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Big day ahead

It’s the Girl’s fourth birthday tomorrow and I’m so excited to eat the cake crumbs that will no doubt fall to my level.

The Girl had her party last weekend and apparently had a blast but they denied me the chance to scour for crumbs by having the cake at the party place. Tomorrow is my big chance.

birthday cake

(No, Mamma didn’t make this. She only wishes she could!).

Also, please excuse me and Mamma for not visiting blogs over the weekend. We love to keep up with our friends but the family is putting a ban on computer use over the weekend from now on. Something about Mamma being on the computer too much as it is and me taking too much of her lap time. Hmph. (I’ll add here that she will still be reading blogs over the weekends on her phone but she isn’t too good at leaving comments on her phone! And Sunday Spotlight will go on . . . pre-scheduled!).

I hope you’ll think of me this weekend eating cake with hazelnut frosting and raspberry filling and cupcakes with sugar hearts . . . there I go with the frothy mouth again!

Have a great weekend, friends.

~ Coccolino the foaming mini pig

27 thoughts on “Big day ahead

  1. The Kitties of Purring Pines

    We hope The Girl has a great birthday & you get lots of crumbs! Have a great weekend! We understand about too much computer time …

  2. onespoiledcat

    Oh Cocco what fun! You’re certainly the cutest little “crumb Hoover” we know….and I’m sure the floor will be super clean with you patroling the party area!! Happy Birthday to The Girl too – that cake sounds YUM!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  3. Bacon

    Mmm cake. That sounds delicious. I love cake. I don’t get it very often either. I’m so sorry to hear about your computer time on the weekends 🙁 I do a lot of my posting at night after the humans go to sleep.
    Tell the little girl human Happy Birthday from Bacon. May her day be full of joy and the next year be full of love. XOXO – BACON

    1. minipig Post author

      Bacon, Mamma is like you. She does the posting when everyone is occupied with something or the little people are asleep. It’s visiting all of Mamma’s friends’s blogs on the weekends that has been taking time away from family activities 🙁 She will still read the blogs because she can on her phone, but commenting on the phone is too tricky for her!

  4. we three doxies

    Oooooooh how excitin’ fur your Girl to has ANUDDER party WITH CAKE!!!! Dat is one heck of a beautiful cake…fit fur a princess. I hopes yu all has a wonderful weekend celebratin’ again…and I hopes you gets some crumbs to devour.


  5. Long Life Cats and Dogs

    Happy Birthday to your Girl and I sincerely hope you get lots of cake crumbs. If not, just figure out a way to climb and and take a whole cake! I fully understand the weekend bit. Shouldn’t be too long before I get banned from it.

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