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ASPCA Rachael Ray 100K Challenge and Gift Pack Pet Giveaway

We were recently contacted by ASPCA to share some exciting news about their annual ASPCA Rachael Ray 100K Challenge. This challenge involves animal shelters around the country competing to see who can save the most lives.

We are all for that kind of competition, especially considering our new family member, so of course we agreed to share the news with our readers.


This year concluded the fifth and final year of the competition. Since 2010, hundreds of contestants have dedicated themselves to this three month contest to increase their adoption numbers over the same period the previous year.

The goal for 2014 was for each competing shelter to save more dogs, cats, puppies and kittens during the months of June, July and August than they did during the same three months in 2013. The shelters are not only competing against each other for this wonderful effort but against their very own records from previous years.

Some impressive statistics:

~ In this final year of the challenge, the competing shelters saved more than 68,000 lives in just three months.

~ The number in this year alone is more than twice the increases when we started in 2010.

~ In five years total, challengers saved over a QUARTER OF A MILLION lives – an increase of nearly 60,000 cats and dogs – with dozens of animal shelters increasing their adoptions by 100% or more compared to previous years.

The winners get some very impressive prizes including $600,000 in prize grants. Now that the competition has drawn to a close, winners were announced and they should be very proud of their efforts. See the winner list here.


ASPCA beanies in PDQ Photo 6-2-14

The ASPCA is allowing us to hold a GIVEAWAY for one very lucky reader (so sorry that this is restricted to US only!). The prize includes some pretty great things, including:

~ Commonwealth Plush Pet
~ Rachael Ray Insulated Tote
~ ASPCA Travel Mug
~ Subaru Pop-Up Water Bowl
~ Walker’s Shortbread Chocolate Scottie Dogs
~ ASPCA PawPrint Bandana
~ ASPCA Pet Flying Disc
~ ASPCA Magnet
~ ASPCA Fleece Blanket (no link at present)
~ Cat Ear Beanie (no link at present)

Please enter the Rafflecopter to win this amazing gift pack from ASPCA and Rachael Ray! The giveaway starts today and ends next Monday, October 20th. It is restricted to US residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For additional photos and videos and to learn more about the challenge, please visit here.

Some very cute pig/dog progress coming up!

~ Katie

We were in no way compensated for this post. We believe in the effort of this challenge and will only share news and announcements that we believe the readers of My Mini Pet Pig will enjoy learning about.

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  1. easyweimaraner

    I’m so glad that they saved so much lifes. Congrats to all winners and to all shelters who joned the challenge, every life is worth any effort. And many thanks to you for this post,

  2. Amy Orvin

    I love the ASPCA and everything they do. Everyday, I hope and pray that shelter animals will find wonderful homes. They all deserve a great life!!!!

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