My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

Differences between a mini pig and puppy as a pet

Having a puppy is a lot of work! (Insert the obvious “duh” here). Little Miss Pixie is keeping me so busy.


I was so fortunate to have the upbringing I had. There was never anything I truly wanted for. Except a puppy.


That said, I should explain. I grew up with dogs. Small dogs like a toy poodle, Petey, who lived alongside me for the first 18 years of my life, and Bristol, a maltese who was with my family from when I was nine until I was 22.

Petey was the family dog that became “my” dog and always slept with me and Bristol was brought into our home for my sister on her birthday. Bristol soon became “my” dog too. He was really only attached to me and needless to say we were very close.

I always have loyalty in what came first so I wouldn’t really give Bristol a chance for the first few months, even at nine years old, because I felt so bad that Petey wasn’t getting as much attention anymore. Finally I softened and I remember the exact moment I did. I was outside with a friend of mine from school and Bristol wanted to go back in and he just looked at me with his puppy eyes. He needed me. It’s that need, that dependency, that is hard to refuse. And from that day on, he wanted only me. Even though Petey and Bristol were closest to me out of anyone, I never gave up wanting a puppy of my own to raise.

I never had a cat until I moved to Rome. I had a bunch of others pets along the way but never a mini pig and never a puppy when I was old enough to understand what having a puppy actually entailed.

And now, finally, at 34 years old, I have my puppy. I also have two little kids, a cat, a mini pig and a husband that loves to say “when you grow up, you become old” (so therefore another big kid). I have my hands full. Sometimes it’s a little much but I finally, FINALLY, feel almost complete (there is something out there waiting to fill that void. . . another pet?).



I thought it would be fun to list some of the differences I’ve noticed between having a mini pig and dog as a pet. These are just touching the surface and I’m sure there are many others I could think of. If you have a pig and a dog, please contribute!

Differences between a mini pig and a puppy/dog (of course every pet is different; this comparison is considering Coccolino as a mini pig and Pixie as a puppy):

~ A mini pig is stiff and solid, like one big chunk. A puppy is flopsy and flexible.

~ A mini pig has hair that is coarse and itchy. A puppy’s fur is super soft and cuddly.

~ A mini pig will fall asleep the second his snout touches any part of my body. A puppy needs to find the right spot.

~ A mini pig wants to cuddle or eat all day long. A puppy wants to play – A LOT.

~ A mini pig kisses with an airy vocal “ahah.” A puppy kisses with that long slobbery and irresistible tongue.

~ Mini pigs only let those they have bonded with do “privileged” things like picking them up (and not all allow this at any point). A puppy is open to engage with just about anything that moves.

~ Mini pigs might have potty accidents for a long time, even after they are potty trained. Puppies become dogs that really are potty trained.

~ Mini pigs are considered perpetual toddlers. A puppy eventually outgrows the puppy toddler phase (right? please?).

~ Mini pigs are stubborn. Puppies want to please.

~ Mini pigs demonstrate their love in a very focused way, to those that have proven their loyalty. Puppies can make anyone feel loved.

~ Mini pigs have a soulful wisdom. Puppies are a little more lighthearted.


Similarities between a mini pig and a puppy:

~ Mini pigs and puppies are determined.

~ Mini pigs and puppies do anything for food.

~ Mini pigs and puppies both use their snout/nose to lead them on their quest to find that undetectable scent.

~ Mini pigs and puppies learn quickly.

~ Mini pigs and puppies teethe but a mini pig grinds his/her teeth and a puppy just chews on the closest thing (my shoe, my daughter’s shoe, the wall…).

~ Mini pigs and puppies both make barking sounds.

Remember this video? I haven’t had a chance to capture another one of Coccolino’s puppy-like barking episodes but ever since Pixie came into the picture he has started to do it more (he never did it often so I was glad to record it).

That video brings back such laughter. I couldn’t believe our mini pig was barking like a dog and now I get two barks in the house.

Like I said, it goes without saying that every pet, mini pig puppy, cat, etc., is different and has a different personality. This comparison has been based on my experience with Coccolino and Pixie.

I did not intend for this post to be so long. I feel so crunched for time lately with all my “kids” and my business that I am so grateful to have. I just wanted to share some of this background and pig/puppy considerations with you all.

Having a puppy is such a big deal to me. I have waited my whole life to have one. Just like when a second baby comes along, it’s so hard to just stop. Just stop and soak it up and forget everything else. Because there is already another baby to take care of, too.

With Pixie, I already have all these other beings in my life and sometimes I tell myself to stop. Just stop and soak it up. Pixie is a puppy only once. Coccolino was a piglet only once. I am just trying to stop and soak it up.


Thanks everyone for reading.

~ Katie

23 thoughts on “Differences between a mini pig and puppy as a pet

  1. Bouncing Bertie

    Really interesting post. You could say that the ‘differences’ show that dogs have more ‘pet-like’ traits and thus were more readily domesticated.
    Cheers, Gail (who had to wait half a century for her first puppy – and it was quite a shock!)

  2. Cupcake

    Great insights about puppies and mini pigs. About that toddler growing up thing….. Don’t count on it. I turned 8 a few weeks ago and Mom is still waiting.

    Love and licks,

  3. Pam

    Oh what a SWEET post…….I think the thing about pets of any kind is that we do love being needed and appreciated and we definitely get that from our pets (and kids…..most of the time!). Puppies and pigs certainly have their differences and similarities but one thing that’s definitely “universal”…….being depended upon is something many of us really enjoy. It’s the “Mom” in us….sometimes it’s our husband or family that depend on us and sometimes it’s our pets. They give us so much in return! I loved that post of Cocco flying around the living room barking when you first showed it and it still absolutely cracks me up – what a FUN time he had – all that energy…..and the bark is amazing.

    Hugs, Pam

  4. Bacon Thompson

    Snorts! We know only too well the issues and the highlights that you are going through in your household. Not only is there me but we also have two cats and a puppy – Houdini – along with daddy who acts five. Mom has her hands FULL of all of us. And mommy agrees 100% with what you said – we are only young once – enjoy those moments to cherish. She said this and then Houdini attacked her heels – piggy laughing out loud. Take care my friend! XOXO – Bacon

  5. easyweimaraner

    thanks for a wonderful post! it was interesting to read about your experiences with mini pigs and pups. and for the video: I wish Cocco would have his own tv channel, it would watch Cocco-Tv 24/24 that’s for sure :o)

  6. lynn delage

    I envy you your energy. I couldn’t have kept up with your bunch at your age and no way can I do it now. I also envy you a husband who is willing to be part of such s menagerie. You have a wonderful and blessed life. Good bless you all, Pixie and Coco included.

  7. speedyrabbit

    Love this Post Katie,I so wish to have another pet in our house,but right now I can’t and this has brought a big smile to my face as it reminded me of when I had my first bunny Caramel,back then I had 2 cats and an English Springer Spaniel and Boots the Spaniel never outgrew being a puppy he always wanted to play right to the day he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge,xx Rachel

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