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A new award!

My good friend Nerissa is very special. Her amazing blog made it to 75,000 hits so she decided to make up an award to honor her readers – and she shared it with me! I am so grateful, thanks Nissy!

The award is called Friends and Followers Award and the instructions are easy enough for even me to follow (phew, thanks again Nerissa).

First I need to post the award on my blog.


Secondly, I need to thank the blogger who gave it to me and make sure I am following them in one way or another (email, reader, feed, bookmark, etc). Thanks again, Nerissa (watch out, I may thank you four times in this post!).

Then I need to pass along the FRIENDS AND FOLLOWERS award to readers that I know already follow me. Nerissa suggested going back through my comments and picking out a few readers that way.

And last I need to let those readers know that I have passed the award on to them. So that’s what I am doing now!

I pass this very special award on to:

Bacon (I pass everything on to him in hopes that he shares his piggy wisdom – and treats – with me!)

My Crabby Girls and Sarge

Lassie and Benji



I won’t pick as many as I want so that others can share with them but I love ALL of you, my readers. I truly truly do, just like Nissy does. So, thank you to my readers and thank you again Nerissa!!

~ Coccolino the grateful mini pig

22 thoughts on “A new award!

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  2. Sarge

    Hello, Coccolino, Darling. Your blog is so very spectacular that your award is perfectly deserved. Congrats on the recognition. Thank you so very much for passing this on to us and we are all agog! This is an award we have not seen before so we are clacking our claws and celebrating with you.
    Ciao and Little Pinches,
    Beachnut, Oceana, Shelldon

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