My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

This mini pig’s award ceremony, Part One

Cocco is kind of gloating. He’s seen a lot of his friends getting awards lately and he has done a fairly good job of forcing a smile and snorting his congratulations (much to his Mamma’s nudging). His somewhat reluctant happiness for his friends must have paid off . . . he just got two awards in the past two days! We will cover one of the awards he received in this post. The second award will be in tomorrow’s post.

We were so honored to receive the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Daisy in her post last Friday! Daisy is an adorable Havachon and we love reading about her adventures.


Today’s post is a joint effort so we will do some facts about Cocco and some facts about Katie.

The rules of the Very Inspiring Blogger award go like this:

1] Link back to the person who nominated you

2] Post the award image on your page

3] Tell seven random facts about yourself

4] Nominate fifteen other blogs

Fact 1. Coccolino still squeals his horrific signature squeal every day, even if it’s Katie that’s picking him up. Katie never gets used to the sound. Oops, does that count as two facts?

Fact 2. Katie majored in French and minored in Spanish in college and despite studying abroad on several occasions does not remember much of either language.

Fact 3. Cocco’s new favorite activity when “loose” in the house is to climb all the way to the top of the house (we have several different levels), knocking down each garbage can along the way to look for treats.

Fact 4. Despite not knowing anyone or any of the language, Katie went to Italy by herself shortly after college graduation with the intention of staying for a month and returning to life in Manhattan afterwards.

Fact 5. When Cocco reaches the top level of the house, he has to snort in calling since he does not know how to descend stairs.

Fact 6. Katie met Stefano a week after arriving in Rome and ended up staying there for six years, completing her Master’s Degree in International Relations and returning home to NY several times a year.

Fact 7. Katie rescues Cocco from the top of the house many times each day and is greeted with a barrage of piggy kisses.

We hope you enjoyed our stories and a little glimpse into our lives. The hard part of this award is trying to figure out who hasn’t yet received it yet. We did a quick check but if we mention your name and you already received it unbeknownst to us, we apologize. For those of you that love getting awards but aren’t interested this time around in “playing,” no worries – we love you anyway!

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Thanks again to Daisy! Please go check out her blog and say hi.

~ Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

26 thoughts on “This mini pig’s award ceremony, Part One

    1. mariodacat

      Congratulations friend. It was so nice learning about you and Katie. What an interesting life Katie has had. Has she taught you Italian yet – or do you naturally oink in Italian?

    2. minipig Post author

      Thank you! Yes, pigs need their teeth brushed once or twice a week with a lukewarm washcloth. Cocco doesn’t love it but he doesn’t fight it that much, thankfully!

  1. Whisppy

    Congratulations on your award and thank you for giving it to us! 🙂
    We enjoyed learning 7 new facts about the both of you. That’s so clever of Cocco to call for help to go downstairs once he’s done checking all the garbage bins upstairs!

  2. Mitch and Molly

    Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for passing it onto us, Cocco! We think it’s so funny that you can climb up the stairs but new help coming down.
    We love getting to know you and Katie better!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  3. onespoiledcat

    Congratulations Miss Katie and Cocco!!!! Loved your “facts” about life in your house and Cocco’s adventures knocking down garbage cans as he travels UP but can’t come DOWN without help. HAHAHAHA……he’s so cute. Miss Katie my Mom says she had several years of French in school but remembers VERY little (of course it was a bazillion years ago) – yet whenever she and my Dad travel, somehow (magic?) she remembers enough to get by!!

    Kitty Hugs and Happy Monday, Sammy

  4. Daisy

    Your trip to Italy sounds like a movie – how romantic that you went there for a month-long vacation and ended up meeting the love of your life! I love the descriptions of Cocco’s stair behaviors and his little garbage can routine. He must keep you smiling all day. 😀

  5. Nylabluesmum

    APAWZ APAWZ!!! Congratz to you Coccolina fer da 2 awardz!!! You iz an amazin’ pig n we iz honored (VBP) to know you!!!
    Lub n ~~head rubz~~ frum Nylablue & *scratches* frum me Mum!!!

  6. Pawsitively Humane

    Oh my gosh–we absolutely love pigs and especially Coccolino. As a marketer, LOVE LOVE LOVE the name.
    My sister wants a micro pig so much but with a very large dog and two cats, she has almost no time to even walk the dog. Pets are a responsibility and require time, attention and care like any other child.

    We love your site and will be following!

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