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NaNoWriMo: The story of Petey

Our new friends at Rocco’s House asked us if we wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo which stands for National Novel Writing Month. We were very excited to join in – and take a break from potty pressure!

For (almost) each day this month, someone contributes to the story of a dog named Petey who is on a quest to find his injured parent. We are getting to the end of the story but you can read back on all of the chapters if you click the links listed on Rocco’s page here. The chapter just prior to ours was from Ku. See here.

To quickly sum up where we are at this point, Petey’s dad and Beast’s mom have fallen into a ravine. Petey and Beast encounter some coyotes and other obstacles while on a mission to save their parents but manage to avoid serious trouble. Luckily, they were able to enlist the help of a psychic lady and the three of them have just made their way back to the ravine where their parents are waiting for help.

Our last hope of the lady finding a cell phone battery in her Mary Poppins bag vanished when her bare hands emerged from that magical carryall. Surely there must be something in there that could help us.

Not usually too aggressive, I was starting to lose my patience and was worried about my owner down there in the cold ravine. I snatched the bag right out of the lady’s hands and spilled the contents on the ground. Beast, taken aback at first by my bold initiative, quickly snapped out of his stupor and joined me to nose around the huge pile on the ground. We had to take this matter into our own paws now.

As much as we wanted to save our owners, we are dogs after all and our noses led us straight to the treats. We really couldn’t resist and we needed a quick pick me up. After we gobbled them all down, plus a stale peanut butter cracker we found crumbled at the bottom, we got down to business.

Nope, there was no battery lurking around in there. No spare cell phone, radio or flares either. No way to contact help outside this dark and gloomy forest. Our hopes of finding a solution, though, along with another stale cracker, kept us going.

There it was! No, sadly not the cracker. But there was a set of jumper cables! Being resourceful dogs we brainstormed on how we could use the cables. Beast took one end in his mouth and I took the other in mine and we stretched them out.

The lady caught on and helped us link the cables together to form a long rope. Then we worked the rope around a nearby tree for support and threw the rope down to where our owners were anxiously waiting. We started to jump around and bark in excitement, relieved to have found a way to finally rescue them.

Our elation was premature. Our hard work and determination for nothing.

The rope was too short to reach them.

Just as we were about to howl with despair, we saw two very distant lights coming from farther back in the forest. Could it be help?

* * *

More to come soon from the next contributor. There are a few more days left so if any author wants to contribute, get in touch with Rocco’s House. Thank you again for letting us participate!

Come back tomorrow for more mini pig potty talk. No pictures this time, promise.

~ Katie and Coccolino the mini pig channeling dog Petey

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