Two weeks of mini pig cuddles

So sorry this break has been longer than anticipated – we have missed all of our pals!

The past 2.5 weeks have been filled with kid activities and mini pig cuddles.






I’ve never known another animal to get comfortable in so many different and interesting positions. I hope to put together a mini pig cuddle compilation soon including pictures over the past two years of all his cuddly positions!

We will be getting back into the swing of things this week so will finally be around to catch up with you. Hope we haven’t missed too much!

~ Katie and cuddly Coccolino

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Coccolino mini pig on Animal Planet

Coccolino made mini pigs proud on Animal Planet last Saturday night! His segment was a hit (what a relief!) and he shined in all his mini pig mischievous glory.

Some screen grabs:







I have emailed the producer to see if it would be possible to have his segment on DVD and if so I will post it.

Because the summer is tough for us to be around the computer and the kiddos (all three of them) are always outside, we will be taking a little break. It won’t be long, maybe just this week, so we will see you all soon!

Thanks for your support :o)

~ Katie and Coccolino

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Mini pig on Animal Planet airing – eek!

Remember way back when we were filming for Animal Planet’s “Bad Dog!” show? Well – squeeeeee – it’s finally airing this Saturday night at 8pm.


I am very nervous as to how that day of filming will play out. It will only be a few minutes of us on the hour long episode and hopefully they won’t omit any of my words or leave out any further explanations. The interview itself was over an hour!

They asked in the interview if I would recommend pet pigs, if I’d want another one, etc. I was perfectly honest that pet pigs are not for everyone (including my husband much of the time!).

However it comes out, I hope it conveys just how much I love my piggy even though he is constant mischief.


If you watch, you can see him in all his snorting glory :@)

I will be cringing the whole time!

~ Katie

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Remember me? The mini pig returns.

Oh hi, this is Coccolino.


Remember me? The subject of My Mini Pet Pig and apparently the forgotten one? It seems I might have been reduced to a faint memory in this latest wave of cat catering and cooing.

Just so you can all get back to focusing on me, Lacci the attention stealing sick cat is finally doing better and eating more with his daily pill. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. He gets a pill dunked in gooey butter shoved down his throat every morning. I’d choke on that once a day with no problem.

He will also be getting an injection once a week for a month and then once every two weeks for life to help regulate him (still getting details, not that I am particularly interested). I wouldn’t do so well with that, you can imagine.

In all this latest drama, I’ve been thrown outside in my pen every nice day we’ve had to eat as much grass as I can. Here I am. Discarded. And yet doing them a favor by mowing their lawn. Come on now.


Off to fill my tummy.

~ Coccolino the forgotten mini pig


Pet Psychic Reading : Finding a forever home for a friendly pet pig

It’s that time of month again : our Pet Psychic Column! This month, we are trying to spread the word about a friendly pet pig in need of a loving forever home.


Nancy, an experienced pet psychic, is on the mission to help us find a forever home for a pig named Rudy.

Nancy’s experience with astrology and pet psychic readings is put to use to help us locate the best possible home for this piggy.


This month, we are working with Forgotten Angels Rescue and Education Center. This rescue helps to not only rescue and place pets but also to educate the public.

Lana, the president of the rescue’s board of directors, has many years of experience with pet pigs and works tirelessly to help find homes for all pets in need.

For this column, she has chosen Rudy, the black pig pictured, to be the spotlight of Nancy’s focus.

Rudy pig

Some quick thoughts on Rudy:

* Rudy was born in February 2014

* Rudy started out his life on a low note

* Rudy was malnourished in his early life but always remained upbeat

* Rudy is currently being fostered in Johnson City, TN

Nancy’s Reading

Based on this information, Rudy’s picture and his approximate birth date, Nancy was able to piece together his background and future.

Please note that all details provided in this post come directly from Nancy.

Rudy’s Past

Rudy, now almost six months old, was treated badly by a male, approximately 30 years old. There were three other pigs around him at his birth but two of them died when Rudy was young.

Despite this loss and a lack of a proper diet for some time, Rudy remained positive that there would be a better life for him down the line. Now with his new life in foster care, he is doing much better.

Rudy’s Future

Rudy needs to find a home where he stays for good. He is looking for someone that wants to take him under their wing and just adore him, love him and nourish him. The deaths of the other two pigs around him when he was little deeply affected Rudy and he needs a forever home and loyal family.

Rudy is skeptical of male figures because of what he experienced when he was very young. Nancy feels that a female caregiver is important for Rudy’s wellbeing. She envisions Rudy growing to truly love a female mother figure and that he will give back to her what she has given to him in the form of companionship, love and a lot of laughs.

Reading the Signs

Since Rudy was born in the middle of February, Nancy feels that he has some Aquarius in
him as well as some Pisces.

Because he has Aquarius in him, he loves the color blue. Nancy also feels that according to his Libra traits, he is in for a good second half of his first year.

rudy pig2

Summing UP

Nancy is convinced that Rudy is in many ways a fun loving piggy and is very joyful inside. She gets the vision of a blonde female in his future who will love him totally and unconditionally.

Nancy’s exact words: “Adoption will take place shortly for Rudy because he is adorable!”

* * *

Contact Information

Pet Psychic Information: satisfaction-seal

Have you ever thought about a psychic reading or an astrology compatibility reading? There are many affordable options available and the below links will help you discover what is best for you.

Nancy: Pet psychic and astrology reader. Contact Nancy to find out more about a psychic reading

Psychic Source: Find out more about a pet reading in general

Forgotten Angels Rescue and Education Center:

Please contact Lana with any questions about Rudy via their webpage.

* * *

There is nothing better than connecting a family with a loving pet in need of a good home. The goal of this monthly column is to help foster this connection.

Thank you so much to Psychic Source for allowing this monthly column to exist and to all you readers that truly understand how important it is for a pet to be in a loving home.

~ Katie

This post is sponsored by Psychic Source. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Psychic Source and their services, but My Mini Pet Pig only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.

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Our sick kitty with pancreatitis refuses to eat

It has been one whirlwind week of vet visits and bile cleanups. So sorry we have been out of touch!

Lacci suddenly became very lethargic about a week and a half ago, on a Sunday. I took him to the emergency care (as I posted about) and we were informed that he had an infection and early stage kidney disease. They gave him antibiotics and something to settle his stomach.

He started to feel a little better when we returned home that evening and even ate a few bites of food.


However, as each day passed, he became progressively worse. He would eat maybe a bite a day (literally one small bite) or nothing at all and refused to drink altogether.

Lacci still wouldn’t eat by the middle of last week and the vet said it was time to come in. After more blood tests and a test for pancreatitis, it turned out that his infection was completely cleared up and his levels were normal. His pancreatitis test was abnormal, however. More antibiotics and some anti nausea pills and we were on our way.


He ate just a small amount over the weekend, even with his Cerenia (anti nausea pill). I knew I had to bring him back to the vet on Monday because he had no energy and seemed very dehydrated, which he was. He was also frequently throwing up bile. They gave him SubQ fluids and ordered an ultrasound for this Thursday.

That’s where we are now. He is not eating, not drinking and I will most likely bring him back for more SubQ fluids at some point today to help him through. It is horrible to watch him this way.

Our sweet friend Nylablue suffers from pancreatitis and we respect her and her mom’s willpower and determination now more than ever. Having never had a pet refuse to eat before, I could not imagine the struggle to watch your pet try to resume normal activity but not having the energy to do so.

One of Lacci’s quirks is that he loves to lie with his body encircling my head on the pillow and he licks my ear whenever he can. He hasn’t done this since he has been sick and he just moves from under the clothes in my closet to my bed.


I am devastated to watch him this way and I am so anxious to find out what is causing his refusal to eat. While his pancreatitis test was abnormal, the vet still believes there is something else going on with him other than the pancreatitis and the kidney disease. The ultrasound should clear this up and give us an indication and hopefully a way forward.

I will update on Facebook on Lacci’s condition after the ultrasound on Thursday.

~ Katie


A mini pig crawl

Have you ever seen a mini pig crawl? It’s quite amusing.


Coccolino only “crawls” when there is something under a chair that he wants and he needs to get down on his knees to get it. This happens often since there are hidden gems crumbs under chairs around here, particularly the kids’ chairs. It’s convenient to have a pig that knows how to clean.


This time, however, Coccolino was trying to get a tub of pill paste that I have for my sister’s dog that requires a daily pill (there is another tub in the picture on my son’s truck but that escaped Cocco’s attention).

He pushed it all over the kitchen floor with his snout, much like a hockey stick to a puck. Under chairs and more chairs.


Unfortunately for Cocco, the tub just wouldn’t open. Finally something this strong mini pig jaw and snout couldn’t penetrate!


Reminder: Today is the last day to enter the giveaway if you haven’t already. Tomorrow (a little later in morning/early afternoon), the winner will be announced.

Enter here (look for the giveaway post) if you haven’t already!

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~ Katie


A s’mores snout

So the other day the whole family did a little campfire in the backyard. They had s’mores, I had crumbs.



The marshmallows they used were gigantic (look compared to a marble) and I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t sink my teeth into one of my own.


Then one of the s’mores looked like this and all I could hear was laughing.


Or really, laughing at ME. Something about the roasted marshmallow resembling my snout? Huh? My snout is much more beautiful than this gooey, edible marshmallow.

I don’t know what they’re thinking.

OH – remember you have until the end of the day on Thursday to enter the giveaway!

~ Coccolino the super cute mini pig with a super cute(r) snout


An emergency cat visit to the vet for Lacci

Poor Lacci had to go to the emergency vet clinic on Sunday.

Saturday morning, everything was as usual. After breakfast and some scratches for Lacci, Pizzico and the loud and demanding piggy, I took the kids out for the day. When we got home in the early evening, I knew something was strange when I couldn’t find Lacci there to greet us.

I went upstairs to look for him and found him curled up under our bed. He didn’t come out when I called him but I managed to cajole him out and I gave him some food and water.

After the kids were asleep, I spent the evening next to him and he seemed okay, just more lethargic than usual and I just knew something wasn’t right. They say the best way to care for your pet is to know your pet. After nearly 11 years, I know Lacci.


Sunday morning I tried to get him to eat and drink but he just wouldn’t, which he has never done. He threw up bright yellow bile and the struggle for him to do that almost had me in tears. After speaking to a friend that worked in a vet office for years and because of my discomfort with his demeanor, I decided to take Lacci in to the emergency vet clinic.


It is the only one open in town on Sunday and because of that they charge almost double. The care was excellent and the waiting room was packed with worried pet parents. I just kept thinking of all those pets out there that must be in pain and that could not be taken to a vet until the next day because of the high cost, despite how much they are loved. It made me so sad.


I was asked some questions in triage and then they took Lacci in the back. After being told Lacci had a fever a while later, I had to wait hours for them to run blood and urinary tests. I was finally able to take him home in the evening.

It turns out that Lacci has a urinary infection, one that hopefully will not result in more serious liver or kidney disease. The doctor gave him a dose of antibiotics and anti-nausea medicine. If he does not improve in the next few days, I will have to bring him to my regular vet for an ultrasound.

I am glad to say that he ate a little bit the minute we got home. I was so relieved.


It was a traumatic day and I was so grateful to bring him home after that scare. I know you can all understand just what I felt like!

~ Katie


Coccolino Creations Pet Shop Giveaway!

It’s time for a giveaway from my Coccolino Creations Etsy pet shop!

My shop has been going well and I am so grateful for all the support from customers, including fancy rats, dogs, cats and of course pet pigs (of all sizes). I have come to meet such wonderful animal loving people and it is an honor to make a bed or blanket for their special pets.

As a way of thanking my supporters, I am holding a giveaway on my Coccolino Creations Facebook page.

The prize? Any one ready to ship item in the store up to $35.

We have items for all kinds of pets so hopefully nobody will feel excluded. Some examples include but are not limited to:







This is for Facebook fans so please make sure you have “liked” the Coccolino Creations Facebook page in order to enter!

Use this post on the Coccolino Creations Facebook page to enter the giveaway.

How to Enter:

1. “Like” this post on the Coccolino Creations Facebook page.

THAT IS IT! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is to “like” the post.

If you want to be entered twice into the giveaway:

2. Share the post on Facebook and make sure to comment that you have shared it.

The fine details:

1. The winner will pay for nothing; shipping is on us.

2. This giveaway is open to people in the US however others elsewhere may enter to win an item for a friend in the US (I am so sorry not to extend this worldwide, especially for friends and supporters in the rest of the world. After experiencing a very frustrating time clearing a package to Canada – still delayed after several weeks – I wouldn’t want to promise a gift that is not deliverable).

3. The winner may select one ready to ship item up to $35.

4. The giveaway runs from 1 a.m. on June 17, 2014 to midnight on June 24, 2014.

5. The winner will be chosen at random (via and will be announced on Facebook on June 25, 2014.

Just to let you know, donations that I make for shelters or animal-related causes are very important to me (and a big part of my shop) and this giveaway will in no way interfere with my donations.

More items will be added to the store during the week, including dog blankets for larger dogs.

Thank you all so much for participating in the giveaway! I can’t wait to see who will win.

~ Katie

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Mini pig whiskers

Could you imagine a mini pig mustache more fitting than this one?




Not only did I get a taste of cream cheese in the morning as per my usual routine (I can be pretty insistent) but I have a little to save for later . . . (now).

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for details on our Coccolino Creations Facebook page!

~ A cream cheesy Coccolino


Mini pig backpack discoveries

This is what happens when a five year old child leaves her backpack within mini pig reach:




My fault for letting him “try” to have at it for the first minute while I got some pictures.



Good thing this backpack lasted us for a couple of years and now my daughter can choose her own right in time for kindergarten :-)

Giveaway details on our Coccolino Creations Facebook page coming on Thursday – stay tuned!

~ Katie


In store event July 12th at #TractorSupply

Some of you may remember our visit to Tractor Supply a while back.


It was the first time we had been to a Tractor Supply store and they completely won us over, even my three year old son who couldn’t get enough of their toy tractors and toy animals.

The specialists working there were more like friends and neighbors, a trait which the company is proud of and one that we appreciated during our first visit there, as well as subsequent visits. They know their products inside and out and are very patient and happy to share their knowledge and answer any questions we had (and my son had plenty!).


We went to the store to explore their products and the lines they carried as well as to pick up a bag of mini pig pellets for Coccolino. While there, though, we discovered that Tractor Supply offers much more than what the name implies.

They carry an extensive variety of products, including the following:

* Premium brand food
* Treats
* Flea and tick control (very important this time of year)
* Beds
* Wireless containment, crates and kennels
* Collars and leads
* Bowls
* Grooming supplies
* Toys (for pets and kids!)
* Plants and much more!

Tractor Supply is truly a “one stop shop” for every animal from pigs and horses to dogs and cats (and everything in between). Not only that, but Tractor Supply price matches and they were sure to check other local stores to give us the best price on the mini pig food. That is such an important factor when lots of money is spent on these animals we love, including the wild birds we feed.

Some of the brands that Tractor Supply carries include Hill’s Science Diet, BLUE, Diamond, Eukanuba, Purina, Taste of the Wild, and many other choices.

They also encourage customers to read reviews about, as well as try, 4Health brand pet food, available exclusively at Tractor Supply. This brand includes fresh meat in every formula and has less filler than some other brands. 4health offers exceptional taste and more quality nutrition per bag, which ends up allowing you to save money while providing your pet with a rich balance of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and protein. It sounds like a great option for pets at a value we can all appreciate.


While I love the offerings, the neighborhood specialists and the price match guarantee, I think what I appreciate most about Tractor Supply as a company is their dedication to community and to offering events to unite the local community.

Tractor Supply supports local FFA and 4-H groups and they offer events at their stores which are great for family fun. This coming weekend, on July 12th, each store will host a community event, a majority of which will be animal adoptions and care clinics. It would be a great time to go check out a store nearby; you might be surprised at how many you can find within driving distance to your house (we have several!).


We can’t recommend Tractor Supply highly enough and I can almost guarantee you will be surprised at just how much of a variety you can find there – all at an affordable price.

Make sure to check out the various ways to learn more about Tractor Supply:

The Tractor Supply website

Tractor Supply on Facebook, a great way to stay informed

Tractor Supply on Google+

Tractor Supply on Twitter

Tractor Supply on Pinterest

We give Tractor Supply TWO thumbs up.


~ Katie and Coccolino

This post is sponsored by Tractor Supply Company and the Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Tractor Supply Company and their Purina Days Campaign, but My Mini Pet Pig only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Tractor Supply Company, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.


Custom made kid treehouse from start to finish!

I never knew how amazing a custom made kid treehouse could be. This is a very different kind of post from our usual but had to share it with you because the treehouse is now Cocco’s daily grazing backdrop. And I’m just a little too excited not to share.

My in-laws return to Italy today after about seven weeks here. Seven weeks is a long time but they have flown by and I will miss them both so much. They treated me like their own daughter when I lived in Italy and I adore them.

My father-in-law is extremely talented and crafty. So when he suggested making a treehouse for our kids, I thought it would be a great idea. I envisioned a couple of boards nailed to some trees just like my sister and I had growing up. I was very wrong. How fortunate our kids are to have a grandfather as handy as Nonno (Italian for “grandpa”).

Here are some pictures of the custom treehouse Nonno built over seven weeks along with my just as handy hubby Stefano (Nonno taught him well!).









Step and slide


Rockabye Cocco, on the treetops…


And it’s just about done! It is now up to Stefano to finish the stain on the stairs and the inside and next time Nonno comes he is going to build Murphy beds inside. Lucky kiddos, wonderful in-laws.

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Thanks for reading!

~ Katie


Two years blogging about our mini pig!

This week marks two years that I have been blogging about this little mini pig of ours. Sweet Coccolino. Oh the memories of when he first came to us as a wee piglet. Not always fond memories, as some of you recall :-) Coccolino was quite the challenge.

Coccolino week 2 012

I had never had a blog before My Mini Pet Pig and the reason I started one was to document what life is like with a mini pig. I was unable to find the resources necessary to help prepare me for life with a mini pig and I wanted to help others who experienced the same problem. I had no idea what I was getting into but I was committed to raising Coccolino no matter how difficult or how big he got.

pic of me and cocco

Since my blog began, I have received many emails and comments each week from mini pig parents and prospective parents. They have problems with their pigs, wonder what it’s really like to have a pet pig, want to share their stories or, sadly, want to know if I can help them re-home their pig.

I always respond to these emails within a day or two at most; I know how heartwarming but also challenging it can be to have a pet pig and not know how to handle one properly. I am not a pig expert but I have learned a lot from my own experiences and from others with pet pigs and am always happy to share what I have learned to help others.

Being asked to be on the board of NAPPA (North American Potbellied Pig Association) was such an honor and I will continue to advocate for pigs and further the organization’s efforts as much as possible.


Until I started my blog, I never knew anything about the welcoming community of pet bloggers out there. I feel very fortunate that I was accepted into Blogville and have come to make many special friends (furry, hairy and otherwise) all over the world. It is comforting to be a part of a group connected by a deep love for our pets.

I appreciate each and every one of you readers. You inspire me to continue blogging.

I will be holding a giveaway soon from my Coccolino Creations Etsy shop just to thank my supporters. I will share more details soon.

Thank you again for all your support with my blog. If you want to take a look back at my first mini pig blog post, I cringe but will share it with you :-)

~ Katie


Pet safety, including how to handle lost or missing pets

Have any of your pets ever gone missing?

Every year of my childhood, my family spent the 4th of July at a lake. There were all day parties and all night fireworks. I had two dogs, Petey and Bristol (the little loves of my life), and both were terrified of that day more than any other day. I would often skip watching the fireworks to keep them safe and close inside. Fireworks didn’t hold a match to comforting my babies.


One year, I was old enough to invite a bunch of my own friends to my family’s July 4th party. I didn’t stay inside that year to protect my 15 year old Petey (I was 15 too; we grew up together). Bristol (the white dog) wasn’t quite as scared as Petey of the fireworks and he didn’t shake nonstop like Petey did but they always stuck close together.



A couple of minutes after the fireworks began, I left my friends and went to check on my dogs. I couldn’t find them anywhere. I was terrified. We began to look for them outside with flashlights and I rounded up my friends to conduct a panic-induced search.

Finally we went back inside and I heard a soft whimpering from a back room. Both of my dogs were huddled together in Bristol’s small kennel which Petey had never even gone in before. I’m not sure how both managed to fit in there (we almost didn’t see Bristol hiding in the back behind Petey) but there they were.

If any of your pets have ever gone missing, you can probably relate to my own experience and the sheer terror of not locating a pet, whether inside or outside.

So when I was contacted by The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) asking me to spread awareness as July 4th approaches, I was happy to agree. They informed me that one out of five lost pets goes missing after being scared by fireworks or other loud noises.


As some of you may know, ASPCA has launched their first interactive mobile app for pet parents. The app shows you how to search for your pet if they are missing and is customizable, allowing you to specify your circumstances and tailor it to your pet’s personality.


This app is available as a free download on iPhone and Android so there is no reason not to download this possibly terror-preventative application.

Some great benefits of the app:

* Users can build a digital lost pet flyer that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I have personally helped share lost pet notices on Facebook in case it reaches the right person. Having this easy application to spread the word will hopefully facilitate a quicker return for the pet.

* Users have access to critical advice on how to best keep a pet safe before, during and following a major storm or natural disaster

* Pet parents can store all their pet’s relevant information like their vaccination history and dietary information all accessible in one place

Helpful tools like this did not exist when I couldn’t find my missing dogs. Thankfully they didn’t go far but I have been involved in several instances of lost pets (that were actually lost outside of the home). It is terrifying and I know it caused many sleepless nights due to the worry.

A picture of me and my Brissy on the 4th of July when his health was declining 12 years ago (unbelievable it has been that long – you can see how happy I was about him not doing well):


There is no reason not to fully enjoy the 4th of July and the fireworks that come with the holiday. It can’t hurt to be prepared though and take the necessary precautions just in case.

To download the app, visit here.

To learn more about ASPCA, visit here.

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Thanks for reading and Happy and SAFE 4th of July to those celebrating!

~ Katie

ASPCA is sending a small gift as a token of appreciation for helping spread the word about their new app, but My Mini Pet Pig only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.


From Pirate Pig, feel better Frankie the Pirate King!

In honor of Frankie, the Pirate King of Blogville, we are joining the blog hop organized by Dachsies with Moxie mom Agnes! We are so sorry it’s a short one, we aren’t able to use the computer at the moment!

Pirate King of Blogville

We want to send Frankie plenty of hugs and piggy kisses. Those piggy kisses are loud and healing and we know they will arrive at Frankie’s door (especially with Cocco’s vocal cords). We are so glad Frankie is feeling better already.


We love you, Frankie! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.

~ Katie and Coccolino the pirate pig

PS. We are away from our computer the next day or two but will catch up with you all as soon as these kids stop dragging Mamma away!


A cat and a mini pig, sharing the space

Even though they don’t like it, Lacci and Coccolino often need to share a space. Which means they need to share me.


Lacci gets my ear, Cocco gets my lap and hand.


Pizzico, meanwhile, tends to keep his own space.


I love my three little guys.

Have a great weekend!

~ Katie and pets


Pet Psychic Reading : Helping to find prospective parents for a pet pig

Today we are linking up with Ruckus the Eskie and Owned by a Husky for Thoughtless Thursday!


If you remember a while back, Coccolino was lucky enough to have a pet psychic reading by Nancy, an experienced pet psychic, who expressed interest in a longterm partnership.

nancy psychic

cocco psychic 4

Nancy was more than happy to agree to tie in her intuitive psychic reading to help a pet in an animal shelter in need of a loving home via an approximate monthly column. Nancy is so friendly to work with and shares her insight and suggestions freely.

After much work to find a worthy shelter and invaluable assistance from the board of the North American Potbellied Pig Association (NAPPA), I was put in touch with Janice Skura’s Potbellied Pig Sanctuary.

With an abundance of pigs in need of a home, Janice decided that Noni the pig would be a good first pig to share because of her interesting background and sweet personality.


Some quick facts on Noni:

* Noni was born in February 2013

* She was rescued in Puerto Rico by a NY couple who were on vacation

* Pigs are not allowed to live in the Bronx so she was brought to Janice about nine months ago and has been in the sanctuary ever since

Nancy’s Reading

Based on this information, Noni’s picture and her approximate birth date, Nancy was able to come up with some interesting points about her background and what kind of family would be best for Noni. Because Noni was born in February, Nancy based this reading on part Aquarius and part Pisces zodiac charts. Please note that all details provided in this post come directly from Nancy.

Noni’s Past

Suffice it to say, someone in Noni’s past treated her very poorly. Nancy had a vision of a male who abused Noni and therefore conditioned Noni to be fearful of men.

Nancy believes that Noni was living in dirty surroundings, was malnourished and was in a state of anxiety and fear due to her environment.

Nancy praises the NY couple for rescuing Noni and removing her from this horrible situation, as well as Janice for taking Noni in and caring for her.

Noni’s Future

Noni’s future looks much brighter than her past.

Because there are still many fears within Noni, she needs to be connected to a loving family that can give her what she missed out on in her early life. Being at the sanctuary with Janice, Noni has been able to feel love around her and she needs to find a home that will help her overcome her fears.


Noni would be best in a warm climate, somewhere with abundant healing sunshine for her body and soul.

She would thrive in a calm family with one or possibly two children where she will not be overwhelmed by too much going around her. Nancy gets a vision of a young married couple and a little girl around five years old with golden curls. Nancy says the vision was strong enough to suggest that the little girl and Noni will develop a close bond due to the compassionate and gentle nature of the girl.

Reading the Signs

Based on Noni being part Aquarian, Nancy feels that Noni would be more comfortable meeting the family that will adopt her before leaving the sanctuary. This would allow her to be familiar with her new family.

As for the Pisces in Noni, she can easily put away any fears she has to show her more playful side and become an integral part of a family. She has so much gentle affection and youthfulness to offer. The little girl that Nancy envisions Noni spending her time with will allow Noni to completely come out of her shell and pour out her loyalty and love on this family.

Summing UP

Nancy emphasizes that the couple that rescued Noni has given her a new life at a safe haven provided by Janice’s shelter. Janice does selfless work to provide care for so many pigs in need of homes and she deserves every bit of praise for her compassion.

The family that will adopt Noni also deserves much praise. Once they find her, they will fall in love with her and Nancy assures this family that their kindness will be repaid in their future.

* * *

Contact Information

Pet Psychic Information:

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Nancy: Pet psychic and astrology reader. Contact Nancy to find out more about a psychic reading

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Janice Skura’s Potbellied Pig Sanctuary:

Please contact Janice with any questions about Noni via her website, where you can also learn more about her sanctuary and potbellied pigs up for adoption.

Special credit is due to North American Potbellied Pig Association for introducing us to Janice and her wonderful sanctuary.

* * *

There is nothing better than connecting a family with a loving pet in need of a good home. The goal of this monthly column is to help foster this connection.

Thank you so much to Psychic Source for allowing this monthly column to exist and to all you readers that truly understand how important it is for a pet to be in a loving home.

noni home

Please consider sharing this post to reach as many prospective piggy parents as possible. Once you have a pet pig, you can’t help but fall in love. Noni deserves every chance possible to find her forever home.

~ Katie

This post is sponsored by Psychic Source. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Psychic Source and their services, but My Mini Pet Pig only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.


Pig, that’s MY seat

Hey PIG! That’s MY seat!








See? I told ya.

~ Never mess with the three year old Boy


A snout snack

Do you ever put things on your nose to save them for later?

Imagine how lucky I am. I have a snout with plenty of storage room.


I’ll just save this for later.


Which happens to be right . . . about . . . now.

~ Coccolino with the snout reserve


Pig versus cat : who gets the cream cheese

Here is the Thoughtless Thursday saga of the mini pig and cat cream cheese licks.

We are linking up with Ruckus the Eskie and Owned by a Husky who are the hosts of Thoughtless Thursday.


It’s no secret that one of Coccolino’s all time favorite treats is cream cheese. Every morning as I make my bagel, he waits and nudges my leg until I give him his morning lick.


Pizzico, though, has been around longer than Coccolino and he loves cream cheese too.

So the morning rivalry begins. Who gets the first lick of cream cheese?

Well, both of them get the first lick!



With a cat on the counter (out of a certain snorter’s reach) and a pig grunting away on the floor, it’s a good thing I have two hands :-)

~ Katie


Happy Birthday to Stella!

Stella, the busy bee behind all the generous auction work, an amazing shop with handmade items and slave to Mollie and Alfie, is a birthday girl today!

stella birthday

Stella, we hope you have the most amazing birthday and most importantly that you get delicious foam-worthy treats!

XOXO Katie and Coccolino


The power of my snout

My piggy snout is like my steering wheel. And when I smell something, you can bet my snout will drive me there.

So when this freshly made toasty warm sandwich was put just within snout’s reach for one of those kids, I just had to have it.


Maybe if I tilt my head this way.


It’s up there, isn’t it? My snout never steers me wrong.


Well, this is just UNFAIR. Watch out Mamma, I feel a protest coming on.

~ Coccolino the highly offended mini pig


A mini pig protest

Pigs protest – I have come to learn that over the past two years. And they make their point well. At least, Coccolino does.

First of all, sorry about our unexpected absence. I was contacted via my Coccolino Creations Etsy shop to work on a large order for a VIP (very important pet). I can’t reveal more about this project for a couple more weeks so stay tuned. Suffice it to say that I jumped at the chance to work on this project and have come into contact with some very loving and friendly people.

This project has been new and exciting for me to work on. It is pretty time consuming so all my free time has been put towards this project. Because of that and because my in-laws are visiting, my daily routine has shifted a little bit. I’m fine with that. Guess who isn’t?


Instead of going immediately to Coccolino after the kids are in bed every night, I’ve been going straight to work on the project. When I’m finally so tired and come to realize it’s getting late for my Cocco cuddles, I head to get him for a little while before I go to sleep.

I know it’s bad news when the door is pushed open at an angle.

Because then I find this.


Yep, that wet mess. Every single night that I am “late” for him.

I think I might need to contact Bounty paper towels and ask for a discount at this rate.


And there you have it: a piggy protest in the best form of punishment.

If nothing else, he is making me revert to my prior daily routine before getting back to work on the projects!

~ Katie


Mini pig and cat tug of turkey slice

We are joining our Thoughtless Thursday hosts Ruckus the Eskie and Owned by a Husky as usual this week.


This is the story of Coccolino verus Lacci and the elusive slice of turkey, a special treat.





Both made out just fine :-)

~ Katie, handing out fair portions of turkey treats


Coccolino the mini pig turns two years old!

Today Coccolino, our sweet, loving, patience-enforcing mini pig turns TWO YEARS OLD! How is it possible?! Our cuddly and affectionate pig that has been a huge factor in our daily lives is two. Oh, how quickly our kids grow up.


For a recap, this was Coccolino when he came to us at just five weeks:

Cocco 004

This was him at one year old:

cocco one year sleeping

This is Coccolino at TWO years old!:


He really isn’t much bigger than he was at one, though his belly is bigger and he is longer, and he should only grow for another year. Very curious to see how big he will actually get.

Coccolino’s birthday is even featured in the North American Potbellied Pig Association newsletter!:


Let the feast begin. Everyone, please dig in and take a lick (but don’t tell Cocco I said so, he won’t want to share).


Cocco can have the first bite because it’s his birthday.


Oops, not too much left after his “first” bite.

Here, friends, you can enjoy your own vegetarian feast while Cocco keeps licking the peanut butter he seems to think is in the air.

vegetarian feast

Thanks for celebrating with us and for all your kind messages!

~ Katie and Coccolino the super full and wiped out mini pig


New mobile app to edit pictures of your pets!

If you’re like me, photo editing applications need to be as user friendly as possible. That means they need to be easily understood (as in, they need to let me understand in a matter of seconds before I’m ready to give up), they need to be simple and they need to be engaging.

fotor mobile app

Once again, Fotor paves the way in user friendly mobile app photo editors. Not only is it effortless to use, it’s 100% enjoyable to try out all the features. Fotor is doing a convincing job of converting a mobile-reluctant photo editor like myself.

Here is a picture I created on my phone in under one minute using the iOS version of the Fotor app (and no, I didn’t just let him sleep):


It’s the extra personalized touch of text and stickers that enhances the picture and makes it all mine. I might be an addict from now on, especially when I’m looking to create some more enticing pictures on the go.

The popularity of the Fotor iOS version strongly suggests a very successful version for the Android market as well. Fotor’s iOS version has over 13 million downloads and ranks in the top ten photo and video apps on Apple’s app store worldwide (mine being just one of those 13 million).

Just as in Fotor Photo Editor for iOS, Fotor Photo Editor app powered by Android has been redesigned to create a professional standard of photo editing readily available for everyday users through a clean, intuitive interface. The new version has addressed and corrected any minimal bug that might have been found in the previous version to ensure top quality app stability.



Some of the extra features of this new Android design include the following:

- a new “add text” option

- a sticker feature

- allowing users to add multiple filters to a single picture

There are also some advanced adjustments such as a Curve and RGB feature for those skilled photo editors out there.

Based on the popularity and ease of use of the iOS version, the Android market will benefit from and thoroughly enjoy editing photos on the Fotor mobile app. With the simplicity, loaded options available if desired and the clean-cut look of the app, it’s only a matter of time before this app ranks in the top ten as well.

Whether you’re a mobile photo editing pro as I know some of you are or you are a mobile photo editing rookie like me, Fotor deserves an A+ for effort, style and usability. I’m a huge fan of Fotor, and now I don’t even need to use my computer!

Thanks for reading and happy mobile photo editing!

~ Katie

This post is sponsored by Fotor and I received compensation to cover my time. I will only agree to reviews that I believe are relevant to this blog and our lifestyle, and most importantly, the readers of this blog. My review was not influenced by the compensation.


North American Potbellied Pig Association Silent Auction

We are sharing a special silent auction held by North American Potbellied Pig Association (NAPPA), of which I am a recent proud board member, on this Thoughtless Thursday. We are joining our Thoughtless Thursday hosts Ruckus the Eskie and Owned by a Husky.


As you may remember from a previous post on NAPPA, it is a dedicated nonprofit organization working to help potbelly pigs and those involved with potbelly pigs (parents, breeders and the public).


NAPPA is currently holding a silent auction to raise funds via their Facebook page. This photo album has pictures of items currently up for auction, including piggy nail polish and an adorable piggy timer!


I wanted to contribute and have just completed a custom mini pig blanket to be donated to the auction and hope that it will bring in proceeds to help fulfill NAPPA’s selfless and worthy goals.


Please take a look around the NAPPA website and Facebook page. It’s a truly fascinating organization and the newsletter put out by NAPPA is so well done that I have decided to save each one in an archive!


Thanks for reading,



A little piece of Italy and Coccolino’s upcoming second birthday

It’s that time of year again when my in-laws come from Italy! This year they are staying for seven weeks, the longest they have ever stayed.



I love my in-laws – they treated me like their own daughter when I lived in Italy – and we are all excited for them to be here. My mother-in-law prepares the most delicious meals and spoils me rotten with my favorite sauces and foods and my father-in-law is like one built-in home project after another. He wants to build the kids a tree house this year which will be so special for them.

In other news, Coccolino will be turning TWO (!!!) on June 3rd. We won’t be doing any sort of official party but all of you are welcome to join us for Cocco’s favorite foods so please stop by for a lick of peanut butter or cream cheese (or both together as Cocco prefers) or a big juicy bite of watermelon.


~ Katie