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Biggest pig, blog and personal accomplishments – Happy 2015!

Happy New Year Everyone!

happy 2015

2014 was quite a year.

Some main events for us:

Losing Lacci was by far the lowest point of the year. It was and still is hard to accept. I miss him, the kids, especially my daughter, still miss him and talk about him often (and his brother Giaccolo who passed away in 2011). Time helps but never enough.

My heart goes out to all of those that have lost loved ones this year.

Coccolino and Pizzico lost a sibling in Lacci.


They gained a sibling in Pixie.


Pixie is such a delight, so youthful and playful. Cocco really enjoys her and she even brings out his playful side too. Pizzico is adjusting slowly and is very curious about this new energy. He is happy to steal all her beds. I am happy to let him.


Coccolino’s biggest achievement: he logged more grazing time and ate more grass this year than any previous year. Such an accomplishment for a piggy.

My blog’s achievement:

2012: 14,289 views (I started in July of that year).
2013: 61,245 views
2014: 159,331 views

I don’t know how that ranks or what it means but most of the growth in the blog is because of mini pig parents or prospective parents visiting my website or referring to my FAQ page. I am very happy to help others that are in the same situation I found myself in when we first got Coccolino.

What I am most grateful for, though, is my loyal blog readers that keep visiting and sticking with us during absences. I don’t know how I got so lucky to find you all, but I am very appreciative of your support!

My biggest personal achievement: I started my Coccolino Creations business last February 2014. I have now sold nearly 200 items between my Etsy shop and Facebook.

blanket ad

I am humbled by all the support and so grateful to be doing something I love and to be able to give back to animals in need.

I have always dreamed of earning my version of a “Country Living” (as mentioned previously in this post sharing facts about my life). I taught myself to sew less than two years ago and I am speechless that I have received all this support.

Being home with my kids while they are little is so important to me and to be able to earn a little and still give back to animals is a dream come true and inspires me for what the future holds.

I wish each one of you reading this post a very happy and HEALTHY new year!

Thank you again for your support and friendship!

~ Katie and Coccolino

26 thoughts on “Biggest pig, blog and personal accomplishments – Happy 2015!

  1. Pam

    We enjoyed every single minute of keeping up with your busy and beautiful family in 2014. We know how sad it was to lose Lacci – it’s always SO hard……but you’ve added to your family since then and what FUN you’re having again!! Happy to hear it was a year of success with the new business – your work is gorgeous and for there to be a benefit to animals in shelters just makes it even MORE “golden”. We wish much success in this brand new year – and good health and love.

    Hugs, Sammy and Mom Pam

  2. The Kitties of Purring Pines

    We wish you & yours a very Happy New Year too!!! God bless you in your endeavors to help animals in need!!!

  3. madi and mom

    Losing a dear furbabe is so hard. Lacci had been with you a long time. I am glad your daughter remembers him. Animals are so important for children.
    Happy New Year and Standing ovation on your Esty shop and Coccolino products
    we are proud of our Cocco bed for sure
    Hugs madi and mom

  4. Animalcouriers

    It has been our pleasure to follow the progress of your household of fun animals and humans! So impressed by what you’ve achieved in such a short time. Good luck in 2015 and keep that momentum going.

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