My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

Chew like a pig, bark like a dog, sniff like a cat and Super Snout to the rescue

Lots of animal sounds over here these past few days.

First, want to help Cocco win a naughty contest? Vote for him at One Spoiled Cat! He sure is naughty so I think he has a good shot but others in the contest are looking pretty naughty too so they are also very worthy of a win.

Back to the animal sounds. You know that saying chew like a pig? My sister used to accuse me of this at the dinner table growing up even though I always chewed with my mouth closed. I have nothing on these guys, Lindsay.

Do you remember when I told you Cocco used to bark in the beginning? Well, now I know why! He was scared. Just like Pogo is whenever Stefano gets anywhere near him. Poor Stefano. He thought we were getting a playful piggy and instead these pigs bark and squeal at him and have really only one thing on their mind (I will assume all of you know what).

Pig bark:

Squealing away from Stefano:

Lacci, our cat, is still not sure what to make of a pig nearly his size (Lacci weighs 22 pounds) waddling around his turf.

Now that Pogo week is nearing its end, Lacci even sleeps next to the pigs. I have a feeling he may even miss Pogo when he leaves.

In closing, we’d like to thank Super Nut for choosing Coccolino, aka Super Snout, to help save the world.

Check out Hutch a Good Life and their world saving missions. Thanks Super Nut!

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

~ Katie, Coccolino the mini pig also called Super Snout and Pogo the big mini pig

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