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154 thoughts on “Media and Contact

  1. Kristina

    Hi! I am new mini pig owner. My baby Skillet is almost 4 months. I am having some difficulty with potty training. When she first came home she used a litter box but quickly decided she didnt like that at all. She pottied all over her pen and the house. We removed the litter box and now try to take her outside for potty on a regular basis. She DOES go potty when we take her outside but doesnt seem to be showing any inclination of letting us know when she has to go. I have to watch her like a hawk or she will pee where ever she pleases. Any advice or have I just not given her enough time. She has been working on the outdoor potty method for about 3 1/2 weeks now. I am afraid I confused her with the littler box and outside potty training ! Please help!

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi and congratulations on Skillet – very cute name! Trust me, I know how hard potty training is. I am still struggling with it and Cocco is now almost ten months old.

      Some pigs really prefer to only go potty outside. Most prefer to urinate inside and defecate outside but some will only want to do everything outside. You’re on the right track trying to get Skillet to learn to go potty outside especially if she does not show any interest in using her litter box.

      The problem with pigs is that if they go somewhere once, they will almost definitely go there again. So if she pees on your carpet in one room and again in another, chances are she will make her way there again. And again. It’s frustrating and the only thing you can do to avoid this (after using a good enzyme cleaner) is keep her free reign limited to right after going potty outside or just limited all the time. We have gates up everywhere and it is extremely inconvenient but easier to contain Cocco this way and avoid any “accidents.”

      As for her giving you a sign of when she has to go, this is tough. We have used a bell with Cocco to try to train him but we weren’t consistent enough so it never took off. Pigs are very smart and can be trained to do just about anything. You need to understand her schedule and her signs. If she is standing still somewhere for a few seconds, grab her and bring her out. If she pees, I’d suggest giving her a treat to reinforce this but I will tell you many people do not promote giving treats since pigs can outsmart you just to get that treat (Cocco has done this but I still prefer to reward him so he thinks of going potty outside as a positive thing).

      If Skillet drinks a lot of water or grazes often, she will have to go out often. In the summer months, Cocco sometimes pees once or twice an hour depending how much grass he eats. So keep that in mind. He drinks a full bowl of water with his breakfast and always has to pee one hour after he eats. He can usually hold it for a few hours after that but if he has the chance (i.e., I’m home), he will pee an hour after he eats and an hour after that. You just learn her routine and signals and do the best you can to be there to let her out. Always keep her in a small space with her litter box if you are out.

      I hope this helps but feel free to ask any more. Hang in there, she’s still very little and has no control of her bladder yet!

      1. Kristina

        Thanks so much! Skillet is only having pee accidents in the house now. She is very fastidious about making poo outside. We still struggle with the litter box, she uses it often and then out of the blue will pee on the floor. She is so smart tho! She knows she gets a cookie for going in her litter box so she will make trips just to stand in the box and wag her tail at me expecting a cookie!

        A lot of stuff I read online was from people who said their pig was house trained in like 3 days so I was starting to worry I was doing something wrong. Thanks for the advice.

        1. minipig Post author

          Thanks for letting me know how it’s going! It’s so funny because Cocco is the opposite (likes to pee outside but has poop accidents inside). Cocco also completely stopped using the litter box from one day to the next, after about 10 months. I kept thinking he was having accidents but he had much more control of his bladder which is right around the time people say pigs are able to hold it longer. Hang in there…it’ll get easier! (Those manipulating tricks don’t end though!).

          1. Baylee

            My family and I have a micro/Julian pig and he’s (Alfie) amazing but I saw what you said about an enzyme cleaner helping with were they have peed. Do you have one you recommend ? Thank you

  2. Cynthia Garry

    Hi: Do you sell advertising on your website. If so, can you please provide me with your website statistics? .. i.e. how many page views, etc. I have MANY pigs who (and their owners) are loving my product. Check out SCAMPP if you’re not already familiar with it. Southern California Miniatrue and Pet Pig society.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    Made in America

  3. Karin

    I know it probably seems like all you are answering are potty questions, but here is another. I have had Hank, my mini pig, for two weeks. I got him at 7 weeks old. I pride myself in potty training dogs, but he has been a challenge. I take him out every two hours and have two litter boxes set up. He was going behind the door in the utility room (his bedroom) until I read somewhere that they like to go in corners. Now I have a litter box there and the problem seems to be solved. Now we have a new problem… the kitchen I have a plastic tub as a water dish for our two dogs. At first Hank didn’t drink from the dish, then he spotted it and drank. Once, the water was low, he put his two front legs in the dish and peed. I thought this was just a reaction from wet feet. Then he started to drink and pee at the same time. After taking up the dish, he just pees in that spot. Would you suggest I place a litter pan there or place something else there to distract him? The spot is in the kitchen and I really hate doing that. I saw on your site that you suggest an enzyme cleaner? Where can I purchase that?

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Karin,

      Although very frustrating, it is not uncommon for pigs to pee and drink at the same time. Your pig must be around nine weeks old. At that age, pigs have no control of their bladder and when they are drinking, the water really goes right through them. Having an extra water dish around is going to make things a little more difficult. If there is anywhere else for you to put the dogs’ dish, that would be the best bet. The more your pig drinks, and eats (especially grass), the more he will have to pee. Cocco always has fresh water in his room but nowhere else.

      What I would suggest is to move the dogs’ water dish to somewhere Hank cannot access. You do not want to have a litter box in the kitchen and it doesn’t seem like the problem will go away if the water is still there. So try to move the dish and see if that helps! As for the cleaner, I ordered something online. Unfortunately it didn’t completely resolve the problem though it did help in certain spots. Good luck!

  4. Jocelyn Magos

    Hi my name is Jocy. I think your blog is really good and it Was really helpful since I just got a mini pig. I wanted to ask You About the harness. I don’t know if I Should leave my mini pig with the harness so she can Get use to it or just put it on when i am gna take her out. I am having a los of trouble training her since she doesn’t dream to like us. She just look for US to Get food but i don’t think she enjoys to be arrownd US.

    1. minipig

      It can be frustrating, I know. For the harness, it’s a good idea to leave it on throughout the day as long as you are there. Never leave a pig with a harness unattended; they could get caught on something and choke.

      If your pig is responding well to food, use that as positive reinforcement. When training, reward with a small piece of food. Just be careful to only reward when it’s deserved so you’re not being manipulated!

  5. minipig

    Cocco has the same issues. When he was little, any harness worked. The trick was actually getting him to hold still long enough to put it on. Now, it is nearly impossible to get a harness on and we have to been able to find one that seems to work for us.

    I’d say trial and error is best since I can’t recommend a specific harness. Keep the tags on while you try!

  6. Joann

    Hello,I just got a new floor put down and my mini pig will not leave it alone.He is 9 month olds and he a good piggy.He got all kind of toys and he been potty trained since 6 weeks old and very smart.He had root about 3 hole on my new floor and will have to replace it,i was wondering about nose ring have anybody try to put nose ring on they mini pigs. Thank

    1. minipig Post author

      That must be so frustrating. What kind of floor is it? Is there any way he is attracted to the cleaner you are using or is it definitely the floor?

      I would urge you NOT to use a nose ring. They are akin to tying a person’s hands behind their back. A pig’s snout needs to be free as that is the most important part of their body. To prevent a pig from rooting would be very frightening and painful for a pig since pigs do need to root.

      Is there any way to keep your pig away from the floor? Does your pig root into blankets? Go outside? Provide other forms of entertainment/stimulation to hopefully draw him away from the floor. It’s hard to get a pig to do something he doesn’t want to so my advice would be to try and keep him away from the floor if possible.

      Good luck!

  7. Annie C.

    I was wondering what website did you use to create this website? I have a website on but yours seems very cool so i was wondering?

  8. emily

    I’ve had my pig for a little over a year and as he gets older he seems to be getting less entertained by things. Any ideas on how to keep him entertained or toys?

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Emily,

      I understand and am also currently dealing with this problem. If you are home during the day, create new ways to teach your pig tricks and make him work for it with incentives (small treat). Pigs are smart and need to be stimulated so try to encourage that. You can also try a simple rooting box (a bin/box/tub full of plastic balls), throwing some pellets in there so your pig has to work for them. Walks outside on a harness (if possible), some grazing time (if possible) and some good old cuddles.

      If you are not home, you want to make sure your pig stays entertained so he doesn’t get into any mischief. Is there a place outside that is enclosed that he can access? Ever since we got a pet door from the inside to the outside that Coccolino can use on his own, it makes life much simpler. Maybe just finding a space to put a bale of straw somewhere for him to explore and create little cozy nooks would keep him busy.

      Good luck and if you need more help just provide details as to your situation so I can be more specific!

  9. Shelby

    I just bought my mini pig home last night since then she had not eaten or had a bowel movement since. I am trying to feed her guinipig (sp) food pellets but she seems completely uninterested. I’ve tried baby cereal and everything she’s just not interested.

    1. minipig Post author

      Thanks for your comment. Your mini pig is probably traumatized. I’m not sure how old/big she is but she should be on Mazuri mini pig youth pig pellets, definitely not guinea pig food. You can buy this food at a livestock store usually or order online but this should happen asap. Also ask whoever you got her from what her diet was there.

      Please feel free to email me; a mini pig’s diet is crucial and she needs to eat very soon or be taken to a vet.

  10. Breezed

    We just got an 8 month old mini. We named her Lucy. She weighs approximately 22 lbs. Do you know what Coco weighed at that age? We know they weren’t being honest about her but we couldn’t leave her there once we met her. They of course, told us she is full grown and won’t get any bigger but we just smiled and shook our heads, and acted dumb. She is well fed and looks healthy so she wasn’t abused; I just don’t know why they tried to lie to us about her size, and why they were getting rid of her. I don’t know much about different types of pigs but I notice Coco has a long, wispy tail. Lucy has a very short tail, maybe 2.5-3 inches. It’s not curled either. I read somewhere pigs tails should always curl a little bit. I don’t know if that’s fact or myth. She does curl it side to side when she wants though. Also, you mention a pet pig forum, would you mind sharing the name? I have been trying to find a good, active one. Thank you for reading. I love Coco’s blog. πŸ™‚

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi and thanks for your comment! Some people just want to sell off their pigs and promise anything so I’m glad you were able to see through that and took Lucy home anyway.

      I can’t remember exactly how big Cocco was at that age but he was definitely smaller since he is still smaller than that at 1.5 years. It does sound pretty average though and if she is eating a well balanced diet there isn’t much you can do πŸ™‚ Just maintain a good diet and in another two or so years you’ll figure out how big she will be (it is tough to think that way but everyone with a mini pig has to). Considering she is 22 pounds at 8 months, I wouldn’t think she’ll be that big when full grown.

      As for the tail, Cocco does have a wispy tail but it’s about the same length; he just has a lot of hair on it so it might appear longer. Most mini pigs’ tails don’t curl like a larger pig.

      The forum I’ve mentioned is Pig Info and Chat, a Yahoo group. It is excellent and very active.

      Best of luck and thanks again for reading!

  11. Joann

    Hello,Last week somebody was talking about coconut oil.Do you surposed to put it on they skin or in they food and how much.Thank Joann

    1. minipig Post author

      Coconut oil is great for skin and so is flax seed oil. If you want to do coconut oil, give your pig a teaspoon (recommended dosage is a teaspoon per 10 pounds or a tablespoon for 30 pounds) to drink off a spoon or mix in the food. Don’t give too much at first and if you increase it from a teaspoon to a tablespoon do so very gradually.

      If you use flax seed oil, just take a capsule, open it and empty it over your pig’s pellets and it will be consumed.

      Either way should help!

  12. Camille


    I’ve chatted with you a bit before about my boy Bernard. He is two months old today! Some days really suck but my main problem is his crazy ability to lift things up. He was upstairs penned off in the bathroom before but he’d get quite upset when we’d all be downstairs, we tried keeping a second litter box down with us but he’d still have many accidents. A few days ago my mom bought him a collapsible pen and it has no bottom so I put blankets down so it’d be cozy, he has toys and his bed and everything he needs but when he’s in there he freaks out and will lift up the pen and ram it until he can get out. I’ve been trying to take his attention away with toys and such but so far that hasn’t been working at all. The only thing that seems to distract him is a kong that I put a little bit of peanut butter in. I don’t want to do that all the time. I try to take him to run in the back yard once a day and tucker him out then take him for a walk later on so he’s active but his toys seem to hold no interest for him. I really feel like I’m doing everything wrong at this point, not many others have pigs to share notes with where I live.


    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Camille, good to hear from you. I can understand your frustration. The mini pigs’ lack of interest in toys is my husband’s number one complaint with a pet mini pig. It is hard that they do not really enjoy toys.

      As you’ve learned, food is really the only way to stimulate a pig. The kong is great and maybe you could freeze some peanut butter in there so it takes Bernard a little longer to get through. Another idea is to take a paper milk carton, poke holes in it, put pellets in and then string it up so he has to work to get the pellets out. These activities don’t last long though so it’s tough.

      As for lifting, yes, their snouts are unbelievably strong. The only thing that has worked for us is a true clicking baby gate (one you actually have to pull closed). Even that Cocco manages to open if I don’t pull it hard enough. So if you want Bernard to stay closed in somewhere, that’s your best bet (installed in a doorway).

      Before you let Bernard free to play, make sure he has just gone to the bathroom. Let him out only after that so you can avoid accidents but remember that pigs cannot hold their bladder until they are almost a year old so you have to be on top of them.

      You are not doing everything wrong, it’s that pigs have a mind of their own. Cocco is still so naughty and it’s beyond frustrating so you have to have an incredible amount of patience and determination to make it work. He is so young so you really need to wait it out until he is older but in the meantime reinforce him going to the bathroom (perhaps consider a treat after or some positive reinforcement) and try to spend as much time as possible with him.

      The biggest comfort to Cocco when I’m not there is his blanket. His bed too. Make sure you have blankets Bernard can root into and don’t worry about the toys because they just don’t have interest for the most part.

      Hang in there; I know it is such a trying experience to have a mini pig especially when they are so young!

  13. Andrea

    Hey, it’s Andrea!

    we replied to you on Rocco’s House, and realized you probably didn’t receive it. πŸ˜€ Would you be willing to take the 23rd as far as NaNoWriMo goes? All you have to do is add to the story, and link to the previous person and the person in front of you. (Most people also tell a little bit about the event, etc. but you don’t have to.)

    If you have any questions please email me!

  14. Linda Stevens

    My mini pig is 3/4 Juliana and 1/4 potbelly. He is 20 months old. He stands 13″ at the withers. He weighs 26lbs. How large do you think he will be? Thanks.

    1. minipig

      Linda, first of all a true thank you for your donation. You will be hearing from me shortly!

      As to the size of your pig, although there is no way to really predict this, my guess is he won’t get too much bigger than that.

      Pigs grow for about three full years but after the first year the growth slows down a bit. So at just over 1.5, he is about only halfway through his growth but he has also grown significantly more the first year than he will grow the next year and a half.

      As long as you continue to feed based on his weight and needs and not his never ending quest for food, he might get to be 30/35 pounds but maybe not even that.

      Thank you again!

  15. Joann

    Hello, My piggy is 1years and 2 month. I feed him mazuri active adult 1/3 cup in morning and 1/3 cup at 3..I was wondering if he getting enough to eat and also feed him big bowl of veggy about 6 at night. He seem to be hungry all the time. He weight 36 pounds.Thank

    1. minipig Post author

      At 36 pounds he might be ready for 1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 cup in the afternoon. Supplementing with vegetables is a great idea and you can always add a serving of veggies at around noon to round up the amount he gets as well as providing something to eat every few hours. Give it a try but also remember not to overfeed; that is just as unhealthy for your pig’s health as underfeeding!

  16. Halie

    Hi. πŸ™‚ ive had oreo for 7 months and I thought I had broke her of biting when she was just at 4 months….well shes at it again but this time shes about the size of a miniature doxen and she goes PHYCO eating up peoples legs. She’s sweet as can be to me but anyone else shell go through times shell jump in thier lap for a cuddle and times where shell casually wAlk up and attack! I dont know what to do anymore. If I cant make her stop ill have to get rid of her and I love her to death :'(

  17. Dana

    Hello! πŸ™‚ I am the proud Mama of a 3 year old little piggy named Mahoney. I am SO happy that I stumbled upon this website tonight – It’s absolutely WONDERFUL! To be honest, I have mixed feelings about the Texas breeder from whom we purchased Mahoney… a lot of my questions or concerns over the years have fallen on deaf ears…so finding your site is a blessing for sure! Thank you for your willingness to share your story!

    Any tips and tricks on trimming hooves? Right now our vet takes care of it, but it’s such a traumatic experience for Mahoney..for me..and the staff at the vet office lol. I don’t want to sedate Mahoney, but I don’t want him to stress out about his mani/pedi.

    Also, does Coco still have potty accidents indoors? Mahoney uses his litter box regularly (while he’s in his pen), but he’ll have random accidents on our carpet. I wasn’t sure if he was losing his litter box (although it’s very close to where we’re letting him roam around) or if the accidents were out of spite. Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. minipig Post author

      Hello and thanks for visiting! I am so glad that this information has been able to help.

      I’m not sure who the breeder was but often they are wonderful until you send money and then it’s radio silence. That’s why I started this blog. I could not find or GET the information I was so desperately seeking.

      Trimming hooves is one of the most painful parts of raising a pet mini pig (or any pet pig). The vet doing it is definitely traumatizing. Cocco only needs a few of his nails trimmed and to do them is such a process. What I do is wait until he is very calm and sleeping on me or next to me. I will plan beforehand and have my trimmers right with me. Then, while he is sleeping, I slowly and carefully position the trimmers on one nail and clip. Sometimes it works and sometimes he senses it and it doesn’t work. Either way, I only get one nail done at a time and to get them all trimmed can sometimes take weeks! I still prefer this method to the torture of a vet trimming session. I also am able to file his nails sometimes since some of them don’t require trimming yet.

      Cocco is not quite two and if a day goes by without an accident, I’m a happy pig Mamma. It is horrible and I can’t believe I live in a situation where I deal with cleaning up poop or pee almost daily! He goes through stages where he is very good and then stages where he will almost daily have an intentional “accident.” I understand with Cocco it is a complete reflection of my behavior. If I need to keep him in his room at times he is usually out, he will pee in the corner (not usually poop, that’s usually just left over from coming back inside after pooping outside). However, if he is in his room at times he is usually out and I am not home at the time, there is no accident. It is truly an attention getting behavior.

      Carpets are the worst because pigs really love to pee on them. It’s also hard because sometimes their spot remains hidden for months and not realizing he is going there until too late. This happened with Cocco in our old house and I caught him in his spot and realized how disgusting it was. While I said I think Cocco spite-pees often, usually on the carpet it’s just because it’s a preference.

      What I would advise is to never allow Mahoney on the carpet until after you are sure he has peed. That way you can let him go there but avoid worrying because if he hasn’t peed before the carpet it’s almost inevitable.

      I hope that helps, feel free to contact me anytime and good luck!

  18. Camille


    My little Bernard turned five months old on the 7th, and lately I’ve been noticing he’s been getting quite aggressive. He sideswipes a lot and trying to push him away from something often results in him trying to bite you. I’ve been trying to keep him busy, got him a rooting box, I run him around outside and let him out as often as possible, though he only seems to want to be in his room. I’ve been clicker training him starting today and it’s worked out pretty well. But the biting is becoming a issue and I’ve tried most things, time outs don’t help, and it seems nothing does. Do you know of any way to stop aggression?

    Camille and Bernard.

    1. minipig Post author

      I’m so sorry to hear about Bernard. I’ve heard this happens sometimes, right around that age. It is frustrating and difficult to deal with biting.

      I have not had experience with the clicker training so I don’t know if that will help but it sounds like it could be helpful. Let me first ask, he is neutered, correct? You may want to consult your vet for advice since that is often a sign of male pigs that have not been neutered getting bigger and demonstrating their territorial aggression.

      I have heard that a gentle but firm tap on the nose and a strong “no!” helps. However if that is not working, I have also heard of side-blocking the snout as the pig begins to bite. This is what pigs do to each other to deter biting and it’s their natural response to stop if they are blocked on the side of the snout as he is biting. Obviously this is difficult for many reasons, primarily due to the timing of it, but it might be worth a shot.

      Make sure you are rewarding him with gentle pats and even a treat when he is being a good boy and then when he bites make sure you act completely opposite and put him away. Even if time outs don’t help, he does need to understand something is taken away when he acts like that and that includes free reign.

      Good luck – I am so sorry for your frustration!

  19. Lexsy

    Hi! So I just got my little pig, his name is Louie. Before I got him I knew he was going to be sunburned, and his back is very scabby. But they are coming off when i put neosporen & aloe on him. But he keeps getting dirty, even though he stays inside, It’s like an orangey color & he’s constantly itching himself. So I’m not sure what to do! Next, he doesn’t want to sleep at night, he screaches all night unless I let him get in the bed with me. He would sleep all throughout the day though if I would let him. I need help!

    1. minipig Post author

      Ahh that is frustrating! As for Louie’s skin, that’s a good idea and also try baby creamy oil and some flax seed capsules that you open up and mix with mini pig pellets once a day (links to these products listed on my FAQ and how to prepare for a mini pig page).

      If this continues though you will need to get it checked to make sure it’s not anything more than dry skin. When you say it’s orange that makes me think it could be mange and that needs to be managed. Do NOT bathe Louie much (once a month is fine) due to this dry skin.

      The sleeping…I get this problem presented to me often. You need to make sure Louie cannot hear anyone or anything to wake him up. He should be closed up in a small confined area and you need to start a bedtime routine so he gets the idea that it’s bedtime and there will be no food until morning. Make sure there is a litter box too in case he has to use it. Nap time is fine during the day, little pigs need it, so don’t try to take that away but maybe provide some more stimulation closer to dinner time to tire him out! Whatever he does do not go in during the night until morning so he doesn’t think he will get heat he wants πŸ™‚

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  21. Emily

    Hello, I have had my mini pig for 1 year or more. She has gotten fairly big (which I don’t mind at all) and because of her size my family has decided to keep her in the backyard most of the time. We have built a house for her to lay outside but for the last few months she has had this very destructive habit of banging on my backyard door!!! I have tried everything to stop her I spray her with water any time she does it to let her know it’s wrong, but it hasn’t been working at all…and it wouldn’t bother us if it was just a little knock but it seriously sounds like a person trying to break in!!! She’s bent the door already at the bottom..I’ve tried everything from fencing it to spraying her to ignoring her and nothing is working :((….I feed her several times a day and always keep fresh water out there and we do let her in for a while each day to hang out with us or we go out there with her…I just don’t know what to do its really been stressing me out and making me emotional especially since I’m 3 months pregnant πŸ™ please someone help I don’t want to give her up I do love her but lately my parents want to get rid of her and I don’t want to πŸ™

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Emily, I am so sorry to hear this. What a frustrating situation.

      First of all, it’s definitely a case of your piggy feeling left out. As often as you may be with her, she’s decided it’s not enough and most pigs will come to the same conclusion. There really is never enough time to pet them which makes life difficult.

      Is there any way you could have devoted lengths of time for her to spend inside? Not just every once in a while but say a few hours a day, spread throughout the day? She is most likely having a difficult time adjusting to being put outside permanently though of course due to her size that makes sense.

      If this is possible, try to spend as much of that time as possible just being with her or letting her sleep inside; essentially just try to make her as comfortable and happy as possible inside when she comes in and then when it’s time to go back out to her space, just use reassuring words and praise her. On top of that, it might help to try to give her a treat when she gets into her little house outside so she associates that with something positive. Maybe a dog Kong toy that you fill with frozen peanut butter or maybe fruit frozen into ice cubes, etc. Something that she won’t devour in a second.

      You’ve said you tried fencing and I would have suggested something like that but it obviously has to be strong to withstand the strong piggy snout. If you have the possibility, there must be some kind of deeper built in fencing that would prevent her from getting to the door. I know this isn’t cheap but it’s a very possible option. There are also pre-built enclosures that are fully fenced in on all sides with a door to get in and out. I’m not sure how expensive these are but they would be an ideal option, you might even be able to find one on Craigslist. I think they are just called fenced in pet enclosures or something similar.

      It’s not good to be stressed, especially in your situation! I’d give what I suggested a try but that enclosure might be the best and only permanent solution to stop her from getting to the door.

      Good luck, let me know how it goes!

  22. Rebecca

    HI , i have two 2 weeks old mini pig males. General Lee and Anuby. My problem is General gets mad after bottle feeding and attacks me bites my hand clothes what evr he can get ahold of.And he has little sharp teeth. Has broke the skin. What can i do to stop him doing this? And what age can i get them fixed? The breeder said that they where ok to leave mom but i think not.

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks for contacting me. Two weeks is definitely way too young to leave their mom and it’s terrible the breeder informed you otherwise. They are extremely fragile at this age and without their mom it is important to make sure they are fed enough and are looked after all day long.

      As for the biting at this age, that is very early but it might be that your pig is still hungry. Most pigs have a hard time feeling full but if your pig at this young age is acting aggressively when he is done eating it is probably a sign that he wants – possibly needs – more. I would try to increase the amount he gets and also keep a very close watch to make sure they are not lethargic at all. Two weeks is a huge responsibility!

      Good luck, keep in touch.

  23. Karmen

    I have a mini pig that will be 2 years old in June. She just started chewing on stuff a few days ago. She will find dirty clothes and drag them all to her bed and lay on them or tear them trying to make her bed just right.

    She has never done this before so I was unsure if she is getting teeth or just a behavior that just came about.
    Any suggestions or advice would be great.

    1. minipig Post author

      Hello and thanks for your visit. Pigs grow teeth up until around two years old so it is possible that your pig is uncomfortable and trying to ease the pain as permanent teeth grow in. I would suggest giving her something healthy to chew, perhaps a dog toy or bone or a toy you can fill with frozen peanut butter to keep your pig stimulated. Ice cubes might even help to relieve any pain and keep your pig stimulated while crunching on them.

      The other possibility is that your pig is acting out πŸ™‚ If anything has changed, try to identify exactly what changes have been made. If not, she could be bored or she could be wanting more comfort (therefore taking clothes to her bed).

      I would suggest trying to provide some kind of food related stimulation first to make sure it’s not her teeth and also seeing if you can give her something of yours or a special blanket that would be okay to do with as she pleases. Good luck!

  24. Amy

    I just got an 8 month old mini pig. She was a little shy at first but started to get used to us. Now whenever I go near her she oinks really loud and fast and chased after me, when she gets to my she bites me really hard. I don’t know why she doesn’t seem to like me

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Amy,

      I’m sorry to hear this. It sounds like your piggy needs to adjust to her new home, nothing personal against you. This is very normal since pigs do not like change and since she doesn’t know or trust you yet. It takes a while for a pig to feel safe and to establish a bond so you need to start as if she were a newborn pig. Read the steps I have laid out on the FAQ page since it goes through all that.

      Patience with pigs is the most important thing so just take it slowly and spend some quality bonding time with her. Hopefully she will begin to feel safe and happy very soon!

  25. Kassandra D

    Hello, I’ve owned a micro mini pig named Wilson for about two weeks or so now, actually coming up on three weeks. He was born March 3rd and I picked him up I think April 5th. He lives with myself, my boyfriend, and his twelve year old daughter, Wilson seems to be very affectionate, he wants to root on us constantly (I assume rooting is a sign of endearment?) however he likes to nip at or try to bite fingers, hands, and toes. I have tried saying a firm loud NO or BAD, and then I will usually give him a firm (but not aggressive) push. I think I read somewhere that pigs respond to being pushed away. So faaar, he doesn’t take any of this as a no. He has bit me three times already on the hand and I don’t particularly mind (I have had cats and dogs bite me before) but I am mainly concerned about him biting the 12 year old or possibly any friends of our family, once we have him out and about on a harness…any suggestions? Is it possibly that he is teething? Will this pass? He is never in harm’s way or as far as I can tell not afraid when he bites. He can be playfully wagging his tail or sitting in either of our laps and then suddenly he’ll bite for no reason. =/ I want to try to shut it down early but I don’t know how to address it. Any advice would be incredibly helpful!

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi and thanks for your comment!

      Yes, rooting is definitely a sign of endearment, safety and trust which is a huge compliment from Wilson to you. Biting is not though! He is testing the limits and at this age is definitely teething so when he bites, tell him that is not okay (gently move his snout to the side to mimic pig behavior) and give him something he can chew on. Not food because that would reinforce his behavior but a toy, a blanket, something to divert him away from you. If he does it again, tell him no and out him in his room or space.

      If he does it and gets away with it often enough he will think it’s okay so make sure YOU show him who is top pig. Good luck!

  26. future piggy owner

    Hello there! I have done a LOT of research over the past few months on getting a teacup/mini/micro/ whatever they wabnt to call them pig. I actually learned a lot of very helpful info from researching, and a big thing I learned is that the breeders are shady. I think Ive found a good one and want to move forward with them, but I keep seeing people post about a breeder in TX and I want to make sure it’s not the one Im going to use. (I also realize that if possible its best to adoopt from a shelter but given what I need at the time a breeder is the way I must go, so theres another reason I want ot make sure Im using a reputable one.
    I’m thinking about using Texas Tiny Pigs. is that where you got yours from? (anyone feel free to answer that!) and what was your experience. I want to make sure I’m not using a shady one. Again Ive done a lot of research on them and all of the reviews seem VERY positive, and it looks like they definitely keep in touch with their customers and are invested in the piggies they send off to loving families. IVe looked on Yelp and saw nothign but good things, and of course their website has great storuies but cmon… its their website. I just wanted to know if anyone has had experience with texas tiny pigs and can vouch for them, and if you want to tell me which ones to absolutely stay away from I will absolutely appreciate that as well!
    (Ive narrowed it down quite a bit off of reviews and lack of REAL answers to my questions.)
    thanks a lot!

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Tommy and thanks for your visit! I’m so happy to hear you’ve done your research. I did not get Coccolino from Texas Tiny Pigs but have heard of them. I can’t attest to their credibility at all (and I couldn’t attest to any breeder’s credibility) but when it comes to a breeder you really have to go with your gut. Ask for as much information as possible from a few breeders and see how you feel after that.

      Maybe you could ask to speak to someone that got a pig from them. You can ask the breeder themselves (and just try to trust they are being honest in sending you a name of someone) or post it on Yelp or something.

      Good luck and please do keep me posted!

    2. Anonymous

      My piggy Mahoney (3 years old) is a Texas Tiny Pig! The TTP breeder was easy to work with and very helpful when answering all of my questions pre – piggy shipment. Mahoney flew from Texas to our home (Pittsburgh, Pa) with no problems at all. My only complaint about the breeder is their “availability” post piggy’s arrival. I have emailed them on a few occasions (litter training, introducing a 2nd pet, etc.)with little to no luck in getting a response. As far as our Mahoney… His parents are Bubblicious and Stud Muffin. So,his build is similar to a small beagle and he weighs around 25 lbs. And he had the sweetest personality. I hope this helps as you make your decision on a piggy

    3. Sarah Miller

      Hey Tommy!
      I got my Lola from Texas Tiny Pigs. I did my research, picked out Lola (formerly known as Izzy), paid for her and then waited to be contacted. I had to contact them 2 days later. Lola was supposed to be shipped out that Friday morning. I took off work and had cleared my whole memorial day weekend in order to be home with Lola. I got a very unprofessional TEXT from the owner of TTP saying she had plans and wouldn’t be shipping Lola until MONDAY! I was FURIOUS!!! Then I was supposed to get Lola at 3:55 PM….I didn’t end up getting her until after midnight that night!! I am first time pig owner so I had a lot of questions and needless to say they have fallen on deaf ears! The owners name is Savannah and when you can get a hold of her she is a doll, however you can never get a hold of her! So I have taken to the internet to answer most of my questions.
      Now on to happier things. I LOVE LOLA!! She is perfect and healthy and I can really tell she was taken care of before I got her! The last 3 weeks with her have been joyful & difficult at times. In my personal opinion Texas Tiny Pigs is a very good breeder who just needs to hire a secretary πŸ™‚ Hope this helps!

  27. Amber

    Hello we are having a hard time transitioning our juliane pig to piggy pellets. When we got her she was still being bottle fed, she is 3 months old and still just wants her milk. Shell eat a little bit of the pellets bu tnot enough, I feel so bad because I have read that a hungry pig will eat them and I try hand feeding them, putting her snout to the dish, everything, pouring milk on them, she just sucks the milk out. I don’t know what else I should do or is it ok to cont her formula milk until she is ready?? Please help
    thanks so much

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Amber and thanks for your comment. If you look back at some of the comments on the FAQ page, you’ll find several dealing with this same issue! You will find detailed instructions there (on the FAQ page on this blog) but suffice it to say that she is being a little pigheaded and is definitely ready for pellets πŸ™‚ Please look on the FAQ page to see how to best transition her but she is definitely ready!

  28. Sarah Miller

    I am first time pig owner, and I just bought my Lola. She is exactly 8 weeks old. I was wondering if you had any tricks to the trade about getting her comfortable with being in a harness and on a leash? We don’t have a fenced in back yard and I have to fight with her just to pick her up to take her outside. I’m sure my neighbors think I am killing something over here with the way she carries on. Then trying to “catch” her to bring her in is another chore. Am I trying to take her outside too early? I have noticed ever since we started taking her outside she has more accidents in her area then before. Also, she has been having accidents in the same spots in my house. I know she has a very good sense of smell. Is there any cleaner you would suggest to use to maybe get her to stop thinking that’s a place to potty. I have tried barricading the areas so she can not get to them and then she goes potty to the closest part I haven’t blocked. We are still in the bonding stages in my house and things are getting a little tense with trying to get through to her. Any help would be appreciated!

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Sarah and thanks for your comment. You are better off to leash and harness train her as early as possible so she gets used to it. It is not easy to get them in a harness! Make sure you have a harness that your pig can just walk onto and clip on top. To get her to stand in the right spot, put some treats right in front of the holes for the feet. This will take several tries probably! Keep at it. She just needs to understand where to go potty so make sure you use a consistent term so she understands. Take her to the same place outside and say “potty” and if she happens to go, get overly excited.

      As for the cleaning, it is very difficult and we have had this problem (still do sometimes). You need a good enzyme cleaner. Nothing we have used has worked well enough to recommend so if you find something please share πŸ™‚

  29. Anonymous

    My mini pig Gilbert is 3 months old and weighs around 2.5 lbs I’m just not sure how much I should be feeding him and how many snacks (lettuce,spinach,carrots) he should have a day?

    1. minipig Post author

      Aww sweet tiny little piggy! Usually the vet advises 1/4 cup of pellets twice a day at this age/weight with several snacks in between. Avoid fruits because they are too caloric/sugary and go for the veggies you suggested. Kale, lettuce, spinach, grass! Carrots and celery are great too. I would feed him breakfast early in the morning around 6:30/7 am, offer a snack around 11 am, another snack around 2 pm and then dinner around 4/4:30 pm. Get in touch with any questions!

      1. Anonymous

        My breeder told me to feed him 12% protein horse pellets he said the mini pig youth food is to fatty do u think that’s true ?

        1. minipig Post author

          No, definitely not! The mini pig youth food is made especially for mini pigs, taking into consideration all the protein they need and eliminating unnecessary fat. I would absolutely stick with the mini pig pellets and supplement with green veggies.

  30. Anya

    Hi there,

    A little more than a year ago my sister bought a mini-pig but now has to give him away because she just had a baby and can’t take care of him. Since I have fallen in love with Bacon, I am taking him to live with me. I just have some concerns that maybe you can help me with:

    My sister never trained him at all, so he is not potty trained. What is the best way to train him to go in the litter box once I bring him home? I have read that I move his wee-wee pad closer and closer to the litter box gradually, but I am concerned that since he is already almost 1 and a half years old this will not work.

    Another issue is his skin is very dry, and this makes him very itchy. Is this a common issue? What can I do to help him not be so uncomfortable? I have started putting mineral oil on him but it doesn’t seem to help him much and also he just gets oil everywhere because his hair is so coarse that the oil doesn’t end up penetrating his skin.

    And lastly, how do I maintain his hooves? My sister files them but I am wondering if that is really the best way.

    Thanks so much!

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Anya, what a good sister you are! Glad to hear you will be able to take Bacon.

      So, just a heads up, pigs aren’t fond of change. So if you experience any extra difficulties the first week or two he is with you, just know that he needs to adjust and find his comfort zone.

      As for potty training, this might be a difficult task at first if he has gone wherever he has wanted to for his whole life. You are going to have to start over as if he were a baby piglet and train him. This means limiting his free reign until you have seen him go to the bathroom. The good news is that he is capable of holding his bladder at this age.

      If you don’t want to teach him to go outside and want him to go in the litter box, then you will just need to teach him how to go there. That won’t be too difficult though you’ll have to expect some accidents in the beginning.

      What you should do is limit his space to a very small area and once you have seen that he has gone potty, you can give him more free reign. So his “space” should include an area for a bed/blankets, a bowl for water and on the other side of this small space should be his litter box. I wouldn’t put too many wee pads around or else he will get more confused. In the small space, he will probably understand where he needs to go potty. To help him, you can take a wee pad that he has used and place it or even some of it in the litter box so he understands he should go there. Just keep at this until he goes and when he does make sure you make a big deal of it. Placing a bunch of wee pads all over will simply allow him to think he can go wherever he wants.

      As for the skin, most pigs have dry skin. Just rub baby lotion oil on his skin and also give him flax seed oil capsules. Take one capsule a day and open it up, spilling the liquid contents on the mini pig pellets. He will never taste it and it should help a bit.

      The hooves will need to be done by a vet most likely unless you are able to clip them yourself. You can file but eventually they get very thick and need to be clipped with a special machine the vet has.

      Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  31. Blair Curtis

    Hello I have a 3 month old female named Rosie. She is a very sweet girl but mainly at night gets really loud and will only stop if we feed her. We try not to until it gets bad enough where she has waken up one or both of the kids from squealing. We give her a 1/2cup in the morning and 1/2 cup in the evening. I’m not really sure what to do at this point and why she freaks out!? I don’t want to over feed and make her get really big. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi and thanks for your comment. I completely understand. I think the problem might have started for one reason but has become another. Since she got food from her behavior, she understood that every time she does that she will get more food.

      I relate to not wanting to wake the kids as I have had that problem too. Unfortunately the only thing to do at this point is to stop going in and feeding her at night. I offer lots of veggies throughout the day to my piggy and I would recommend doing that too. They will just be a little extra. Maybe as you put her to bed, you can offer her some lettuce bunches or spinach or kale. Just do not go in after she is in bed and give her more food.

      I know it will be hard and an adjustment. Maybe a sound machine could help (for the kids). I really think she was getting upset because she wanted attention or something else and then she started to realize she could get more food by acting that way. So if you can try to stop giving her food after she is in bed, that will eventually solve the problem!

  32. Sarah miller

    If you are worried about over feeding her try breaking up her feeding to smaller doses. Instead of giving her half a cup 2 times a day give her 1/4 a cup 3 to 4 times a day. I always feed my lola her last pellet meal when I put her to bed. I also give her a few cherrios through out the day. A couple grapes. And she loves cucumbers! ! If you have to feed her before bed I say do it just be careful of over feeding

    1. minipig Post author

      Yes, great points and suggestions. I would just say no matter how you choose to feed her during the day, once she is in bed for good, don’t give in and give her more to get her to be quiet or you’ll regret it for the long term πŸ™‚

  33. Crystal

    I have an 8 week old Juliana/Micro mix. I am just wondering how much Mazuri feed I should be giving him at this age. There is so much misleading and mixed information out there I am not sure what to believe.

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi, I understand how you feel. How much does your piggy weigh? Typically the rule of thumb is 1/4-1/2 cup of food twice a day with supplements of vegetables up to 20 pounds. After that, you need to increase the amount of pellets but I am assuming at 8 weeks your pig is under 20 pounds.

  34. Makenzi

    HI! My micro mini pig, Butters, wakes me up every morning at 4:00 a.m. He screams (and we all know how wonderful piggy screams can be) and screams until I let him out. I know it’s teaching him to get his way if I let him out but I have let him go up to an hour without ANY letting up on the screaming. He then gets out of his crate and cries until I feed him. I have tried keeping him up later, feeding him later, or letting him sleep in the bed and nothing seems to help. I can’t wake up before 4 am to let him out so he knows it’s not okay to demand his way…but I can’t let him out just because he is crying. He normally falls back asleeep around 6 after his tummy is full. During the day he is very independent. If we call him over he plays but if not he entertains himself so it’s strange that he is so demanding in the am….any suggestions?

  35. Kassandra

    Hola! I have written to you before about my pig Wilson, who at the time was fairly young and was biting. Luckily he seems to do that less and less and only lightly nibbles nowadays (like when you extend food to him)-however unfortunately I am experiencing a new situation.

    Wilson is approximately six months old now and we have noticed this is a constant that we try to maintain and handle. He has a larger litter box that he can get in and out of with ease, it’s in an accessible location, and we tidy it up each day or just about whenever he goes in it. But we notice the slightest change to the room will cost him to start to go on the floor, primarily the carpet. He seems to stop and start at random- now nothing has changed in the room for a few weeks but we notice he has started to go on the carpet again- and when he is very excited, he’ll urine a little as he walks about the house. He is neutered- and we have treated the carpet in every way possible to dissuade him from going on it. We have encouraged him to go outside whenever we have him outside- sometimes he’ll go out there, sometimes he won’t, and we are never harsh or punishing when he does go where he shouldn’t. I read somewhere that that won’t work, it’ll only make him think the action itself is negative, although in actuality it’s the action outside of his litter box is negative. Everything I have read says by six months they should have much more control over their bladder and bowels however this doesn’t seem to be the case. Any suggestions? I love him dearly but I’m scratching my head as to how to prevent this from occurring.

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi there, I completely understand what you’re going through as Coccolino went through a long phase like this – and he sometimes revisits that phase to my dismay. First, just to clarify, pigs really don’t have control of their bladder until ten months. They get better and better control but not full control until about ten months.

      That said, it sounds more like a habit than a necessity. Going on the carpet is a favorite for pigs. The only way to really change this is to not allow Wilson to go on the carpet. I know that’s hard but the scent of his accident there, even the faintest scent, will encourage him to pee again. So either don’t let him on the carpet at all or make sure he has JUST peed and then allow him on only for a little bit, like 20 minutes, before you take him off again. It is sometimes necessary to restart the training process again. Or it might be that you have to change him only to outside and stop the litter box altogether!

      Good luck!

  36. Aubrey Cunningham

    Hello! My name is Aubrey and we just got our new mini a few days ago and we are new owners. I did my research and thought I was ready for “Daphne” to come home. We got her from people that couldn’t have her because they didn’t check their zoning laws. They worked with her andgot her to start potting outside and she never had accidents at their house. The first night she was great and now she has had two or three pee accident s inside. I see that they are supposed to have boundaries and I thought I set up good enough ones but just like I read in your other comments, they will potty in corners and will ho back to that same spot every time. And that’s what she has done. How do I help her not go inside? I feel bad because she wasn’t doing this at her other home.

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Aubrey. Don’t feel bad; this isn’t your fault at all. First, I am so glad you were able to take her since she wasn’t able to stay at her old home! Second, pigs are very uncomfortable with change so it will take her a bit to adjust like a week or two. That time is crucial to help her avoid accidents.

      Although she is potty trained for the most part, you might have to start the process over since this is a new environment. Make sure her small area is only pig enough for a bed, bowl of water and a litter box if that’s what you want. If not, just a bed and water is okay. So, just like a puppy, you will want to train her that she needs to pee and/or poop and then she gets free reign. If she doesn’t pee or poop, don’t let her out. You will have to let her go frequently since pigs need to and for the first 10-15 minutes after she goes, let her play freely. Then let her out again or put her in her little space. You just need time and lots of patience but with your piggy it sounds like an adjustment issue more than anything. Good luck!

  37. Eliciana Moreno

    Hi, I just adopted a 6 month old micro mini pig about a week ago. His name is Bentley and he is starting to bite and pee and poop outside of his litter box. He was doing really good when we first got him and he only went in the box but recently he will poop in the box but pee on the floor then switch the next day, pee In the box and poop on the floor. He also bites my family members, me not so much. After he go’s potty on the floor, he then tries to be all lovely Dovey and cuddle with me. Does that mean he is acting out? What should I do to get him to listen to me?

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi there. It sounds like you might need to offer your pig the option to go potty outside. Sometimes pigs like to pee in the litter box but poop outside and it might be that Bentley doesn’t like to do both in the box. If you can offer him the chance to go outside, that might work. Also, keep in mind that they really cannot control their bladders until around ten months old so he might just be going where and when he has to. If you are only litter box training your pig, it might be tougher because you will have to place him in the litter box every 20 or so minutes when you’re training. Surely he won’t need to go this often, depending on his water intake, but you have to try to catch it and prevent accidents.

      As for biting, your other family members probably need to bond with him a little more. It seems like he is really looking to you for bonding and not your family member so try to encourage them to spend some time petting your pig while he is sleeping and relaxed and offering treats for good behavior. Then he will associate them with positive actions.

      He is most likely not acting out. He is very young and needs to be taught and also needs to know who is in charge there: you and your family. Teach him to also listen to your family members.

  38. Jenn

    Hello! I love looking at your blog about Cocco. How often do you feed? Our pig, Oliver is adamant that I feed him all the time. I have noticed that he’s looking a little chunky. I don’t want to be overfeeding, but I also don’t want to underfeed him either. I was just curious what you did. We feed fruits, veggies and mazuno pig pellets. Thanks! Jenn

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Jenn! Thanks so much for your comment. I feed Cocco two times a day, 1/2 cup of pellets each time. I feed him lots of vegetables throughout the day and a little after his last meal too, not to mention all the “up for grabs” he gets from my kids.

      The best way to gage if your pig is healthy is not by how much you feed him but by how he looks. If he is looking a little thin by his hips, he needs more. If he is looking uncomfortably big or dragging a bit, he is probably eating too much and/or not getting enough exercise.

      The first thing to do for your pig is to cut out the fruits. They are full of lots of sugar, which is caloric for your pig. Vegetables, especially green ones, are the best. So try to cut out the fruit and see if that makes a difference. If not, you might want to decrease just a tiny bit of the pellets from each meal but not enough for him to get upset or notice. It’s all about how a pig looks so just try to make sure he looks healthy. I usually just go by what my vet says. Good luck!

  39. Christine

    I have a year old micro mini/juliana pig named Hamlet. I’m having a hard time keeping him entertained. He doesn’t seem to like to play with toys but he gets quite bored and starts to whine. I bought several different kinds of toys for him and even made toys for him. He has a short attention span. What can I do to keep him entertained inbetween training sessions?

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi and thank you for your comment. One of my husband’s gripes about a pet pig is that he won’t play at all.

      The best way I’ve found to keep a pig entertained and busy is to incorporate some food into the playtime. As I have mentioned elsewhere, a plastic bin can serve as a rooting box and just fill it with some ball pit plastic toy balls (like for kids) and then throw some pellets or cheerios in. It will keep your pig busy and tire him out!

      Another thing to do is to get a toy that makes your pig work for the treats like a Kong or something that you hide a treat within and he has to figure out how to get it out. We have also taken a milk carton and poked holes in it and filled it with some treats. We strung it up on a doorknob and Coccolino had to try to knock it to get the treats out. He would tire out and go back to it, tire out and go back to it.

      Pigs really revolve around food as a stimulation so you can get creative in that way.

      1. Christine

        Thanks for the quick reply! A rooting box I never thought of. I’ll definitely have to try that. I’ll try anything at this point. He just gets so bored so quickly and expects for me to constantly snuggle and entertain him. Right now I’m planning my wedding and have a lot of crafty things I need to get done. I find as soon as I get busy with something hamlet if off in a corner wrecking something or pooping and peeing to get my attention.
        Thanks for your advice! I love your website by the way. I like checking your coco updates!

        1. minipig Post author

          Thank you so much and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Yes, they do demand a bit of attention. If you can throw him a little kong or a treat ball that makes him work, it might keep him busy!

  40. jolynn

    Have a 4 week old mini pig and I had bought an enclosure for her. It’s one of those baby gates that’s octagon shape and block off a large area. She has her crate, food, water and litter pan and toys… she absolutely hates it!!!!! She tried climbing out, and moves it with her snout. The first day I had her I watched her and made sure she didn’t get hurt by falling off the side or that she didn’t get out, but I hadn’t realized she was rubbing her snout raw. So, I let her out and let her roam around. She found our couch and now as soon as I let her out she jumps up there n goes to sleep… am I spoiling her by not keeping her in her enclosure? She is crated at bed time and when we leave, Im just scared to leave her roam in the enclosure because She’s going to hurt herself.

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi, I definitely know what you mean about moving the enclosure with her snout! Coccolino does the same thing with his (outside) but has learned how to do it without actually rubbing his snout raw.

      As long as she is not having potty accidents, I don’t see the harm in letting her out. But the second she has an accident, you will have to change this. As long as she is sometimes confined to a small area so she gets used to it when it’s necessary, I don’t see it being a problem letting her enjoy a cozy couch to sleep on πŸ™‚

  41. Kate Bridgers

    Hi, I’ve been thinking about adopting a pig for a while now. I live in a place with about 1 acre of land, and I was wondering if it would be okay if I trained a pig to be half indoor and half outdoor. I looked at many pictures of potbellied pigs online, but yours look different, why is that? Is training a pig harder than training a dog? Is it common for pigs to bite? I love animals and I’m a proud vegan, but I’m afraid I’ll end up with a huge pig. I was wondering why your pigs are a lot smaller than most pigs? I don’t want to fall in love with an animal and I’m enough I can’t keep it, even though I have a lot of land I don’t have enough room for huge pig. I hope you can answer my questions
    thanks –Kate

    1. minipig Post author

      Hmm I’m not sure why Cocco would look different. Maybe the color? Training a pig is not hard; they are very smart. However, it does require lots of patience because they are also very stubborn!

      Half indoor/outdoor is fine as long as they are provided for in the inclement weather. That means a closed area with plenty of straw to burrow in and fresh water.

      It is not common for pigs to bite but each pig has its own personality so that’s tough to say. They need to be dealt with immediately if they bite, just like a dog.

      It is impossible to really know how big a pig will get and breeders’ promises that they will only be 25-30 pounds are not reliable. I always suggest to anyone that really wants a pig to be prepared to keep it no matter the size. If size is an issue, I would strongly suggest thinking about another pet or waiting because it is just impossible to tell how big they will get πŸ™

  42. Tiffany s

    Hello, I am needing help! I have a mini pig that will be a year dec 15th! Well for the last month he has entirely quit using his liter box and pees half of the time outta his box as well! Needless to say it is creating quite the struggle on my relationship and am affraid it might be my mini pig that has to go if I do not get some help! I got him a bigger litter box when he started not using his old one.. Well that did not help he is still going on the floor! We have recently bought a black rubber mat to put in his pen to get him off of the cold tile floor but now I think that his scent is on it that is why he has quit using his box. But he stands in his box a lot I just do not get it! He has been great for such a long time but he is destroying my floor! I need help getting him back on being potty trained I just don’t get why at 11 months old he is having accidents!!!

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi there, I know how frustrating it is! It sounds like he would rather be going outside as many pigs much rather go potty outside than in the box. Is that possible?

      1. Tiffany s

        It could be but it’s 20 degrees as a high right now in ohio… How cold is too cold? And how do I go about that type of training?

        1. Crystal

          I too live in Ohio a suburb of cleveland it gets very cold out here but my Charlotte will not even attempt to step foot in a harness nor outside. I even bought her a coat lol plus we are having a hard time getting her to go in her litter box she will go poo in it then I immediately clean it up then let her out for good behavior to play and yet she will go pee any where there is carpet even if she went pee in the litter box as well. We are so frustrated she is only 9 weeks old and I hate to see her caged up all day long but I don’t know what else to do…

          1. minipig Post author

            Carpets are so frustrating. Pigs love to pee on carpets! You don’t have to leave her caged up but you should make sure you don’t let her have free reign until you have seen her pee and preferably poop though they don’t usually do that at the same time. Cocco loved to pee and poop on the carpet and we had to completely restrict him from going on the carpet for a long time until he had better control of his bladder. Pigs need a good ten months before they are in better control. Stop this behavior early on from preventing her from going on the carpet. If you have a small bathroom or laundry room or even part of the kitchen that isn’t carpeted, just put a gate there to block off some space and after she has peed then let her out for a limited amount of time before you put her back in her litter box or outside (in a play yard or enclosure where you would pick her up and put her in) and tell her to go potty. Sometimes leaving a small amount of the pee or poop in litter box or enclosure helps them to go.

        2. minipig Post author

          I’m so sorry I didn’t see this comment until now! Pigs do not like cold or snow but just like dogs if they have to go outside to do their business you should try to put on a coat and leave them out only long enough to do it. What I would suggest is getting a play yard/enclosure that you can cover with a plastic tarp or something that keeps a little cover and a little sheltered spot outside. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just good enough to prevent the pig from having to go in mounds of snow. Put this right outside the best access door you have and try to let him out to pee and poop as often as you think he needs to get it. Maybe by the door you could put a bell and touch his snout to the bell right before going out so he associates the bell with going potty and will learn to do this on his own (with time). Put him in this enclosure (if close enough to the door hopefully you won’t need a harness or leash) and if possible have his remnants of pee/poop in there so he understands. Keep him out only as long as he goes and reward him right after he does.

  43. Rachel

    Hello, I am new to this site and was hoping I could get some insight on my pig.

    Her name is sweet pea and she is 6 weeks old, I just brought her home yesterday and for the majority of her time her so far she has been in a laundry type room with her bed, blankets, litter box, food and water bowl. The only thing she does is walk around and grunt the whole time, she hasn’t really ate anything, she wouldn’t eat her food or any of the treats I’ve tried to give her. She has started jumping in my lap and laying down when I go sit in the floor with her but other then that she runs from me if I get close and just grunts. Is this normal since she is new? And will she get better and stop grunting so much? I just wanna mAke sure everything is okay and that this is normal.

    1. minipig Post author

      Yes it is normal that she is a little scared and needs to adjust. She definitely needs to be eating though. I am hoping she is eating by now. If not please contact a vet asap because young pigs cannot go long without food and it needs to be addressed.

  44. Kayla

    Hi, I just got my mini pig yesterday she will be a month old Wednesday. I Have a few questions. In the day I’ve had her she’s pretty much slept the whole time. I couldnt get her to eat then finally around 10:30 when I had her laying down with me she started moving her snout on my hand so I figured she must be ready for food now, is that normal? Also when I call around for vets since it would be a good idea to have one what do I look for? The lady I got Buttercup from doesn’t seem very helpful. Also how can I litter box train her? I noticed on all the comments and answers people were asking how much to feed their piggy well from what I’ve read it seems like mine is still pretty young how much should I feed her daily? The lady told me last night she wouldn’t eat out of my hand but that’s the first thing she done. How long will it take her to trust me? I know I have a lot of questions but Im not sure where else to get them answered. Thank you for your time.

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi there. Your pig is very young and should still very much be nursing or at least having milk replacement. She might be weak if not eating. Is she on solids yet? Seems early but it’s very possible and hopefully she will build her appetite. If she is not eating much though she absolutely needs to be seen by a doctor, asap. Pigs are so fragile when this young. If she isn’t eating, try goat milk.

      As for litter training, please read through all my FAQ. Basically just start with putting a sample of your pig’s urine/poop in there to help form the association.

      Good luck, I really hope you can find a vet somewhat nearby that can help you as your breeder does not seem very helpful. It’s not always easy to find a vet trained in dealing with pet pigs so just try to contact various farm vets around or even more rural mainstream vets and ask them for suggestions.

  45. Kayla

    She is eating solids I feed her mazuri mini pig food the youth one. My sis Is a groomer and she actually found a vet in my town for me so I called them they asked me to come in they said so far she’s fine but there could be a chance of her getting sick so they put her on antibiotics just in case. She’s actually been using a litter box pretty good she jumps out when she’s done. I’m feeling better about her now I was really worried. I do feel like she’s pretty young though.

    1. minipig Post author

      Oh good, that’s great that she is eating and that you have found a vet. As long as she is eating and warm, she should be fine if you can stay on top of it. Good luck and enjoy her!

  46. Katie

    Hi, my name is Katie and I have a pot belly pig who’s not really that old. My boyfriend didn’t like him being inside because of him peeing everywhere. So he put him outside for a while. And he was fine a few days ago but now he won’t move or make sound nothing his just laying there limp. What do I do?

    1. minipig Post author

      Have you checked him since you put him outside a few days ago? Is he breathing? I’m not sure where you are located but you cannot put a baby outside with no protection against the weather. Please let me know if he is breathing. You should call a vet asap.

  47. Jessica

    Hi, we just had our first litter of mini pigs a few weeks ago. I have spent time with them just about every day since they were born and they are still scared to death! I’m not letting them go to their new homes untill they are at least 8 weeks old, so I still have a couple of weeks left with them. I really need help on socializing them, I really don’t want them going to their new homes not being friendly! They are outside in a pen with their momma and I try to take them out 1 by 1 in a small pen with me, they’ll come up to me but wont eat any of the treats I try to give them (they are 4 weeks old). Any Advise?! I’m just worried their new parents wont want them if they aren’t friendly. I’ve read that a lot of breeders take them off their mommas early and bottle feed them, but I don’t believe that’s the right thing to do. any help would be great!!!

  48. pj zurich

    hello, my girlfriend are rookies to the piggy life. we purchased a pig from he is fixed and is a very sweet pig indeed. he says hello to people but its quite clear he only seems to halfway trust us. i say this because i see mini pigs being walked, petted, picked up without a hitch. if we are at home he wont fuss if i pick him up. my girlfriend gets squueels about half the time. we have had him for 3months now. he should trust us by now. in public or in the car he seems very nervous and it shows. its if we got a “tame” wild hog…its very bizzare. help please…i want this to work out.

    1. minipig Post author

      Hello, from what you are describing, you definitely got a very average/above average pig on a cooperative scale! Almost every pig I know of is scared to death of going in the car. As soon as I place my pig in the car, even before driving, he poops and pees all over. Suffice it to say that I don’t drive with my pig often!

      If your pig is squealing when he is being picked up, that is very normal. Pigs do not like to be picked up; it’s instinctual for them to feel fear when they are lifted. Remember their instinct tells them they are going to be someone’s dinner if they are lifted in the air.

      Many pigs do not enjoy being walked either and most pigs are a little wary when directly touched. It takes a lot of time and patience to establish a relationship with a pet pig but once your pig trusts you and feels comfortable, you will never get a more loving pet.

      Spend a lot of time on the floor with him, rubbing his belly and just holding him while on the floor. Feed him treats out of your hand. Work to establish his trust, that’s all you can do. It takes time but count yourself very lucky that you did not get an aggressive or biting pig – yours sounds very normal!

  49. Brittany

    Hi I am a new piglet owner his name is linus. I’ve been able to get him to come to me I can pick him up for a little bit as long as I have a treat but when I put him in his play pen he destroys it if I tell him no he does it more. What should I do? I’ve tried contacting the breeder but I get told the same thing or no answer. I’ve put him on his leash which he is not fond of in less I have a treat he runs around but doesn’t calm down so u can interact with him I’m having a lot of trouble. When my kids try to pet him on anything he squills very loud but won’t stop please give me advice. Thank you for your time.

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi, I’m so sorry for the delay as I’ve been away. Are you saying he destroys his play pen? Do you instead have a small area that you can gate off so that he can go in and out on his own without being picked up? That might make him feel more comfortable and secure instead of being lifted each time as that will only heighten his fear.

      Otherwise, try wrapping your pig in a blanket that keeps his legs tucked in so he isn’t dangling and use the same words of praise over and over when he is being good. A handful of cheerios might help.

      As for him running around, do you mean running away from you? If so, he might still be very scared. He needs some quiet time in a little blocked off room or part of a room (even a bathroom) where each member of the family can go in and pet him and talk softly to him while he is resting. No forcing him on a lap or forcing him up, just being with him while he is resting and comfortable. What he needs is to bond with each of you.

  50. Andrea

    HI- we just adopted our Pearl about three weeks ago and she does crawl into our laps and loves being with us. The main issue is that she bites us. I was holding her and walking her to her room when she bit me very hard on the arm. She also has bitten my daughters. I held her snout and told her firmly no, but am concerned that she is a biter and agressive. She is very stubborn and likes to shout when she doesnt get her way. She seems very young to display this kind of behavior. Do you have any thoughts?

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi and sorry for the delay! When pigs bite, it is because they feel scared or threatened. This is very normal and natural behavior and since she is very new to your family I would not worry at all. What she needs is to establish her boundaries and who is top rank in the family. Each of you in the family needs to assert that role so she knows she can’t get away with it.

      Is she mostly biting when she is being held? Is she biting when someone comes at her to pet her from behind? You need to establish a very safe and secure environment that adheres to her piggy mind. So this means to still be in control but to work within her comfort zone. So when you go to approach her, talk to her and don’t assume you can just go pet her face. Do it while she is resting and comfortable or sit with her and pet her. Pigs have a long period of adjustment and it takes a while to form a safe bond with them. So her biting is most likely because she has not felt completely safe in her new environment.

      I would start out from the beginning. If you have to hold your pig, wrap her in a blanket tightly so she is secure with her face out from your elbow so she cannot bite you. When you approach her, do so in front of her and if she seems to not want company, back off. It is not okay for your pig to bite but also realize she is biting out of fear or uncertainty.

  51. Kathy

    Just found your site and I have a question that’s probably been answered time and time again but here goes. Our Piggy (no name yet, what a shame!!) is a female, about 9 weeks old and probably 3 pounds at the present time. We’ve had her for 12 days. She HATES to be picked up. She’s fine once we pick her up and put her down somewhere else, but there’s no way we can hold her until she quietens down. I know she’s young, and scared, and everything is new to her but will this end? Do I sound like a new mom? I’m so scared we’re doing something wrong. I also don’t think she’s drinking enough water but twice a day she gets lamb’s milk replacer so she’s at least getting water in that. After we discontinue it in a week though, I’m afraid she’ll get dehydrated. I don’t think she likes her food either. I see poop and pee in her litter box (wood shavings that get changed daily) so I know her parts are all working. It’s just that I see everybody else cuddling their little darlings and I wonder if we’re socializing her correctly.

    Also tried searching for a forum and couldn’t find anything. Maybe we should start one!

    1. minipig Post author

      Hello there and sorry for the delay as I’ve been away.

      Yes you are a new pig mom! If you read back, you will see that this has been covered many times. It is VERY normal for your pig not to want to be picked up. Pigs are only lifted in the wild for means of prey and so your pig naturally feels threatened. As I’ve noted, you need to wrap your pig in a blanket very tightly so all the little hooves are covered and secured. Pigs do not like their feet dangling. Do not put your pig down while screaming or they will never learn to stop.

      You can try holding some cheerios or treats in your hand while holding her so she associates this act of being held in a positive note.

      Also, as for the concern for dehydration, you can mix your pig’s food with a little water so it’s all soggy. You can even make it soft with warm water but that might start a habit πŸ™‚ My pig only drinks water with his meal and rarely drinks in between.

  52. April

    Hello. We, my family and I, are considering getting a mini pig. Something I was wondering about is the sex of the pig. Is a male or female, as far as disposition, very different? In my experience with cats the males are usually more lovable as opposed to females. With dogs it doesn’t seem to matter the sex (again, in my experience). Ferrets are another one that sex doesn’t seem to matter. Thanks for your help.

    1. minipig Post author

      Honestly the gender when choosing a pet pig is not typically a big issue – unless you do not plan on having them spayed/neutered. You really should plan on getting your pig fixed and once fixed both are very good pets. Just keep in mind male pigs can be neutered earlier than female pigs can be spayed. Both fixed males and females are very loving and affectionate in the right environment and with some patience!

  53. Kate

    I need some SERIOUS help! Penelope is an 11 month old mini pot bellied pig. A few months ago she was perfect! She potties outside every time and lets us know when she needs to. She’s crate trained and loves her little “house”. We have it filled with soft blankets and she often goes in there on her own. She does tricks and walks on a leash with no problems. However, the past few months have been terrible! She SCREAMS when we pick her up. She SCREAMS to be let in at the back door and when we open it she doesn’t come in. I have to trick her with a bag to get her to step over the threshold. The past few weeks she has been having accidents in her crate (which NEVER happens). She is becoming a demon pig. Luckily she hasn’t been destroying anything, but she is becoming very hard to manage. My husband and I have had Pen since she was 8 weeks old and we have fallen in love with her. Here’s the other pickle. I am 6 months pregnant and last week we were snuggling on the couch and my husband came home from work. When he walked in the living room she freaked out and ran across my stomach leaving bruises. I am so scared she will do it again and maybe run across the baby. I know Penelope is a very needy little girl and she loves attention and I’m worried we aren’t giving her enough. We have three small dogs that she plays with but they haven’t really accepted her into their pack. She has tried several times to snuggle with them and they don’t like it, I am assuming because she’s a little rough with her nose. I am afraid she will only get worse once the baby arrives. Please…if you have any advice or things to try…I am open to just about anything at this point (besides spanking…I don’t do that)…I’m worried if we can’t fix what is happening soon we will have to find her a home, which will absolutely break my heart.


  54. Cecile

    My family has had a micro mini pig ever since she was just a couple weeks old, and she is just a cutie. She is now 4 years old I believe, so she knows where everything is, how we run the household, potty training, etc. Her name is Olive, and she is NOT neutered, so yes, she does go through rough phases every month or so. Olive does get very grumpy and very territorial during those times. Since we have had her for 4 years, she has definitely figured out who is the Momma of the house, which would be my mom. She is very smart and has never ever bitten my mom, but she has snapped at me before and my other family members. I know when she does not like to be bothered so I do not try to make her mad, but most of the times she is very friendly. I will be home alone and she tries to get my attention all the time by running around in circles and ‘barking’ almost just like a dog, but I know she is grunting. I always treat her when she has been very good and it seems to be a good reflection on her.

    But, my QUESTION is, how can I tell she really likes me or even loves me? She LOVES belly rubs and always wants me to giver her one, is that a sign? I will be sitting on the ground and she will come up and rub against me. When I am in the kitchen making breakfast or lunch, she will of course nudge me with her strong snout and beg for food. But sometimes she will snap at me…even after I give her a belly rub. Was the belly rub not good enough? I know that they can be very very sassy animals and somewhat stubborn (sometimes difficult to go on walks because all she wants to do is eat the acorns in my neighbors yard, and will NOT budge when we have spend 30 mins eating every acorn.) SO… who do you know that a pig likes their owner? In small signs? She loves it when we say “nosiieees!” and she usually lifts up her snout to touch noses. Sounds kinds gross, but she is very clean and just too cute!

    Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚ Thank you!

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi and thanks so much for your comment. Olive sounds like she has a strong bond with your mom. Pigs tend to respect and have the utmost love and loyalty for those that are “in charge.”

      Pigs sometimes snap out of fear, even if she knows you wouldn’t hurt her there is a chance you have caught her off guard or in a moment that she isn’t looking for affection. Always approach from the front and gage her mood before touching her. Pigs that are not neutered/spayed often are more difficult to deal with.

      The fact that she loves belly rubs is a very good sign as that is putting her in a vulnerable position and clearly she trusts you to allow you to pet her that way. All pigs typically nudge for food πŸ™‚ And yes it hurts! The snapping is just a reaction or a mood, it is not an indication of her overall feelings towards you so don’t be discouraged.

      If she gives you kisses and lets you rub her belly, I would say she loves you and sees you as a member of her family. It just sounds like she is trying to test whether you are “above” her in the hierarchy. Your mom is the top but she probably wants to be higher than you. Don’t be afraid of her as she will see this as her taking position over you. If you show her you are not afraid and if you are confident with her, you will take that spot.

      I’m so glad you love your pig that much!

  55. Shelly

    Hi I am looking to find out what age you should get a female miniature pig spayed. I have heard many different ages and wondering if it make a difference what age they should be done or if it can harm them done too early or too late?Thanks

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Shelly, only your vet can tell you based on your pig but they should be over six/seven months and under a year. It is a pretty invasive surgery and your vet can tell you more.

    2. amber arbucci

      yes, make sure you do. It is the most important thing as they will absolutely be uncontrollable later. It is too late once they get to a certain age to do it so make sure you do it early!

  56. amber arbucci

    Hello, I have a piglet from a breeder that was taken away from momma (unknowingly) way too early. “Oink”, was a birthday present so getting her at two weeks old, and not knowing anything about pigs was a challenge. I read 9 books, and read everyone’s blogs. Thank goodness she is literally healthy as a horse and a happy piggie at 7 months (until recently). Oink was fixed at 3 months old to avoid possible aggressive behavior. However, it still started up. Oink would scream at new people visiting, and never stop until they left, even if she was put in a room she didn’t stop screaming. I started noticing that if they had food in their hands when coming over it was worse ..she was so aggressive she would head butt or even nip to get some food. I corrected with a NO in a deep voice and tried to grab the snout and shake as I read or just pick her up and put her in a room alone. The problem is that as she got bigger and stronger now 40 pounds, I cant keep my hands on her snout as she shakes her head side to side. I weigh 115 pounds and barely can pick her up these days. I had a pet psychic and dog trainer (can’t find a pig trainer) and they seemed to temporarily help her or maybe just helped my understanding of her. It seemed like it was getting a little better so I was told to get her a companion so she would be less dependent on me. Forgot to mention, I couldn’t even leave town for two days, Oink charged and bit anyone babysitting her. I am a model and literally stopped working for this pig. I just got a new piglet as I was advised, but got a runt and so frail so no protecting himself. Oink hates him! Attacks every moment. At first, I had her behind a fence for two days. No real aggresion shown. I opened it up and first attempt was a bite, over and over. I divided them, then the minute they both ran in a room it happened oink attacked the baby. I grabbed oink by the collar off the baby and she turned and bit me a few times. I pushed her outside and she still was lunging for me. I have tried dividing them through baby fences outside, and she will circle the baby all day long, biting through the fence. Today, Oink found a weak spot, and charged with her head into the fence. Sad to say she got in and bit the baby as I ran to the scene. I lifted the baby straight in the air without touching Oink and she attacked my elbow and leg making me bleed. I turned the hose on her full blast. I felt bad because this is like my first born child. However, everything I read from being calm to giving them treats around the new pig making a good experience is false. My pig doesn’t respond to anything stomping, clapping, yelling, it’s like a different pig from what I knew. I feel as though she hates me too now for protecting the little one. I understand she is my responsibility and I don’t want to be one of those and send her to a farm. She’s only 7 months still time to make a miracle happen right? πŸ™ I am heart broken that my baby attacked me. I thought I was doing everything I could walking her everyday, feeding her right amounts, giving her indoor and outdoor space as she chooses. What am I doing so wrong to have such a horrible behaved pig? Someone help please! thank you

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Amber, it’s me, Katie of Coccolino Creations that made you your piggy set! I recognized your name.

      My gosh, I am so sorry. This is horrible.

      First, about the new piglet, when did you get it? How old is the baby? The baby is vulnerable right now being smaller, younger and newer to the scene. However you should know that almost every single new pig introduction involves a level of fighting. The problem is, the baby is so young and the health fragile so it’s important not to let it get too far. The reason for the pig fighting is because they are establishing a hierarchy. So Oink is making it known – very loudly – that she is in control. She is teaching this piglet a lesson however she is taking it too far and it’s not safe for the baby.

      The real problem it sounds like is Oink’s behavior. Pigs only really act out when something is wrong and they are trying to tell you what that is in the only way they know how. It doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. First, the trainer who told you to hold and shake the pig’s snout is not correct; that just confuses and frustrates the pig. What pigs do in the wild is “side snout” each other to show dominance. A pig will respond to this however the timing is tricky. If you see a pig starting to lunge or bite, you gently (not too hard or this will anger the pig) swipe the snout to the side.

      Pigs often respond to treats and positive reinforcement however not in every case. What they respond to is hierarchy. Oink needs to know you are in control, not afraid or wary of her. So Oink might need to get back to basics and spend time in her room alone (or whatever you have) for periods of time and then after she goes potty you can let her out for some controlled quality time. You need to spend positive one on one time with her, without the piglet anywhere nearby or anyone else nearby. What she needs is YOU and to know that you are her source of safety and comfort. This will include you sitting with her in a small space so she is confined to be near you. Don’t overdo it, start in the beginning and let her come to you. Let her approach you and then pet her gently, never from high but so she can see you. If she lunges, do the side swipe to her snout gently but don’t give up. She needs to build trust again. Give her some treats from your hand. Put a blanket on top of you. Pet her belly. Pigs can’t resist, they love belly rubs. Do this as many times a day as you can for even just 10 minutes at a time.

      In the meantime, take a blanket from your new piggy and put it in with Oink so she can smell it. Do the same with Oink’s blanket for the piggy. Then eventually switch their beds. Switch their food bowls. Force them to smell each other from afar.

      Do not attempt to reintroduce them for a while. It will be an adjustment but it’s best to wait until the piglet is a little stronger.

      Good luck and feel free to contact me again. I’m so sorry for your troubles but Oink needs you and she needs to form the bond again.

  57. Kelly

    Hi Katie…
    First let me say that I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading all about Coccolino and family. I hope all is well with you, your family and your kitchen!
    I have a new piglet of my own, Pippa, and am so thankful for your blog! You’re right, there is nothing out there to read regarding ‘a day in the life of a mini pig’. I have found myself at a loss here and there, but benefited from reading your blog – start to finish.
    I have a few questions that I hope you can help me with…
    A small background…Pippa came to me at 4 weeks, born April 23rd, as a birthday present and is approx 6lbs.
    The main question I have is feedng….I am afraid of both over and under feeding her. She presently eats 1/4 of a cup of mini pig pellets, split into 2 feedings per day (Approx 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM feedings). I feel that those feedings satisfy her but I find her complaining between 12-1:00 in the afternoon, so I started to give her a handful of lettuce or veggies. Anything in addition to that is limited and very small in size…for example 3 or 4 blueberries, maybe a strawberry cut into pieces, 3 or 4 cheerios, etc. keep in mind that I dont give her these snacks often, maybe a strawberry today, the blueberries tomorrow…
    I also try to take her outside 2 times a day, weather permitting. She does graze a little but not so much. I actually expected a little more. I try to take her out after breakfast and sometime after we eat dinner (7:00 ish).
    So bottom line is … Where is the guidline???
    Any help/thoughts would be great!
    I have so many more questions for you and hope I dont wear out my welcome.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Kelly and thanks so much for your message. I am glad my blog has been helpful, that is really the only reason I started one!

      So, as for feeding, that sounds about right though it’s so hard to know for sure as it really depends on each pig. There isn’t really a “right” or “wrong” but it’s more about how your pig looks. You don’t want the hip bones showing but then again you don’t want the belly touching the floor. At this young age, I would think that’s right and maybe increase the veggies if she seems hungry. Green veggies are best; fruit is sugary and caloric but a nice special treat.

      She is still very young so I am sure as the nice weather continues and she gets older, she will thoroughly enjoy grazing. Grazing may make her seem heavier and bigger but it’s all water weight so don’t be concerned. It’s a great stimulation and way to pass the time for a pig since they often don’t enjoy playing much.

      As time goes, you will just need to watch her body and see if she needs more food (definitely not less than what she is getting). It’s best to consult a vet too. They really only require annual visits unless there is a complication but the vet will be able to tell you if she is healthy.

      Thanks again for your message!

      1. Kelly

        Thanks so much for your quick reply!
        I do, however have another question…or 2 or 3
        1. I read that you feed Cocco the Purina brand, which I read great reviews about….is there a Purina brand for the you ger piglets? I found Mazuri to be up to 16 weeks but couldn’t find anything for the Purina.
        2. Do you give supplements…as far as Vitamin E, Krill Oil or even coconut oil added to his food for his skin? I have also read about Flinstone vitamins.
        3. I have read that some people give their piglets Ivermectin 2x’s per year, some 1 time….thoughts?
        Thanks again for your time…so appreciated!

        1. minipig Post author

          Hmm, I have heard of the Purina brand of pig food but I have always fed Cocco the Mazuri. I feed him Mazuri active adult since he is over a year.

          I sometimes use coconut oil or flax seed oil for his skin but baby lotion works well too! I haven’t tried other vitamins.

          As for Ivermectin, I let the vet decide what’s necessary so I would suggest asking your vet about that one πŸ™‚

          1. Drusyle

            Mazuri is owned by Purina.

            “Mazuri: Purina Mills Inc. Nutrition knows more about manufacturing quality diets; that’s because for our Mazuri branded products we do not only design and test our own products but we manufacture our own feed too.

            Purina Mills Inc. manufactures more exotic animal diets than any other company in the world. Our goal is to provide the absolute best diets for your animals. Everything we produce is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.”

  58. Rachel

    My pig Pippa is a half juliani, half mini pig who will be a year old next month. Lately she has kept going to the bathroom outside of her litter box and I can’t figure out why. Sometimes she will go and sometimes she won’t, and she knows when she does it because she will become very quiet and guilty. Please help, at this point I don’t know what to do.

    1. minipig Post author

      Have you thought about training your pig to go outside? Pigs often outgrow their litter boxes and are no longer comfortable or happy using them. She might be telling you that she wants to go outside to go to the bathroom.

  59. Tashia

    I have a major problem with my Juliana pig, Lola and flipping over things. She has flipped over every single chair in our backyard and aggressively flips over my office chair in my room. Its almost like her mission first thing in the morning to flip over that chair. I was wondering if there is any advice that you have to make her stop this behavior.

    1. minipig Post author

      Oh my goodness, that is strange behavior. Has anything changed in her routine or environment? Pigs really only act out in order to protest something new they are not comfortable with yet. If not, I would just try to avoid letting her access those areas or follow her and tell her no firmly and remove her from the area if she does it.

  60. Lisa

    I just got a new baby potbelly pig and we named her baby she’s been using her litter pan but we just noticed in the corner of the living room there was a lot of feces and urine in the corner I cleaned it up and moved her litter pan to that corner. Will she continue to go to the bathroom in that corner in her litter box or should I move the litter box back in the bathroom

    1. Coccolino

      It’s possible that this is her preferred spot. Whether there is a litter box there or not, she may decide to go there anyway. If she goes there in her litter box, I’d keep it there because she will probably go there even with no litter box! You may also want two temporarily until she adjusts to her new home.

  61. Anonymous

    She did use the litter box but also she urinated and pooped where I originally had her litter box so I moved it back but if she is running around the living room she will Use the bathroom back in the corner under the table should I purchase a Nother litter box in place one in the living room as well. Baby is a sweetheart we have kittens and she just loves them she loves to snuggle with the kittens. We have only had baby for one week now that I move too fast with her letting her run around the living room and not keeping her in a small room to start off please help me

    1. minipig Post author

      That’s so sweet that she cuddles with the kittens! Once pigs have found a spot to go potty, they will go there regardless of whether there is a litter box. So I’d advise you to either keep another litter box in that space or block it off. As a young and new pig to your home, you need to limit her free roam and also make sure it’s only after she goes potty. Baby gates or play yards work very well for pigs.

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