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How to Find the Right Pet Sitter

Happy Holiday Season everyone! We have some exciting updates that I will share in a new post however I first wanted to share this guest post by for those that are in need of a pet sitter for the holidays – or in general.

It is very hard for us to find a good pet sitter that is comfortable with our range of species and had some good tips. I found it very helpful and I hope you do too.

Happy Thanksgiving and we will be back soon!

Katie, Coccolino, Pixie, Pizzico . . . and some new additions 🙂

How to Find the Right Pet Sitter

You no longer have to settle for the first person who will do you the favor of watching your pets while you’re away. There are thousands of people around the country who make a living as pet sitters, and has made it easy for you to meet them. makes the business of pet sitting convenient for the pet owner searching and the pet sitter looking for clients. You can actually fulfill your dream of finding the right pet sitter for your dogs, cats, and even pigs!

Here’s how:

Map Out What You Need.
First, be clear on what pet care services you need and when you need them. Write out everything you are looking for in a pet sitter.

Determine your ideal pet sitting schedule. Do you need the occasional sitter while you’re traveling or do you need regular support for your long work days?

Consider the kind of care your pet prefers. Perhaps your cat is self-reliant and only needs someone to drop-in to feed him. Would your dog be okay staying at the sitter’s home? Rover sitters provide a variety of services including dog walking, drop-in visits, day care, boarding your pets, or house sitting at your place.

Choose a pet sitter who understands the special needs of your pets. Do you have a senior cat that needs her medicine on time? Who would be comfortable caring for your pet pig? Make sure you choose someone who is ready to be trained in how to best care for your pets.

Find someone who will work well with your personality and style of pet care. What do you expect in terms of timeliness, flexibility, and how to communicate if issues arise?

Once you know what you’re looking for, visit to search profiles of pet sitters and find a match for what you need.

Get Your Pet’s Approval:
Both pets and people have their own personalities, and they don’t always mix. A great sitter on paper may not be the right match for your pet. After you’ve narrowed down to your favorite pet sitter, schedule a Meet and Greet for introductions. Meet-up at the park or in your home to see how your sitter and pets play together. If your pets are shy or scared meeting new people, don’t expect the first meeting to be love at first site. Take the time to prepare your potential sitter with how to interact with your pet for the first time.

Train Your Replacement:
Once you (and your pet) have settled on a match, set-up your sitter to care for your fur babies just like you do. Write out your pet’s daily routine, feeding instructions, emergency contacts, and methods for training. You and your new sitter will be at ease if you’ve done the work to prepare them for success.

Finding the right pet sitter is a celebration! Make sure your sitter knows they are appreciated and they have your support. You’re not simply hiring someone, you’re creating a relationship with someone who will care for an important part of your family. Find ways to celebrate and build your relationship so you can create a long-lasting partnership.

Pet owners also make great pet sitters, and it’s easy to get started with Whether you’re interested in pet sitting as a side job or curious how to make this into a successful business, the benefits of this work go beyond the paycheck. Fundamentally, you get to play for work. To learn more about becoming a sitter or to create your pet sitting profile now, visit

Author byline: Written by Tracy Vicory-Rosenquest, community member. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

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