My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

PetBox Time!

Our much anticipated PetBox arrived this month and it was received with piggy drool and puppy nibbles. Even the cat checked it out, from up on the counter, of course.


Each month, I try to choose something that is a little different than the mainstream products available at just any pet store. PetBox has a variety of unique items and I love going through and selecting which might work out for Coccolino.

The PetBox this month included the following items:

-AVD Camo Twisty Ring
-Bumper Mouse
-Grow Your Own Pet Treat
-Cat Planter
-Dynamo Dental Bone

Because PetBox is always refreshing their stock and adding new items, some of the contents of our package do not have links.

Some features of the AVD Camo Twisty Ring:


~ Alternative to a frisbee
~ Very lightweight
~ Soars through the air for a game of fetch
~ Four squeakers

This toy was a winner. It has been played with, chewed on, squeaked incessantly and flown far distances. It has survived it all in tact, much more than any other toy.

The kids always love the toys, especially squeaky toys, so they can engage the pets and play along with them. I’m sure you can all see why this frisbee-like toy has put every other toy to shame. It is plain FUN.

Oh, and Cocco had fun with it too. Though I think the kids had more fun trying to get Cocco to have fun. Poor piggy. One shake and it was off, much to the kids’ chagrin. Nothing can stop the snout.


Some features of the Bumper Mouse:


~ Motorized mouse toy to chase and follow
~ Life sized toy
~ Erratic movement to keep your pet enthralled
~ Turns on and off with a switch
~ Has a pivoting wheel to make the mouse turn in circles or in a new direction whenever it hits an object

The best part about this toy is that it just doesn’t stop unless you want it to. If it hits a wall, it turns around. If it bumps into a chair, it switches direction. It’s the mouse that keeps going and going despite the swats the cat and dog doled out.


Cocco couldn’t quite understand this thing but he is timid in nature and didn’t go after it. Pizzico and Pixie had to fight each other off to get at the mouse. It is played with every day, sometimes giving Pizzico a little one on one time with his favorite prey.

Some features of the Grow Your Own Pet Treat:


~ Priscilla’s Special Blend Of Grains: Barely, Oats Wheat and Rye
~ 100% Natural
~ Refill Seed Package contains enough seed to plant 1 square foot of Priscilla’s 100% Natural Kitty Grass
~ Instructions for growing included
~ Provides your pet with a tasty source of vitamins and nutrients

I wish I had an “after” picture of this. I will have to wait until spring to get this going as our soil is buried under many feet of snow! Coccolino will absolutely love this treat and I cannot wait to watch him devour it though I will try to rescue the last bite for Pizzico to try.

Some features of the Cat Planter:

~ Decorative planter
~ Designed to fit the Kitty Grass container (4 – 4 1/2″)
~Keeps the grass steady while being consumed

I love this planter. I think it’s sweet and cheery. I chose it for the kitty grass but I can find many uses for it after, too. I will share a picture on Facebook as soon as it is full.

Some features of the Dynamo Dental Bone:

~ The perfect bone to make teeth cleaner and breath fresher
~ Plaque-fighting scrubbing power
~ Loaded with fruits, vegetables, herbs and vitamins for an action-packed treat
~ As they chew, a unique textured surface helps remove plaque and tarter buildup and promotes healthy gums

I was excited to give this bone to Cocco. It is all natural and a good teeth cleaning via a bone to chew on is just what he needs every now and then. And he really loved it. He loves to be able to chew and it’s nice to give him something that is also cleaning his teeth and gums.


Off to pack our next month’s PetBox. It is a lot of fun to review these items; almost as much fun as getting them in the mail ;@)

Check out PetBox and all their products PLUS get a 10% discount on a subscription by using code MINIPIG – definitely a fun treat for every pet, including pigs!

~ Katie and Coccolino, PetBox Brand Ambassador Piggy

I received the PetBox at no charge to me in exchange for an honest and fair review. I will only accept and review items that I believe are relevant to this blog and our lifestyle, and most importantly, the readers of this blog.

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  1. easy rider

    hahaha you look great with your twisty ring. the mouse is interesting, do you think it’s a toy for a wild Weimaraner too or would it end with a wrecked crib? have a super wednesday!
    easy rider

  2. Sherri-Ellen T-D.

    Mee-you ‘Bumpurr Mousie”!!!
    Mee wood LUV one of those Lady Katie an Coccolina….mee will have to put LadyMum on thee job lookin fur one inn town here…
    **nose bumpss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

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