My Mini Pet Pig . . . and Pals!

Mini Pet Pig Resource

Welcome (or welcome back) to our mini pig website!

Although the blog is currently inactive, this website remains a primary resource for piggy parents find answers to their questions via the FAQ page as well as discuss the many issues that arise with a pet pig on the Mini Pig Forum.

Coccolino, the cutest little piggy in the world (to this family, anyway), is still a very present and noisy member of our family along with our dog, cat and three kids.

The three pets are the best of friends. Coccolino is our cuddler, hooves down. Any time, any place, give him a warm body and he is as happy as a pig eating popcorn. Pixie, our dog, is our groomer and player. She grooms Coccolino and Pizzico (the cat) and constantly tries to play with both of them, and often succeeds. A pig playing is quite hilarious; lots of running in circles and barking involved. Pizzico, our transplant cat from Italy, gets top pet status around here as a sweet and playful senior.

We hope this website helps you with your piggy answers. As always, we try to reply to any questions in a timely manner. :@)


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~ Katie and Coccolino