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Sunday Spotlight – pig edition (not ours!)

Every once in a while, and more and more lately, other mini pig parents – and prospective mini pig parents – find this blog and contact me to exchange stories, ask questions or just bond over having pet pigs. I am always happy to share my honest experience (there are not only pros to having a pet pig, that’s for sure).

Caitlyn found us and contacted us to submit a picture of her sweet pig Matilda. We were thrilled to hear from them!

Matilda is around ten months old now and weighs about 20 pounds. She’s a smart piggy and knows how to spin, do a figure 8 through Caitlyn’s legs and jump over a raised pole. She is setting that bar high for Cocco who I can barely get to spin!

Thank you Caitlyn and Matilda for finding us and sharing your picture!

Next week starts the holiday editions. You can always submit a picture of your pet to me at We love to get pictures of new (and old) pet friends.

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

~ Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

9 thoughts on “Sunday Spotlight – pig edition (not ours!)

  1. onebluedog

    Aw, Matilda is a very cute little piggie! And I think she has a very good name too.

    Also, maybe spinning just makes Cocco dizzy? Sometimes my mom gets crazy and picks me up and spins around, which is kind of fun, but also makes me feel kind of sick…

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