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Pet Psychic Column – helping a dog recover from a very bad shooting experience!

It is time for our Pet Psychic Column this month, a little anticipated due to the Thanksgiving holiday. For our November shelter pet, we are sharing the story of a dog named Douglas (Dougie) who suffered an unspeakable cruelty. Please know there are some disturbing photos below that show Dougie immediately after the incident.



Nancy, an experienced pet psychic, is helping us this month as usual to spread the news about Dougie in hopes of finding him a forever home. Nancy’s help allows us to reach more potential pet parents and we are grateful to bring exposure to the shelters and rescues doing such important work.

Some quick thoughts on Dougie:

* Dougie was was shot with a broad head arrow through the neck

* Dougie’s case is a criminal case and the authorities are trying to track down the shooter

* Dougie is currently being loved and cared for by a temporary foster parent

Nancy’s Reading

Please note that all details provided in this post come directly from Nancy.

Dougie’s Past

In no way did this poor puggle deserve what happened to him. He did not come into this world being afraid or not trusting others.

Nancy feels there was a group of men around Dougie when he was born. He was not the only dog who was treated with this kind of abuse; Nancy believes there were others and there possibly still are others right now. Nancy has a vision of some of his sisters and brothers killed and treated with abuse too.


Reading the Signs

Dougie is going to need a loving home with someone who has the patience to work with him to trust again. Nancy sees a wounded, scared and sad animal in Dougie.

Summing UP

Nancy does not feel he would be good with young children as their quick movements would scare him. She thinks a loving mother figure is just what he needs to learn to love and trust again.

Dougie may be afraid of males in light of his past. In time, Nancy thinks he could learn to trust a male figure again but a female would be best to start.

He is a sweet dog inside that is full of love and he wants to let it out. Nancy is convinced that with a little care shown to him that he will be able to express himself lovingly as he has always wanted to.

* * *

Contact Information

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Sweetest Dog Rescue:


Please contact Sweetest Dog Rescue with any questions about Dougie.

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There is nothing better than connecting a family with a loving pet in need of a good home. The goal of this monthly column is to help foster this connection and also highlight the tireless effort of those at the shelters/rescues we share.

Thank you so much to Psychic Source for allowing this monthly column to exist and to all you readers that truly understand how important it is for a pet to be in a loving home.

~ Katie

This post is sponsored by Psychic Source. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Psychic Source and their services, but My Mini Pet Pig only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.

14 thoughts on “Pet Psychic Column – helping a dog recover from a very bad shooting experience!

  1. easy rider

    I hope they find the shooter… that’s so mean and terrible. I cross my paws for Dougie and I hope he will find the home where he can forget this bad experiences and maybe once he can learn to trust male-bipeds too, not all are bad, Dougie…

  2. Pam

    This is just so terribly sad and tragic……that face says it all…..bless his heart and I hope he will find an understanding and patient forever home where he can learn that humans are not all cruel. I hope whoever did that gets punished in SOME appropriate way.


  3. Sherri-Ellen T-D.

    EEoww poor sweet Dougie Poochie! We hopez he heelz well n finda a fureber home soon.
    Well Miss Katie n Coccolina iz time fer me to go to Summerland so me haz come to say Guud Bye to ya. Me lubz ya both so much n me will take yer reegardz to Lacci when me findz him dere.
    me will bee leevin Caturday da 22th in da afturnoon.
    Me will neber ferget ya!
    ***paw kissez*** Nylablue Sweet Feet xxxx

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