My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

A mini pig PetBox

Coccolino’s PetBox arrived and he was thrilled with the goodies this month!


As a piggy PetBox Ambassador, Coccolino takes his reviewing role very seriously. That often involves multiple treats for each item, just to make sure he got a good taste. He grunts grumpily when the item isn’t edible.

The PetBox this month included the following items:


~ Tick Twister
~ Ice Pups steamy/icy treats
~ Honey Apple treats
~ Dental treats

Because PetBox is always refreshing their stock and adding new items, some of the contents of our package do not have links.

Tick Twister



The reason we chose a Tick Twister is because we live in an area surrounded by deer. Beautiful, fascinating deer that we love to watch. And that transport ticks to our backyard.

We have already found ticks on my daughter (quite a scary experience) and with Cocco and Pixie always outside when it’s not wet or cold, we thought it would be a good idea to prepare for a tick instead of improvising as we did the last couple of times.

Some features of the Tick Twister:

~ Removes the whole tick without leaving the tick’s mouth in the skin
~ Doesn’t squeeze the tick’s abdomen, reducing the risk of transmission of diseases
~ Removes ticks of any size
~ Removes ticks from pets and people
~ Doesn’t need any chemilal products(e.g., rubbing alcohol)
~ Enables a quick and painless tick removal
~ Unbreakable, hardwearing and indefinitely reusable

Now, onto Cocco’s more enjoyable items.

Ice Pups frozen treats



This popular and in demand item by The Honest Kitchen has now accommodated pets of all kinds for the cold months. The ice pups treats can now also be made steamy to warm up after playing outside.

We tried the original iced Ice Pups for this review since Coccolino just loves icy treats. And this did not disappoint! We mixed up the packet with some warm water, poured it in some holiday cookie molds and placed it on a shelf in the freezer. After a couple of hours, we checked back and the ice pupsicles were ready to eat.

Coccolino crunched that holiday themed ice pop in a few seconds flat (Pixie took a while longer).


Some features of Ice Pups:

~ Make-at-home grain free treats for both dogs and cats
~ Serve frozen or as a warm broth
~ Ensures that dogs, cats and PIGS get the fluids they need

Honey Apple Treats


These honey apple flavored treats were scrumptious, or so snorted Cocco. He couldn’t get enough.


Watch him crunch away:

The best thing about these treats? They are made fresh, not mass produced.


Some features of the Locomotion Honey Apple treats:

~ Better than ordinary dog treats
~ No preservatives or additives
~ All natural and human grade
~ Made in the USA

Dental Treats

Although marketed for the feline market, these dental treats are great for a piggy that would rather eat a toothbrush than brush his teeth.


Some features of the dental treats:

~ Helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup
~ Grain free and gluten free
~ Recommended for cats (or in our case, pigs) over six months of age and five pounds

Coccolino thoroughly enjoyed his PetBox this month and already can’t wait for his surprises next month!

Check out PetBox and all their products PLUS get a 10% discount on a subscription by using code MINIPIG – definitely a fun treat for every pet, including pigs!

~ Katie and Coccolino, PetBox Brand Ambassador Piggy

I received the PetBox at no charge to me in exchange for an honest and fair review. I will only accept and review items that I believe are relevant to this blog and our lifestyle, and most importantly, the readers of this blog.

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  1. Pam

    Oh boy! Cocco obviously liked those apple treats – it was cute hearing him munching and crunching and looking for “seconds” !

    Hugs, Sammy

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