My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

Our kitties’ giveaway package arrived!

Remember when I said we were lucky enough to win a giveaway on the Cat Wisdom 101 blog? It arrived, just in time for the post-Christmas lull. It was chock full of goodies!

giveaway prize

Pizzico was the first to arrive on the scene. He was thinking, “dai, Lacci, vieni qui cosi’ mangiamo!” (Come on, Lacci, come here so we can eat!)

can I have some yet?

Since they are such good boys (unlike you know who), we opened a can of that yummy wet food right away. They got to work.


They licked it all up. I tried to let Mr. Piggy out to join them and boy that was a mistake. How could I have thought he would peacefully share their snack? He ran them off the plate by jumping onto the plate. I managed to wriggle him away but he got a good mouthful of their yummy snack. The cats tentatively returned to their plate while Cocco had to suffer watching them behind the bars of his room. I tossed a celery stick his way, though, so he wasn’t too upset.

Thank you again to the crew at Cat Wisdom 101, a wonderful blog that always provides plenty of information for pet parents.

Also, an update on the whole potty issue. Cocco successfully went potty in his pighouse all day yesterday afternoon after many morning attempts. Phew! Looks like I won that battle, thankfully. I won’t have to trudge through the snow all winter. With a pig, anyway. My kids won’t let me off that easy.

Oh, and to clarify, he actually does have a litter box with puppy pads in his little room and he always uses that when he is closed in his room (such as overnight). He doesn’t however return to his little room to use it if he’s in another room. So, we have been trying to get him to pee outside and then let him roam around for a while. We don’t like to leave him closed off too much and he won’t use his litter box unless he is contained in that room. When I bring him outside, he knows just what to do, so I think it was a matter of training him to go in a new spot.

Good thing pigs are so smart and catch on quickly. He didn’t have one accident yesterday and he found his two dedicated spots in his pighouse for peeing and pooping. I think we finally solved this one!

Thanks for reading 🙂

~ Katie and Coccolino the happily roaming albeit defeated mini pig

19 thoughts on “Our kitties’ giveaway package arrived!

  1. Penelope

    Piggys is smart! Mommy worked on a ranch a zillion years ago and the puiggys all used one corner of their corral! It was funny watching the Mommy pigs training the babies!

  2. Nylabluesmum

    Oh Coccolina your kitty mates are very cute!! I didn’t realize you shared your Human with other 4 leggeds….you all must keep her very busy!!!!
    Well done on the potty training!
    My Nanna had a Chihuahua doggie many years ago who used a litterbox in bad weather….I was amazed that she could get a dog to potty train….
    You are one clever & cute piggie!!!
    Happy New Year to you & Katie & all your family from Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue.

  3. Genevieve Petrillo

    Good work with the pooping and peeing, Cocco! And kudos on a nice try with the cat food. When in doubt – dive in first and ask questions later – that’s what I always say.

    Love and licks,

  4. Ruby

    Happy, Happy kittehs! Great swag! Congrats
    Oh, that is such great news on the potty stuffs! YEA! That’s gonna be TONS easier than the cold snow!


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