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Pet Psychic Column – helping a pet pig in need

It is time for our Pet Psychic Column this month! We are sharing a pig named Stephanie for our December shelter pet, a pig that needs and deserves a forever home.



Nancy, an experienced pet psychic, is working with us this month to help Stephanie find a loving home.

Nancy’s help allows us to reach more potential pet parents and we are grateful to bring exposure to the shelters and rescues doing such important work.

Some quick thoughts on Stephanie:

* Stephanie is six months old and will be spayed and is up to date on routine care

* Stephanie was abandoned on a dirt road where she was picked up and taken to a high kill shelter

* Ranger’s Refuge at Gallastar was contacted and brought Stephanie to safety until a permanent family is found for her

Nancy’s Reading

Please note that all details provided in this post come directly from Nancy.

Stephanie’s Past

Nancy feels that Stephanie has had a rough beginning to her life. Nancy took some time to look into what may have happened in her past, and she got a vision of an older man and older woman who came across some hard times of their own. Nancy feels that Stephanie was happy around this couple for a while.

Nancy believes the man lost his job and finances became overwhelming for this couple. They agonized over what to do about Stephanie. Nancy feels that they wanted to keep her, but they just could not afford to any longer given their circumstances.

According to Nancy, the couple started looking for a shelter to take her in but they were not able to find one that would guarantee that she would not be euthanized. Nancy thinks that because of these slim chances to keep her alive, that is when they decided to just abandon her in hopes that her life would somehow be spared. Nancy believes that they were successful, as risky as it was.

Reading the Signs

Stephanie is a true Gemini, meaning she will have two personalities when dealing with people in her life. One personality will follow her caregivers around and want to be with them and make them laugh.

The other personality will give her new family love and space when needed.

Summing UP

Nancy feels that the couple is still suffering over abandoning her but Nancy does not think that Stephanie suffered for a long amount of time. It was hard on her until she was found and she she was saddened and confused about why the couple let her go. Thankfully she was found by the right shelter that is working hard to find her a forever home.

Stephanie is going to need a loving family to take her in and comfort her until she adjusts, often quite a while for pet pigs.

It will take Stephanie some time to recover, but she is actually very smart and will be a delight in a family home. Nancy gets a vision of three sisters who are going to give Stephanie the love she deserves. She will become the perfect pet, and will learn to follow commands and adjust to her new life very well.

Stephanie needs someone to take a chance on her. If you are that someone or you know of someone that is willing to adopt Stephanie, please contact Ranger’s Refuge at Gallastar.

* * *

Contact Information

Pet Psychic Information: satisfaction-seal

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Nancy: Pet psychic and astrology reader. Contact Nancy to find out more about a psychic reading.

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Ranger’s Rescue at Gallastar:

Gallastar Equine Center is a 501c3 nonprofit sanctuary dedicated to caring for over 100 discarded pet pigs as well as other animals in need. Many animals call Gallastar home, including dogs, cats, chickens, goats, donkeys, and horses. These animals were abandoned, abused, stray, surrendered by their family, or seized by animal control before they came into our care. At Ranger’s Refuge they are home where they belong unless an approved adopter is willing and able to adopt them permanently.

ranger rescue

Please contact Ranger’s Refuge at Gallastar with any questions about Stephanie.

* * *

There is nothing better than connecting a family with a loving pet in need of a good home. The goal of this monthly column is to help foster this connection and also highlight the tireless effort of those at the shelters/rescues we share.

If you would like to nominate a shelter or rescue, please get in touch with me directly.

Thank you so much to Psychic Source for allowing this monthly column to exist and to all you readers that truly understand how important it is for a pet to be in a loving home.

~ Katie

This post is sponsored by Psychic Source. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Psychic Source and their services, but My Mini Pet Pig only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.

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  1. Gallastar Equine Center

    Stephanie found the best home ever with a young family – stay at home mom- and 2 other pigs. She has the best life a pig could ask for

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