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My mini pig smells sooooo bad

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    I recently rescued my mini pig, Bilbo Piggins, from a crazy woman. I’m having several problems, that I can’t find answers to. When I picked him up she pretty much threw him at me and drove away. I have no clue how old he is, what this “food” is she gave me, and why he smells so God awful? The smell is my biggest problem, I suppose. He’s my first pig so I’ve tried to read up on care and maintenance. I gave him a bath yesterday with some Johnson and Johnson sensitive baby shampoo and then greased him up with some Johnson and Johnson baby cocoa butter and he smelled great for the rest of the night. However, I woke up this morning and he smells terrible and as the day has gone on his smells getting worse. I live on a farm so he goes outside and plays with my dogs so I’m not sure if that’s part of the problem. I’m also unsure of his age and if this woman had tried to starve him. He’s probably only 5-10 lbs, which makes me believe he’s really young but he shows signs of sexual tendencies (he will try to hump my leg and bite my shins). He also won’t eat most foods or his vitamins. He only likes cherrios and dog food (it’s blue buffalo and I know it’s realllly bad for him). I gave him some peeled apples today and he really liked those, but from what I understand you should limit fruit. He hates all vegetables and his vitamins. I have no issues with him growing into being 100lb+ pig since I do have the space for him. I’m very committed but I just don’t understand how I got a pig night and day different from my friend (whose pig just eats pancakes, blue berries, and Gerber puffs/ whosee doesn’t smell at all)

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    They dont normally have a smell at all, maybe it’s getting pee or poo in its hooves or fur. You have GOT to get some mini pig/ pot bellied pig dry food ASAP. Mazuri or Manna Pro brand is great. Tractor Supply & “feed & seed ” stores have it. It has the specific things pigs need in it. They definitely dont need to eat dog food. You need to get him to a farm vet also, & get him checked out & neutered. If he’s not eating much & is small, I wouldnt worry about limiting fruit at this point. Just get some weight on him in a healthy way. My pig likes frozen veggies (peas, carrots, brussell sprouts, brocolli) I mix them together & thaw them, or microwave a little. They love eggs too (boiled , scrambled)– good protein & fat. Also, try canned pumpkin, grapes, raisins, yogurt– my pig loves those! Pigs all have different personalities & preferences. (dont give your pig junk food, especially stuff with salt)

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    the only other thing I can think of for the smell is bad earwax build up, or some kind of infection that is stinking. Or maybe since he’s been eating the wrong food, it could be gas. (not trying to be funny!)

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    I have a mini male pig as well and he had a smell to him as well. The vet said that it was because he wasn’t neutered so I got him neutered and he no longer has that odor

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    Intact boars chomp their teeth and create frothy foam that has a foul odor. Boars will “mark” their territory with this foam and with a pungent liquid produced by their “boy parts”. Boar’s tusks grow very thick and long. Boars are also prone to testicular cancer. Neutered males do none of this. They are calmer and bond very well with people

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    We tried giving our pig a bath the other day in the kitchen sink and she freaked out. She got a little bit of water up her snout and we called it quits. We tried putting Cheerios in the water and she wouldn’t eat them. So Than we tried giving her raisins (not in the water)but that didn’t work well at all. She quelled and through a tantrum. I felt so bad. And she doesn’t like when you wipe her face after she eats, especially yogurt because it dries real quick. She has really dry skin so I’ve just been rubbing her down with organic coconut oil. But I’m just concerned, because she goes outside so she’s starting to smell.

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    We put ours in the shower with one of us, & put down a towel in the shower so she doesnt slip & slide. She complains at first, then settles down & seems to halfway like it. ( when it gets warm try the hose outside) Mine hates her face wiped too! I just do it quick & try to avoid the snaps

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      Hahaha… We will try that.


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    Carol Stephens

    I just got a mini pig from a breeder in south Florida who knows these guys really well and is very kind to all pig owners who need help. Orange Grove Farms Itty Bitty Pigs on FB or she has a website as well. Her pigs are always on ProPig brand food, its grain free and is very nutritious without unnecessary calories. I guarantee if you contact her she will help you get a gameplan together. You can tell her Carol sent you. I know you wrote your post 3 months ago but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give you this info. You can also read a lot of care info on her website, can’t remember the address but you can Google it. Good luck!

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    Hello! I got a baby yesterday. Unfortunately, I think she’s too young. She was born April 4th. This is my first time owning a mini pig. She’s not eating, and she has diarrhea. The feed store I bought her from said that’s normal when they change environment. Someone, please advise.

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    8 weeks is ok as she was most likely weened diarrhea can be dangerous with a young piglet I recommend getting her to a vet ASAP

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    Oops just saw the date of your post 5 weeks is pushing it

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    Gypsy Ambria Mchugh

    Came into a “mini” Pig somehow and have had no problems outside him charging the cat when eating….then had a “micro” Pig left in my yard. He’s intact, healthy appetite, taking water and moving freely. We just put up with hurricane Irma’s hissy fit, so he missed one day of feed when it all went to hell, but no other hiccups.
    Problem; he’s peeing tiny ice bergs of clear, semi solid- looks like the fat cube on a nutritionists desk- like a gob of lard.
    I cranked some yogurt and concentrated cranberry into him, which he hoovered in a piglike fashion.
    What is this? Socrates is an all-around polite and fastidious guy, and doesn’t deserve the creepy peeburgs.

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