My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

Another award from a special friend!

Coccolino is one spoiled pig. In every good sense of the phrase. Not only was he lucky enough to get an award from his pal Misaki, he has now also received a Super Sweet award from Remy from One Blue Dog. Lucky, lucky Cocco.

This is a fun award with some questions just for Cocco, who is answering for himself.

1. Cookies or cake? Give it all to me, I’ll take cookies or cake!

2. Chocolate or vanilla? Apparently I can’t have chocolate so I’ll happily settle for vanilla.

3. Favorite sweet treat? That’s a tough one. I think apples though.

4. When do you crave sweet things the most? All day, every day.

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Caramello. Caramella in Italian means candy but since I’m a boy, I’d insist on an “o” at the end. In fact, this was ALMOST my name. It changed at the last minute to Coccolino.

The trickiest part about this award is passing it on and once again hoping the recipient hasn’t already received it!

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Keep it going, friends! This is a fun award to receive. Thanks again, Remy!

~ Katie (and Cocco)

35 thoughts on “Another award from a special friend!

  1. Marg12

    Oh those cupcakes look so yummy. Our Mom would probably eat them all before we got any of them. Congrats on winning those. You sure do deserve them. Take care.

  2. Kirsten

    Congratulations! Are you supposed to avoid giving piggies chocolate, just like dogs? I try to share everything I eat with my dogs, so always feel sad they can’t have my chocolate yummies. Piggies have a reputation for eating everything, but could be just a crazy rumor! 🙂

    1. minipig Post author

      Haha, if it were up to the pig, he would eat everything in sight! Chocolate isn’t good for piggies either so this is one thing I don’t let the kids “accidentally” drop.

    1. minipig Post author

      Blueberry, Cocco couldn’t agree more. I, however, don’t want a sugar high mini piglet running around so he settled for an extra bale of straw with lots of wheat hidden inside 🙂

  3. snoopy@snoopysdogblog

    Oh Cocco,

    This sounds like the perfect award for you buddy!! You are SO sweet to think of me too!! 🙂

    Enjoy your award – I assume you’ll be getting some extra treats as a prize?! 🙂

    Big wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  4. Roo

    What a pretty er I mean handsome 😉 award! You go Cocco! I just luv your bloggy! 😀

    Thank your for thinking of me to pass it on to! You are such a nice pal 🙂

    Waggin at ya,

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