My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

Is there anything cuter than this video?

We all know Coccolino has a weakness for cream cheese and yogurt. On a 90+ degree day, I broke out a frozen yogurt pop and decided to give him a little treat. Let’s just say Cocco foams (in lieu of drooling) for frozen yogurt.

Is there anything cuter than a mini pig jumping up (one of his tricks) to get a snoutful of this cold, creamy treat? You tell me: 

Hands down, I think he is the cutest mini animal around. I could have eaten him up right there with his sweet, sticky snout but I obviously don’t have a palate for bacon or pork chops. So I settled for a kiss on his head instead and he rewarded me with one of his precious mini pig kisses.

Thanks for reading 🙂

~ Katie


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