My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

A solo mini pig

Pogo went home. There has been less craziness, less numbness in my legs, less weight to carry and yet a big void to fill. We were all pretty sad about Pogo leaving, with the exception of Stefano who was barely welcome in his own home by Pogo. Lindsay even asked us to keep Pogo a little longer but Stefano was ready for a break from the pig barking at his every move and I can’t blame him.

So Lindsay came and picked him up, snatching him from the warmth of Cocco’s body and cozy bed. Cocco needed a substitute heating source and moved back to the warm vent.

I’ll back up and fill in how Pogo Week ended.

The pigs enjoyed several hours’ worth of grass grazing on a rare warm December afternoon. After a long and tiring day of nonstop jaw movement (consuming grass along with teeth grinding), the pigs were ready for cuddle time.

They formed a tunnel on my legs under the blanket. They kept me so warm and comfortable that I almost fell asleep.

So, Pogo, we thank you for your warmth and your companionship. We will miss you. Cocco will somehow have to manage with only me, Stefano, the kiddies and kitties.

Thanks for reading 🙂

~ Katie and Coccolino the solo mini pig

25 thoughts on “A solo mini pig

  1. Liz Hover

    OMG! So totally adorable. Sadie does that tunnel/blanket thing but two little mini piggies? That must be wonderful. Have you ever thought about getting Cocco a piggie pal?

    1. minipig Post author

      It’s hilarious watching them do that. We did think of having two but we were disinclined in the beginning since we were afraid they might only bond to each other and not to us. Now, it would be really hard adding a pig since it is SO much work and with my young kids and Cocco I barely have time to eat!

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