My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

No more squealing (well, after this)!

I’m assuming one day (in the very near future, at this rate) I will no longer be picking Coccolino up because my mini pet pig will no longer be a mini pet pig. Although part of me doesn’t ever want him to be too big to cuddle (or rather acquiesce to cuddling) in my arms while I’m walking around, part of me is looking forward to the time when I don’t have to always use the following disclaimer when anyone goes near him: “Pet him, but don’t even try to pick him up!”

We had a family gathering today and of course that meant a playdate for Cocco and Pogo. Pogo, the easygoing, constantly searching for food, happy piggy. Cocco’s bad rep is already firmly established among my family and preceded his visit today: Cocco, the cute but snobby and skittish piggy. Unless you have something yummy to eat, in which case he stands on two feet and “begs” (a new trick, video coming soon).

Still, my mom is determined for her grandpig to like her. Much as she tries, he just doesn’t want to be anywhere near her arms. Her fingers are fine, but only when bearing peanut butter, yogurt or mashed blueberries. Did I mention he would be too big for me to pick up in the very near future? My mom has now resorted to the food bribes. Who am I to judge?

We all know my feelings on the mini pig squeal. First, I was horrified. Then I was numb. Then I was determined. Now, I’m truly in pain when he squeals. He is obviously in distress and I can’t handle that. So the below video of my mom trying to hold Cocco put me over the edge and I’m not going to let anyone make my piggy squeal anymore. If you’re emotionally detached, though, it might be fascinating to hear quite the protest coming from this little guy.

To make up for this trauma, I’ll include some pretty cute pics of the playdate.

Thanks for reading 🙂



9 thoughts on “No more squealing (well, after this)!

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  2. diana turberville

    Cute piggies. i can relate to Coccolino’s video. We have the same problem with our pig Samson.We cannot even put his harness/leash on. He freaks! while he is friendly and curious and likes some interaction specially when food is involved, overall he is very easily startled. We are working with him but doesnt seem to help much. He is 6 weeks old and has been with us 2 weeks.Sure hope he gets better with this. I can no brive him into eating out of my hand while sitting on my lap.

    1. minipig Post author

      Awww, he’s still so little. He is definitely trying to find his place and probably still a little nervous but he will definitely get better! He will feel more comfortable and then let you get away with a little more 🙂

  3. Chelly

    I have the same problem with my pig.I have a punishment cage for when he starts screaming I put him in the cage and let him scream till he has no voice or realizes its getting him no where.they only scream to get thier way you have to show dominance or they will do as they please and act as they please in such case they will end up a bad pet to have.don’t let your pig get away with it.hold him and let him scream.try to hold him as much as you can but please wear ear plugs or head phones.if he or she starts biting flick his nose or shuve his shoulders and they will stop after awhile

  4. MiniPig

    Rub his snout on the top and sides and scratch it to calm him down. Pigs love their snouts to be scratched and rubbed on while they smell your hand. Attempting forcefulness with a pig almost never works, hence the term, “pig-headed!”

  5. Pig Lover

    My pigs is 4 months old and still does not like to be picked up. Will she get over that? If so, what can I do to help with the process?

    1. minipig Post author

      Please read the post in my FAQ section on picking up your pig. If you have a lot of patience and persistence your pig should come around but you need to take it in steps!

  6. Danielle R Picon

    Please help my two month old does,not stop squealing!!! Fed happy has toys is played with ALLDAY ibeginning to think hes just a dick

    1. minipig Post author

      I’m sorry I am late in replying! It must have slipped through my queue of comments. The squealing is horrific and hard to deal with. Do you notice he squeals in certain circumstances like around mealtime, etc? Pigs are very routine animals so if there is something they are expecting, they will express their frustration if they aren’t getting it at that exact time!

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