My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

A Pizza PIG-out

Talk about pigging out. The mini pig really pigged out on pizza. Twice.

We first gave Cocco a pizza box a week or so ago.

He had fun with it but I took it up after a while.

This last time, here was the sequence:

He was entertained so we left the pizza box for Cocco to play with before going upstairs to get the kids in bed. This is what was left of the box when we came back down:

Keep in mind Cocco also completely devoured the thin sheet of paper that the pizza was resting on in the cardboard box. We thought he would just scratch off the extra cheese stuck to the paper with his teeth but he ate the entire sheet of paper! Apparently he had no problem digesting it since it never reappeared (thankfully).

Pizza is now one of Cocco’s favorite treats. This cardboard box fun might become a habit each time we get a pizza (minus the paper). Remember that Stefano is from Italy and I lived there for years so pizza is a staple food for us. Cocco gets to reap that benefit 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂

~ Katie and Coccolino the mini pigging out pig

29 thoughts on “A Pizza PIG-out

  1. fernerosef

    I was thinking the same thing as Blueberry’s human, I am surprised he didn’t eat the box!!!!! It is not a lot different then the paper!!!!! Maybe he just wasn’t that hungry!!! LOL

  2. onebluedog

    Cocco gets pizza?!?!? Oh my gosh! He has to be the luckiest pet in the whole universe! I have drooled over pizza. I have dreamed of pizza. I have taken deep, deep breaths of heavenly pizza smell. But I have never gotten even a single solitary morsel of this most wonderful food. But I still have hope…

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