My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

Intruders all around!

Before I get to our home intruders, Mamma asked me to thank all of you who commented yesterday on the whole cat situation. She got some excellent and much appreciated advice as well as some needed well wishes.

The cats made peace during the day after a scuffle on the bed and tolerated each other with a little distance in between.


Now, onto this unwelcome intrusion. I’m pretty happy being the pet interest around here. So I find it very distasteful to have my family’s attention diverted elsewhere.


This sneaky squirrel taught all his pals how to jump up on the bird house and then leap to the bird window feeder. Only shells remained and then Mamma had to refill the feeder and move it away.

Not before they got their share, though.


I sure wish my tree rat chasing friends (Molly for one!) were here to catch these guys. Even the cats forgot about their fight while watching these thieves go at the food.

Then there were more deer (the same family as usual, so it seems).


A monstrously huge woodpecker.

giant woodpecker

And then, aside from all the birds darting in and out and the deer popping through, who came by but Mr. Fox.

Mr. Fox

He REALLY captured everyone’s attention and even my squeals couldn’t take their eyes away.


Apparently there is a family of three foxes that lives in the woods behind our house. We are all fine with that as long as the cats and I stay tucked up safe inside. However, if they are going to add to the list of show stealers, I am NOT okay with their presence.

Stay away, intruders, this is my house and I dictate the visitors and the volume in this house.

You won’t get in, not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.

~ Coccolino the Great, mini pig extraordinaire

25 thoughts on “Intruders all around!

  1. Bouncing Bertie

    Oh Cocco, that is a really serious intrusion. Well as you know, dealing with foxes is my speciality. Just send me the plane ticket and I’ll be right over…
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (grrrrrrh).

  2. Molly The Wally

    OMD I so want that squirrel. Let me at him. I chased a fox once and peeps was out of her mind with worry. You sure have a lot of intruders. Keep an eye out on those pesky tree rats. Before you know it they will be moving in. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Sammy

    Well Cocco my friend, at least you all have lots of great “Yard TV” to enjoy with all those critters out there! The fox is beautiful….good thing your cats are INDOORS though….and Mr. Tree Rat is enjoying that seed – we have the same problem here with HERDS of tree rats! My Mom likes to watch them and I have to admit, they ARE entertaining! But never fear – YOU are the center of attention at your house and always will be Cocco!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  4. Miss Kitty

    Wow! You see more critters than we do at our house. There are squirrel deer and stray dogs that stop by our backyard daily. Mum says just as long as they stay outside and we are not to invite them in…AS IF!!!
    Miss Kitty & Sisters

  5. Sherri-Ellen T-D

    Me haz to reed about da scuffle..soundz like it waz quite a dust up dere!!!
    As fer da introoderz Coccolina WOW dere shure are ALOT of critterz where ya livez!!
    Mr. Renard Fox iz so floofy n handsum…but da katz shuud bee carefull ’cause foexez can bee tricky…
    Da squirrel piccie iz so funny…maybee ya cuud sell da squireel wif da birdhouse????
    Oh Coccoline ya haz purrty deer…
    We not see much of any wilf critterz here..altho last nite me saw a HUGE bunneh hoppin thru da snow!! Mum missed it butt she saw da bunneh trackz so she new da bunneh waz here πŸ˜‰
    Hope eberyfing iz back to normal dere.
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxo

  6. Penelope

    Cocco! Yous has as much wild life as wes has! But wes don’t has too many squirrels hanging around in our yard because of Kozmo ! Oh! And we has a Eagle in the tree in the backyard right now! He has been leaving thecats alone – he is hunting Quail!

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