My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

HowlOWeen week is full of treats!

This has been a busy HowlOWeen week and I’ve had my share of treats!

Also, as you can see, I’ve been forced by Mamma to be a pig for Halloween. Like I said before, that’s just not funny. I AM a pig. But my alter ego pink pig has helped me get more treats from Mamma who felt a tiny bit bad about tricking me into my costume.

Cocco's alter ego

The best part of all? Sharing it with my girlfriends, the Crabby Girls. They agreed to be my dates to the ball and I couldn’t be happier to have a chance to spend more time with them. They are such lovely and attentive dates, what more could a mini pig want?

To make me feel better about having been manipulated into being a pig for Halloween, my girls decided to dress like crabs for Halloween! What a kind gesture.

Cocco Crabby Girls

We hit the dance floor and I managed to escape to grab a bite to eat so that I could prevent another sneak snack attack on their food. I got back to dancing and we had a lovely time. They told me all about their new crabitat and I told them what it’s like to crunch down on an acorn. I even got in a little kiss again for all of them and this time they didn’t turn quite as rosy.


Thank you girls for being my date. This has been a super week and I can’t wait for another time to take the three of you out.

Make sure all of you check in with the activities going on (copied and pasted below from my girls’ page):

Bloghop: Sugar
Costume Contest: Mollie and Alfie, Prizes from Frankie
Hayride: AngelPip and Rosie
Foodables: Sasha
Bobbing for Snacks: Momma Tea
Bon Fire: Casey
Haunted Houses: Wyatt and Easy
Ghost Stories: Madi
Pumpkin Patch: Ranger
Dance/Ball: Mollie and Misaki
DJ Music: Sweet William, aka Rockin’ Wills
Pumpkin Gut Slide: Idaho Pug Ranch

Also make sure you visit Sammy to see who won the contest!

I am off to sneak some trick or treating candy before the trick or treaters arrive. Mamma thinks she has me and the kids fooled about where she hid the candy. She might realize she was wrong by the time she prepares tonight 😉

Happy Oink-O-Ween!


~ Coccolino the mini pig

33 thoughts on “HowlOWeen week is full of treats!

  1. Sammy

    Cocco you are definitely the CUTEST double-headed piggy I’ve EVER EVER EVER seen! I hope you and the Crabby Girls had a fab time at the Halloween Ball… certainly can do some moves in that costume……Thanks too for entering my costume contest – this is the BESTEST Halloween EVER!

    Spooky Hugs, Sammy

  2. Bacon Thompson

    Puts my piggy head down and squeals with delight and laughter. That is so funny. A pink pig, huh? I wonder if it’s like the saying blondes have more fun – do pink pigs have more fun – snorts. Great costume my pal. Mom says I get my little pumpkin tonight. I so can not wait – I am going to tear that thing UP – PLOL (pig laughing out loud). Have a great and safe Pigaoween my friend! XOXO – Bacon

  3. Frankie and Ernie

    Cocolino you should be counting your BLESSINGS…. your mom only made you into a PINK PIG… and NOT one of those When PIGS FLY deals… THAT would have been BAD. WE actually think that the FOUR of you look PERFECT. See you at the BALL

  4. Millie

    Coco you are so cute in your pink pig costume. I’ll see you at the ball. I’m going with Sarge. He must have dropped off the crabby girls at your place before heading over to my house.

  5. Sarge

    Oh, Coccolino Darling, you look absolutely marvelous! We think you are adorable in your costume and we’re having a wonderful time with you today. Even in costume you’re a dashing fellow on the dance floor and we think we would all four enjoy some extra punch and snackers. This is such great fun, dear!
    Ciao and Little Pinches,
    Beachnut Oceana Shelldon

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