My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

Observations of living with one tiny mini pig and one bigger mini pig

After a few days of living with two mini pigs, here are some observations:

Pogo makes very low grunting, almost whining, sounds. Cocco does not do this.

Cocco gives piggy kisses to me only. Pogo only gives piggy kisses to his doggy friend at my sister’s house.

Pogo eats markers. Seriously. He chewed and swallowed a mini kid marker and the top and had no problems digesting it apparently. He also chews magnetic doll shoes.

Pogo sucks/nibbles on the wood floor. There is a snout-sized line of drool on the floor after he is through. Cocco gently sucks/nibbles on my hand, never the floor.

Both chomp and grind their teeth almost constantly. My sister has major issues with this sound.

Pogo foams at the mouth much more than Cocco. His mouth is also twice as big so that’s a lot of foam.

Both are fearful of men.

Cocco roots almost constantly before settling down, whether onto me or a blanket. Pogo rarely roots.

Cocco is very affectionate and wants to cuddle with me all the time. Pogo is more tentative about jumping in my lap. He will just wait until I grab him. They love to cuddle in my lap together though and Pogo will happily cuddle with Cocco (not as happily as Cocco will cuddle with Pogo, though).

After about five minutes of them lying on my lap, my legs go numb.

Pogo is bigger and more efficient at stealing snacks. He jumped right into my pantry, grabbed a bag of quinoa, ripped it open and spilled the little pellets everywhere. In about two seconds. They were almost gone by the time I grabbed the broom.

Pogo is much better at potty training than Cocco. He doesn’t dawdle outside like Cocco, just waiting to come in. If he has to go, he goes right away and then stands up and waits to be picked up.

Pogo weighs 16 pounds. Cocco weighs 9. They are supposed to be between 18-25 pounds when full grown. They aren’t full grown until they are three years old. Ha! I guess that’s why some people say mini pigs don’t exist (a totally different and lengthy topic).

One last observation? Having two mini pigs is a TON of work!

In the meantime, though, here I am with my pile of pigs:

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    1. minipig Post author

      Definitely not a good idea for most people. I love having Cocco but would never recommend anyone getting a pet pig unless you have lots of time (more than I have!), patience and perseverance! One of the reasons I started a blog is so that people interested in getting a pet pig might learn from our experience of how tough it can be. I never found anything like this when we were researching so I’m hoping to help others learn a little before jumping in to getting a pig as a pet.

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