thursday :-)

~ Katie

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Cat and pig sun sharing

The sun doesn’t shine in much lately. We’ll take it where we can get it, even if that means sharing.




Coccolino and Pizzico are always sun-tolerant of each other.

Lacci prefers quiet solitude away from the crazy kiddos who aren’t so tolerant of their pets enjoying the sun puddles in the middle of the hallway.


But sometimes even he needs a little sun :-)


Have a great day!

~ Katie


Animal Planet Mini Pig!

As you can see from the title, I have some exciting news to share. A producer of Animal Planet’s “Bad Dog!” show found a video of me doing what I do best: causing trouble – and now they want me to be a part of a show!

Here is the video that sparked all this interest (not even the cutest one of me but I must say I’m pretty clever):

Mamma spoke with a story line producer who requested even more footage of me just being glorious mischievous ole’ me. And they liked it. Who wouldn’t, right? I’m a fun-loving, tail-wagging, mess-making mini pig. Apparently I’m bad enough to qualify as a “bad dog.”

The premise of the show is to find pets who cause enormous trouble but whose parents still unconditionally love them anyway. Pretty much sums up me and my family.

At first they just thought about including the video clips as part of their show. Then they decided to send a film crew here to spend an entire day with the family, observing just how our family goes about our daily life. I’m sure they can’t wait to see a mini pig’s infamous mess in person.

Stay tuned . . . they come visit us in May and the show will probably air later in the spring or summer!

~ Coccolino the messy but much loved mini pig


Woof, meow, OINK Thoughtless Thursday

We are joining our friends Ruckus the Eskie and Owned by a Husky for today’s Thoughtless Thursday!


Not much more to say than this . . .


Have a great day and a happy Thoughtless Thursday!

~ Katie the piggy’s mamma

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Happy Birthday to Mollie!

Mollie, only for you will I trade up my Sesame Street diaper and put on some real undies.


Happy Birthday to you!

I’m also sporting my bandana that Lassie and Benji so generously made and sent me. Thank you so much, you sweet friends.


Now, Mamma, if you’ll please let me disrobe, I will happily continue celebrating my good friends.

Coccolino the mini pig