My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

Pigs and cold weather

Pigs and cold weather don’t mix. Pigs and rain don’t usually mix. In Coccolino’s
case, pigs and mud don’t mix. So what goes well with a pet pig? A warm blanket


This winter has been brutal. In our area, February was the coldest month on
record since record keeping was started here. Not only the amount of snow here
has been incredible but the frigid finger numbing cold has been unbearable. Cocco has been hiding under blankets the whole month.


I have not been able to stop thinking of all the poor animals that have no
choice but to confront this cold. My heart breaks for those pets that have not
been appropriately prepared to go out in the cold or that are left out too long
(as in a minute lately!).

Don’t tell my husband but I was seriously thinking of cracking open the door to our snow-laden treehouse for them to find some comfort and reprieve from this weather (no, I didn’t, and I do logically understand that outdoor animals in the northeast are able to adapt to this weather but emotionally I watch the deer make their way through the snow and I just want to feed and warm them).


So, back to my point. Pigs and cold weather just do not mix.

I have received more emails this past month than ever before from pet pig
parents that are beyond frustrated with their pigs. They are having more
accidents than ever. After being potty trained, they are actually reverting to
peeing in a corner or pooping behind the chair.

You know what I tell them? I’m with them. Coccolino has had more intentional
“accidents” this month than I can remember in one period. It is infuriating,
even though I understand why he doesn’t want to go out. And Coccolino is lucky.
He might go outside to potty but his area is completely covered and free of snow. He just has to contend with the cold and he’s a bit too spoiled to be inconvenienced that much. Here is a view of his spot, covered on all sides with snow but nice and snow-free inside:

cocco door

Breaking a pig of this bad habit is just as hard as finding his puddle of pee. I
almost have to go back to step one, and that’s what I advise those helpless
piggy parents who are emailing me.

Let your pig out to pee or poop often! Like every 30 minutes when you can. Put a
little soiled reminder where they should go to encourage them to go (pigs can’t
resist their own potty smell!).

It is a frustrating process but it’s understandable. So, piggy parents, dress
them for the weather even as they scream, take them out often, and reward them
when they go! Potty basics 101 for pig parents in cold weather.

Hopefully spring is around the corner. We will reach a balmy high of upper 30s
this week. Cocco is salivating thinking of chomping on watery spring grass.
Until then, I will be on Cocco like a pig on a garbage pile (thanks to Pixie’s height and prowess).


Stay warm!

~ Katie and a very chilly and potty stubborn Cocco

28 thoughts on “Pigs and cold weather

  1. Cupcake

    Lucky pig, having a snow-free poop spot. It’s tough finding a good spot to go when the snow is trying to touch my belly….

    Love and licks,

  2. Pam

    Great advice…….Thank heavens Sam uses his litterbox with no issues but he also enjoys doing his thing outside when he can get out there……lately that’s a “no go” with the ice/snow but he DOES use the box so no complaints about accidents here! I think animals are protesting this incredible winter weather in many ways though. Sam really does enjoy fresh air and lately when I open the door at his insistence he just looks at me like “are you kidding?? Can’t you warm it up out there for me Mom?”…………..oh well…….Spring is really on its’ way they tell me….hard to believe though isn’t it?!

    Hugs, Pam (and sam)

  3. easy rider

    I’m with you, I always feel sorry for all animals who live outside… and it seems Easy is a minipig by heart, he spend the most time under his blanket too :o)

  4. Brenda Potts

    I have a 6 month old male pig (Henry) that was doing great with potty training and sleeping through the night in his crate until he got neutered 3 weeks ago. Now he’s having accidents daily and wakes up squealing at 3:30am every morning. I have no idea what’s going on. Do you have any clues?

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Brenda, how frustrating! It sounds like your pig might have a possible UTI. Can you check with your vet and ask if this is likely considering the timing of everything?

  5. Bacon Thompson

    Oh my little friend. I can so feel you. I’m so over this winter and cold and rain and yuck. I’m ready for Spring. I find myself ‘hibernating’ and only coming out for food/potty/water. Then it’s back to my bedroom for more sleep. By this time of the year though, I’m ready to run and that’s saying a lot for me – snorts. Hang in there little guy. I can smell spring coming! XOXO – Bacon

  6. Murphy & Stanley

    We have been thinking about you lately cuz a new couple moved in on the cul-de-sac just below us and they have a pig. The piggy lives outside and plays with the dog and is oinking all the time and so we are barking at him like crazy! So far he hasn’t said anything to us though.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Daisy

    Oh I can imagine how frustrating that must be! We’ve had record-setting temps here too this winter, but I have to say we’ve enjoyed the snow. I love the picture of Cocco’s nose popping out from under those blankets! That’s Daisy’s favorite winter sport too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. madi

    MOL MOL Cocco what ever were you thinking with the trash bin? Possibly using it for hibernation. February was the coldest month in NC in a very long time.
    We were w/o power for 15 hours last Thursday….and it was C O L D!!! Well the peeps were cold I was fine.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. Marissa Woodford

    Quick question
    We have an indoor mini. Well it’s turning to fall here and we only keep it about 68 degrees in the house. Is that too cold for chops. I notice at night when the temp drops he bunkers down under blankets with his human our 3.5 year old who he is an emotional support animal. Is it just snuggles and love or is he get to cold?

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi, what a sweet piggy. That is a perfect temperature. He is doing both – cuddling because pigs love to cuddle especially a warm body and burrowing down because they love to do that too. Pigs love lots of blankets at all times of day and in summer too!

  10. Kelly

    Well i guess we got lucky with our mini 5 month old piggy who doesn’t seem to mind the rain or cold snowy weather. He goes out to do his business no matter the weather and sometimes even does his piggy power run beside the hedges.

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