My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

This and that

Lots of little things to report today.

Many have asked if Coccolino is on Facebook. He is, though his mom isn’t too good about updating it since that means constantly logging out of her personal account to log into his (pretty lazy, right?). Still, he’d love to have friends on there and we promise to be better about it. His name is Coccolino Minipig and his fan page is My mini pet pig.

Remember that the giveaway continues! If you haven’t seen it yet (pretty sure you all have), please check out the giveaway post. We have had many participants and have received a bunch of adorable pictures for the Sunday Spotlight. Thanks for making this so much fun for us!

We received some exciting news late last week that we were winners of a fun giveaway. That makes us even happier to give something back, especially after also winning Sammy’s contest. We can’t take too much credit for this latest giveaway since we were chosen at random but we are still grateful to have won. Make sure you check out the Cat Wisdom 101 blog. It is very informative and entertaining reading. Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

Also, we didn’t know it but another one of our friends has a book on Amazon so we wanted to share. Their blog is My Two Pitties and their book is called Bunny’s Tale.

Between their book, Snoopy’s book and some holiday deals, we think you can get some great shopping done with your Amazon gift card if you are one of the winners.

We are always happy to share our friends’ success stories so please let us know if we are missing out on anything else.

Phew, after all that, Cocco is wiped out.

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

~ Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

40 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Animalcouriers

    Hi Katie – you should be able to switch between Facebook accounts easily. In the top-right of your fb window you’ll see a little down arrow beside Home. Click on the arrow and you’ll see a Use Facebook as: and a list of your associated pages. Hopefully you’ll see My mini pet pig in the list…
    Great to hear of your luck Cocco!

  2. onespoiledcat

    Hi Cocco!! We were glad to hear from your Mom that you liked your prezzie for winning the “Naughty” competition. I’m sure Santa Paws will be visiting your house because other than that one little garbage incident, I’m SURE you’ve been a very good little piggy this year right?

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  3. rachel

    Thanks for mentioning my mom’s book! And I’m so glad we’re facebook friends now:D I leave myself logged in on 2 separate browsers so I don’t have to log in/log off. Now that’s lazy!

  4. Glogirly and Katie

    Hey Coccolino!
    We have a FB page for our blog too… if your mom is an admin for your Page, she doesn’t have to flip back and forth to post on your page. Just have her check her settings…it might be easier than you think!
    : ) Katie

  5. onebluedog

    I didn’t know My Two Pitties had a book! Hmmm…well I guess mom is just going to have to get me their book and Snoopy’s too — good thing I love my bedtime stories πŸ˜€

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