My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

Mini Pig as PetBox Brand Ambassador!

Last month, Coccolino was lucky enough to have been asked to review a PetBox. A mini pig and a PetBox!

After our review, we were extremely proud and excited to announce that Coccolino had been asked to become a PetBox Brand Ambassador! This is our first time reviewing the PetBox as a Brand Ambassador (though I’m afraid Cocco’s guilty pleasure might be the same each month…). This means this little piggy will get his own PetBox full of fun treats and toys – and helpful accessories for me – every single month!


To us, having our mini pig represent PetBox symbolizes not only that pigs can enjoy all the goodies of a PetBox but also that pigs are being more recognized as mainstream pets, albeit less common. This is a huge recognition and a big win for pet pigs. We are grateful to have a partnership with such a pet loving company that takes pride in the products they offer.

So, onto the PetBox! We were able to pack our own PetBox this month and although there are endless items that a puppy and a dog might enjoy that are available in a PetBox, we chose items that specifically considered Coccolino’s interests and needs. Can you guess what they mostly revolve around? Yes. FOOD.


All of the items we selected were a hit. Some of the links may differ slightly from what we received since PetBox is always updating their inventory, which makes choosing items each month more exciting. Also, some of the items chosen are currently out of stock so no link is available at present.

Treat Ball

This puzzle ball is marketed towards dogs however I think it should be put into a pig category 🙂 It is designed to allow for both treats or soft spreads like peanut butter to be put inside. The stimulation of this product is helpful because it takes care of a pet being bored.


Some features:

~ Holds treats inside
~ Used as a puzzle toy
~ Great for extra mental stimulation
~ Comes in assorted colors
~ Good for all sized pets


The Essential Rubber Ball

Pigs don’t play. That’s what I hear all the time and that is 95% true when it comes to Cocco. That doesn’t make us stop trying, though. Ever since Pixie came along, Cocco’s playful side has been making a pleasant and more frequent appearance.

This fun ball gets Pixie running all over and her energy rubs off on Cocco. Although he doesn’t play with the ball, he starts to do zoomies and his “pig bark” while Pixie goes nuts with the ball that bounces in all directions.


Some features:

~ Made of thick, non-toxic rubber
~ Shaped as a miniature Alcott
~ The ball bounces and rolls unpredictably, which is fun and exciting for both you and your pet




Chicken and Cranberry Smooches

The name of this is hard to resist! The taste? Well, let’s just say it was the reason behind Cocco tearing apart the box to gobble up those smooches (you can see his bite mark on the box below).

Honest Kitchen Smooches are all natural dog – and pig – treats that are made with free-range chicken and cranberries. They are crafted into little hearts which appeal to me though of course Cocco could care less as long as he got to eat them. I don’t allow Cocco to eat much in terms of meat but this is an all natural treat that I am comfortable giving him.

Some features:
~ Each Smooch contains under three calories
~ Wheat Free
~ Popular with fussy pups (and non-fussy pigs)
~ Made with human-grade ingredients
~ Made in the USA


Urine Off


No matter how potty trained Cocco is, I can never fully trust him unless I have seen him empty his bladder. For the first couple of weeks after Pixie came home, Coccolino was loving the chance to pee wherever he wanted since I was too busy to watch him pee outside (I need to stand there or else he tricks me and goes out his door and waits and then comes back in just to pee inside).

So this product has come in very handy, more so for Cocco than for Pixie, surprisingly. We are getting back on track now that I have a better routine figured out but the Urine Off has really been a lifesaver while we were getting there.

Some features:
~ Destroys fresh and old urine stains (this really does work on old stains to my great relief)
~ Can be used on all hard and soft surfaces
~ Safe around people and pets
~ Easy spray on that is a convenient travel size
~ Ideal for cleaning cages, carriers, toys, and more
~ Easy to use refillable bottle



This item was my personal favorite and definitely one of Coccolino’s favorites. It is marketed towards cats but again I think this would be excellent for any pet that enjoys some stimulation.

The treat dispensing toy can be filled with just a few treats or a pet’s entire meal (depending on the size of the dry food, of course). There are dispensing holes that you can customize by turning the top to determine how easily you want your pet to get to the food. We tried it on all levels with Cocco and the level with the smallest opening really made him work and took a while, which is what I wanted. He was determined!

Some features:
~ Encourage playtime for your pet
~ Used for treats or whole meals
~ Helps with weight loss
~ Adjustable openings to increase or decrease the challenge of the toy
~ Dishwasher safe


For a pig, lasting entertainment is often one of the main considerations I hear about from pig parents. I would highly recommend one of these items that requires the pet to try to figure out how to get the food they want. I have used one or both of these each day since we received the PetBox.

All in all, the PetBox was a hit, also because I was able to select what to pack in the box. This is a benefit that PetBox subscribers get and it works well for pickier pets and those with a clear idea of what they want to get out of a PetBox. Subscriptions start at $9.95/month with free shipping in the US.

Check out PetBox and all their products PLUS get a 10% discount on a subscription by using code MINIPIG – definitely a fun treat for every pet, including pigs!


~ Katie and Coccolino, PetBox Brand Ambassador Piggy

I received the PetBox at no charge to me in exchange for an honest and fair review. I will only accept and review items that I believe are relevant to this blog and our lifestyle, and most importantly, the readers of this blog.

23 thoughts on “Mini Pig as PetBox Brand Ambassador!

  1. Pam

    Congratulations on becoming a spokespig Cocco for PetBox! Obviously you like the goodies that are sent to you – that’s fabulous and FUN to have a surprise like that arrive on your doorstep.

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. Marg

    Nice going Cocco. All that looks like great fun and very tasty. Glad to hear you are running around with the puppy. Bet you two have fun. Have a great Monday.

  3. Sherri-Ellen T-D.

    Bery bery kewl PETBOX dere Coccolina n Trixie n Miss Katie…me lubz da treet ball n Mum sayz she will look fer Urine Off here…me overshootz da litterbox so she usez Vinegar…so da place smellz like fish n chipz, rofwl….
    Conkatz Coccolina 🙂
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum x0x0x0x0

  4. Ann Staub

    Grats Cocco! I think it’s awesome they choose a spokespiggy! I guess I didn’t know that pigs don’t really play… but it looks like you picked out some good toys. Even if they don’t play, it seems like they might have a strong drive to forage for food? Those toys look pretty good for that!

  5. Rachel

    Hello, I am new to this site and was hoping I could get some insight on my pig.

    Her name is sweet pea and she is 6 weeks old, I just brought her home yesterday and for the majority of her time her so far she has been in a laundry type room with her bed, blankets, litter box, food and water bowl. The only thing she does is walk around and grunt the whole time, she hasn’t really ate anything, she wouldn’t eat her food or any of the treats I’ve tried to give her. She has started jumping in my lap and laying down when I go sit in the floor with her but other then that she runs from me if I get close and just grunts. Is this normal since she is new? And will she get better and stop grunting so much? I just wanna mAke sure everything is okay and that this is normal.

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